Kyou Kara Ore wa Loli no Himo! – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – I’m Living Off a Loli from Today!





I want to grab breasts.


In the last day of his high school, mangaka(aspirer) Tendou Haru, deeply thought about that.


Well, uhmm, it’s me though.-


Middle of May.


A very nice and cool weekday, one that is perfect to do something new.


Coming to school leisurely after classes, I am facing Nakata who is my homeroom teacher at the reception office.  


It’s what you call meeting with the guardians.


I asked my exclusive maid, Maya-san, to be the role of my guardian.


She is a super beauty who has a short black hair that really looks good in her slacks, her age is 18-years-old.


Sitting on the chair to my right, she had a composed face. She is too young for a guardian, but because of her really great career woman atmosphere, Nakata did not point that out.


There is a thin brown envelope placed on top of the table.


It’s the one that I gave Nakata just earlier.


Pointing at the letters,『Dropping Out Letter』with his finger, Nakata started to talk about it seriously.


「Dropping out of school, what are you planning to do?」


「I will aim to become a mangaka」


「……isn’t it better to think twice? Life, isn’t as easy as that you know」


To my answer, Nakata narrowed his eyebrows.


Well, that’s right huh.


If they’re told something like “I will quit school and aim to become a mangaka”, anyone would have that reaction.


Nakata started to do a sermon, saying things like 「If you drop out of school, most of the choices for work will disappear」, or「Life is longer than Tendou thinks, you shouldn’t get impatient」.


I pretend to listen while replying half-hearted answers. I glanced to my side to kill my boredom.




I want to grab breasts.


Looking at the men’s dream that pushes Maya-san’s blouse upwards, I deeply thought of that.


As I’ve thought, the thing called F-Cup is really great. It’s even appealing on the top of the jacket you know.


「……you have really made up your mind huh?」




「……I got it. It’s Tendou’s life. Live it without regrets」


Asking me for even more than ten minutes, it looks like he finally understood that I’m firmly determined.


And after talking about clerical things in details, we left the reception office.



After going to the classroom and organizing my belongings, I had my farewell to my alma matter that I went to for more than a year.


Our stay was probably about 30 minutes. I got tired more than I thought.


And half of that, I was only thinking about breasts huh.


Thinking about it in the other way, I would’ve died without breasts. I bowed my head to the person I owe.


「Mayu-san, thanks」


「No, it is my job after all」


「Showing me your breasts is?」


「What are you talking about?!」


Maya-san’s face blushed, and hid her breasts with both of her arms. Umu, it’s a good reaction.


When I was grinning like that, Maya-san let out a deep sigh.


「……you’re really, the lowest of the low」


That’s right. I’m the lowest of the low.


It is exactly what she said, and I even feel relief from how it sounds.


……to Nakata, I had lied to him for a little.


It’s true that I’ll aim to become a mangaka, but I’m not thinking that I can live with only that.


There’s no way that I would risk my whole life with that kind of a vague reason.


The place that I would bet, is a roulette where only red would come out.


It was so simple, that my face grinned instinctively.


It was very hard to maintain a serious face in front of Nakata.


Life isn’t easy?


Fuhaha, well too bad. That is only for commoners who doesn’t have talents or luck.


I am different. I am one of the chosen ones.


From today, I will stop being a high school student.


If I was reported, my title would be only jobless. Or maybe, self-acclaimed mangaka.


Well, anyways.


My new life will start from now on.


The definite winning life.


From today.



ーーーーI’m living off a loli!











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