Kenki Tensei: Elf no Musume wa Sekai Saikyou no Kenshi wo Mezasu – Chapter 006

Chapter 6 – Magic


A few days later, after Elder sister became infatuated with Rudeus.

I went to learn swordsmanship in Master’s house at intervals that won’t cause inconvenience for them, and the rest of the time I spent self-training, helping in the house, or staying with my elder sister and Rudeus.

Of course, the reason why I stay with them is because I’m worried about my elder sister. In other words, I’m putting Rudeus under my surveillance.


All of this is because I could feel a very strong perverted kid aura from Rudeus.

It’s comparable to that of a middle-aged man who has too much sexual desire.

I am also born as a female, so my intuition warns me with a loud siren when it comes to him.

As someone who has learned about Master’s, Rudeus’ father’s history, I have all the reason to worry about my elder sister.


By the way, I learned about Master from his wife, Zenith-san. She told me in a very, very careful and vague way that an ordinary child won’t understand, so I lost more than half of the respect I had towards Master. It was a sad incident.

He’s not simply a perverted womanizer.

If his past mistakes were included, he’s not a step away from being a criminal but a true criminal.

What the heck, I heard that Master ***ed Lilia-san, who is currently working as their maid, and ran away.


Therefore, it is only natural to be wary of Rudeus, who seems to have inherited my perverted master’s genes.

It’s better to be wary than to wait until my elder sister is tainted.

That was what I thought, but… unexpectedly, Rudeus was very gentlemanlike.


Yosh, do it like how I taught you right now!”

Un! May there be great blessings of water upon your request…”


While I was practicing the stances Master taught me, Rudeus was teaching my elder sister magic without doing anything weird and not even looking at her pervertedly, just like how he looked all over my body.

Magic, well, it’s the magic that most people would imagine.

It’s a fantasy world with amazing swordsmanship and demon eyes that could see aura, so it’s not strange for magic to exist as well.

Or rather, I’ve met a famous magician who visited the village a while ago called Roxy-san several times, so I knew about the existence of magic a long time ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see magic itself.


So now is my first time seeing magic in person.

Elder sister invoked the chants that were required to activate the magic spell, and my demon eye saw that the aura inside my elder sister was converted into a blue aura, followed by a ball of water appearing above the palm she had stretched out.

Well, according to Master, my special eye is a demon eye called Magic Power Eyes, so the aura I see using this eye should be mana.


Anyway, leaving that aside.

This is magic, huh.

It’s different from the aura or mana (more precisely, I was told it was battle aura) that Master clad himself with.

Compared to battle aura that is used to clad the body by using a small amount of mana and some other thing, magic feels like it’s to manually use a huge amount of mana to create a supernatural phenomenon.

Neither could my sharingan-like eyes could copy overnight.

In the first place, I don’t know how to control mana.

Compared to that, battle aura doesn’t look that complicated, so I feel that I should be able to learn it as long as I understand the trick, but I think it’s impossible for me to learn magic on my own.



In that case, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to learn from Rudeus, just like Elder sister?

My dream is to become the world’s strongest swordsman, so I don’t plan on using magic in battles, but I feel that being able to procure drinking water using magic would be very convenient if I one day leave on a journey to train.

I’m a little reluctant to ask a perverted kid to teach me, but… well, he’s acting so gentlemanly to my elder sister, so maybe I should soften my attitude towards him a little.

After all, Rudeus is “still” not guilty.


Yeah, that’s right.

Rudeus and I are like fellow disciples learning from the same master, so if I take this opportunity to get along better with him, Master might be happy.

With that in mind, I went towards Rudeus and Elder sister, who was delighted to use magic successfully.



“Hm? What’s the matter, Emily.”

“That, teach me, too.”


I said while pointing at the water ball that Elder sister had created.

Hearing that, Rudeus showed a disgusting smile while saying things like “the flag has…” and “dere time…”. 

Was I too careless?


“Sure, I’ll teach you! I’ll teach you by the hands and feet.” *insert perverted smile*



Unlike his words, Rudeus’s perverted smile became even more perverted, showing a libido comparable to a middle-aged man.

I involuntarily let out a disgusted voice.


This guy is terrible.

He’s far from being a perverted brat. He’s a future sex offender.

I think it’s better for the women in the world to clean him up right now.




So, I fully released my killing intent towards Rudeus.

Don’t worry.

I’ll send you away with a single blow.


“M-Misunderstanding! It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t mean it in an erotic way! No, I admit that I thought about it a little, but…”

“Emily! Don’t bully Rudy!”



Elder sister said so, so I reluctantly held my killing intent back.

Soon after that, Rudeus hugged Elder sister with tears in his eyes.

Bastard! You targeted Elder sister this time!


“T-Thank you, Sylph. It was really scary…”

“Y-You’re welcome…!”


That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t find any ulterior motives for his action.

Did his fear overcome his pervertedness?

No, even if his fear deducted some, the difference between his attitude towards me and Elder sister is too different.

Does Rudeus have a fetish for blonde hair or heterochromia or something?

Compared to him, Elder sister became so red with blushing.

I don’t plan on handing Elder sister to a perverted brat, but… seeing how completely clueless Rudeus was about her, I found her pitiful.


“E-Ehem! A-Anyway, let’s start learning magic!”

“Be, normal.”

“I-I understand, yes.”


Even while being