Kenki Tensei: Elf no Musume wa Sekai Saikyou no Kenshi wo Mezasu – Chapter 018

Chapter 18 – White Dream


In front of me is a mysterious existence who calls himself Hitogami.

Around me is an otherworldly pure white space where nothing exists.

What a strange dream~.

I must be very exhausted to see such a dream.

Well, I’m really exhausted.

Exhausted, without a doubt.


I felt something’s wrong with my body, so I looked down and realized that I’d returned to my JK body from my elf body. Is it because I’m unconsciously seeking my boring yet peaceful previous life because of the brutal and violent environment I’ve recently experienced?


“You must be tired. But this isn’t a silly dream caused by your fatigue. I am speaking to you through your dreams.”



I don’t really care.

What I need right now is not an unknown existence called Hitogami, but stamina to leave this Conflict Zone and search for Elder sister and Master.

I should hurry up to switch from REM sleep to non-REM sleep.

Thinking so, I lay down on the white ground to sleep even deeper to my dream world.


“Hey, wait! Aren’t you too cruel to completely ignore me!? Are all people from other worlds like that!?”


Hitogami is making a fuss.

You’re too noisy.

I’m tired, so please let me sleep quietly.


“I didn’t think I would be ignored even with the word isekai… it seems that you really don’t have any regrets and obsession in your previous life huh.”


Hey, how rude. I too, have regrets.

I feel that should’ve treated my parents better and I also feel bad for my friends for dying so suddenly.

However, it might partly be because of my carelessness, but it is almost a completely unfortunate accident. Also, I have almost no regrets about everything I have done until then, so I think it’s better to work harder right now rather than look back at the past.


“Oh, how optimistic. It’s a huge difference from a certain someone. In that case, how about this? I can tell you where your elder sister is right now. Of course, I could also include where your Master and his family are.”



Hearing that, I became slightly interested in the existence called Hitogami right in front of me.

Well, it’s probably just a dream anyway, and I have nowhere to look for them, so it might be fine to just listen to what he says.


“Oh, you’ve finally become interested in me! How delightful!”


Enough of that. Can you get to the point quickly?


“You, aren’t you too arrogant? After telling you this, I can be considered your benefactor, you know?”


I think that this is just a nonsensical dream, so.


“…un, well, whatever. For starters, your elder sister is in Asura Kingdom. Not in Fittoa Region though.

On the other hand, your Master has returned near Fittoa Region. After that, he’ll probably go to Holy Millis Kingdom.

As for his other family members… no, I think it’s too much of a freebie to tell you that much.”


Eh~, you’re going to stop now?


“If you want me to tell you, you should respect me a little more and build a relationship with trust.

I’m very good for telling a person who I’ve met for the first time so many things, you know?”


Mm~, well, indeed.

Thank you for telling me that.

I still think it’s just a dream, but with a sliver of hope, I’ll investigate those two areas first after leaving Conflict Zone.

It should be as effective as randomly throwing a dart on a map.


“I’m telling you, this isn’t just a dream!

haa, well, that being the case, it’s up to you whether you believe me or not.

But lastly, you should listen to this. This is not about your elder sister or your master, but about your future.”


My future?


“That’s right. At this rate, not to mention looking for your elder sister and master, it’s doubtful whether you could protect your parents right?”


…well, indeed.

It has been a very difficult road.

If you have any tricks for getting out of Conflict Zone, I would really like to know.


“Good. Ehem! Emily, you must make a detour from advancing through your current route, and ask help from a man called Vigo whom you would meet ahead.

By doing so, you will be able to save your parents. However, if you continue on your current path, you will end up fighting with a terrible monster.”



What do you mean, give me more details…


When I thought so, Hitogami’s voice echoed as if it was being left being, and disappeared farther away along with his appearance.




I woke up.

My body is not a JK body, and returned to the exhausted elf body.

And what’s in front of me is not a pure white space but the inn where I stayed last night.

The person in front of me is also not a mosaiced god, but my sleeping father and Mother who was taking care of him.


“Good morning, Emily.”

“Good morning, Mother. How is, Father?”

“…not very good. Maybe because of his wound, he has a fever.”

“…I see.”


Listening to Mother’s words, I used healing and detoxification spells on Father, something that had already become routine work.

I was not very proficient in it, so his wounds do not heal completely, and his fever will also return after a while.

In the end, we should hurry up and make him see a proper doctor as soon as possible.


“There’s no, time for, a detour, huh.”

“Mm? Emily, did you say something?”

“No. It’s, nothing.”


I ignored Hitogami’s words and decided to take the shortest route to leave this battle royale stage.

After all, it wouldn’t be amusing if something that cannot be undone happens because of believing in a dream.

Even if I end up fighting a terrifying monster, it is far better than Father dying as a result of believing in a dream.


And so, as Hitogami said, I met a monster ahead of our route.

At this time, I still didn’t know what I would encounter that would change my destiny.


Author Notes

Hitogami was completely ignored. A fatal mistake!







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Chapter 8 – VS Sword King


Driven by the thought that the “enemy” must be removed, I swung the wooden sword for training that I brought.

I raised the sword in a high stance and slashed as I pounced forward.




However, there is no way that such a simple tactic would be effective against a far stronger beastkin swordsman.

The beastkin swordsman also drew her katana from its sheathe faster than a blink of an eye, cleaving just like a sword drawn to meet the trajectory of my swinging down sword.

The battle aura-clad wooden sword was easily cut off, with the tip up in the air… was what should’ve happened.

Why should’ve?

Because I didn’t swing my sword down in the first place.




North God Style “Illusion Step”!


Master doesn’t seem to like North God Style that much, so he wouldn’t teach me, but he would use techniques that are tricky and outsmarts the opponent but do not exist in the other two styles, so I learned it by watching.

This is one such technique. It’s a technique that allows the user to trick the opponent and make him seem to move forward yet stop in his place, or show to swing down his sword but actually stop.

Frankly, it’s just a more advanced feint.

But it is said that it’s not impossible to move freely and unpredictably after mastering the technique, but even Master who reached Advanced-rank is far from perfectly doing it, so I could only take it as a future goal.


But now, such a rough technique is enough.

It’s probably because the opponent underestimated me for being a child, but it worked.

A careless flaw shown by the strong.

I released my strongest blow toward it.


Sword God Style “Sword of Silence”!


Sword God Style’s sure-kill sword technique takes speed as paramount.

The sword technique that leaves sound behind headed towards the head of the beastkin swordsman who has just swung her katana.





However, the beastkin swordsman surprisingly blocked my perfectly timed blow.

By quickly reaching out her left hand towards the katana that was swung by her right hand, she held her weapon tightly, and released a second attack that was faster than the blink of an eye.

The super fast slash cut off my wooden sword from the middle, this time for real.


I can’t believe I would be cut off by an attack released after a sonic slash…!

Is this person’s sword at the speed of light!?


But, it’s not over yet!

I took another step forward and used my small body to step inside the beastkin swordsman’s range of attack.

Getting so close, she shouldn’t be able to swing her katana.

But it’s the best attack range for my child’s body and my wooden sword that was cut off and shortened.

I just finished swinging down with the Sword of Silence, so I swing the wooden sword upwards, targetting the beastkin swordsman’s flank…


But she dealt with it naturally.

The beastkin swordsman took a back step and moved back to ensure the range of her katana and swung it diagonally from below.

Aiming for my arms.

She intends to cut them off… no, she’s using the back of her katana, so probably intends to break them.

But since it’s an attack different from the normal swing, it is slightly slower, so I should be able to deal with it!


Water God Style Secret Art “Flow”!


A technique that specializes in parrying and countering, that is both the foundation and the ultimate technique of the Water God Style.

Interrupting my attack towards the beastkin swordsman, I released this technique to meet with her attack, making the beastkin swordsman’s sword path change.

My wooden sword gently caressed the side of the beastkin swordsman’s katana, making its path that was diagonally from below head straight upwards.

With that, the attack that headed toward me failed.


And here comes the true value of Water God Style!

Parrying the attack immediately connects to a counter!

The time it takes for me, who parried with the smallest amount of movement, and the beastkin swordsman who missed a big attack is completely different.

With the same momentum I made by stepping forward earlier, I took another step to enter inside the beastkin swordsman’s range and thrust my wooden sword toward her neck.


The next instant, the beastkin swordsman’s appearance blurred.




At that moment, I couldn’t understand what had just happened.

Suddenly, my wooden sword was completely cut off from the base, turning the sword into a short wooden stick with just the handle.

To makes matters worse, I saw the figure of the beastkin swordsman placing her katana toward my neck.

And there, I finally realized.


It was cut.

My wooden sword was cut with speed as fast as light, not even allowing me to react, only to stop when the katana was about to cut off my head.

At the moment of the attack, my eyes barely captured what had happened.

What I saw in my left eye was a movement that specialized in wielding a sword to the point of perfection.

What I saw in my right eye was an artistic control of battle aura.

Such action released the supreme blow that seemed to be the ultimate sword.




I was simply enchanted by it. I forgot about the fear of having a knife to my neck. I forgot the thoughts of protecting my father and elder sister. All I could do was to stunningly say that word.


“What are you doing!? Stop it!”




But Master suddenly got between us, making the beastkin swordsman lower her katana.

The battle between us happened only within a few seconds.

I think that even Master didn’t have the time to stop it.

After all, his attention was caught by the magic spell Elder sister launched against him.


“There’s a ton of things I want to say, but first, Emily! Why did you suddenly attack!?”

“I felt, killing, intent, so. I thought, I should, protect, Syl and, Father.”

“Uh… hearing that, it’s hard to get angry… next, Ghislaine! What were you… ah, no. I guess it’s useless to say anything to you.”

“What do you mean by that!?”


Master was about to say something but finally gave up, while the beastkin swordsman called Ghislaine raised a voice in protest.

Oh, this person is called Ghislaine huh.

Woah, I’ve totally heard of her~.


A master swordsman of Sword God Style at the King level, “Sword King” Ghislaine Dedoldia.

Master used to say, “She’s the strongest swordsman I know,” and I heard from Zenith-san that she was their companion when they were still adventurers.

In other words, he is completely related to Master.

I’m sorry for suddenly attacking with a misunderstanding!


I mean, I should notice it at the point where Master isn’t showing any hostility towards this person.

My mind blanked out after receiving killing intent.

Thinking about it calmly, even her killing intent was caused by Elder sister suddenly attacking with a magic spell.

My brain froze and relied on my defensive instinct to take action…

Maybe because Master fights that way quite often, so I guess I was influenced by him.

This isn’t good.

I should fix it properly before it turns into a habit. 


Uhm, Ghislaine, san. Sorry, for, suddenly, attacking.”

Umu. Be careful next time. Also, just call me Ghislaine.”


I attacked with the intent to kill, but Ghislaine not only forgave me but also replied in a friendly manner, saying I could call her without honorifics.

What a big-hearted person.

I felt a little timid calling her just by her name, but since she wanted to get closer, I decided to thankfully call her Ghislaine.


“At any rate, Paulo, is this girl your disciple? Being able to use all three major styles so skillfully at her age, isn’t she already stronger than you?”

“T-That’s not true! ……probably.”


Master’s eyes were moving erratically.

By the way, my current ranks are Sword God Style Advanced, Water God Style Advanced, and North God Style Intermediate. Recently, I have around a 30% win rate with sparring with Master.

But as expected of Master, he is Advanced in all three major styles, and a seasoned adventurer with a lot of experiences in battles. He has a lot of tricks and techniques, so I can’t completely win against him yet.

In return, it makes me happy that I can learn a new technique every time we fight.


“So, Master, why is, Rudeus, tied up?”

Ah~, umm… well, I guess it should be fine telling you.”


To summarize what Master said, Elder sister and Rudeus started to become dependent on each other, so they decided to forcibly separate them.

Rudeus is going to be entrusted to Ghislaine to be sent somewhere else, and in order to encourage them to become independent, he will be prohibited from returning or even exchanging letters within five years.

I thought that it wasn’t something that should be done on a 7-year-old child, but what made me think so was the Japanese common sense that was rooted within me.

I heard that even Master left his home at the age of 12, so maybe this is normal in this world.

Anyway, leaving that aside.


“Can I, go to, see him?”

Eh!? D-Don’t tell me, Emily also thinks of Rudy as…!?”

“I don’t, care, about, him. I want, to, spar, with, Ghislaine.”

“…I see. I won’t feel strange even if you started saying that your lover is your sword.”


As expected from Master.

He understands me very well.


“I don’t mind. It should be a good stimulation for young lady as well.”

“Uhh~, let me see… well, let’s talk about it on another day.”


Master seemed a little undecided, but he didn’t refuse completely.


As such, while I was happy after gaining the hope of being able to spar with a master swordsman at the Sword King level, Rudeus was taken and shipped off by Ghislaine.


Goodbye, my elder sister’s undesirable lover.

You can leave Elder sister to me and enjoy the happiness of receiving teaching from Ghislaine about the sword for years.








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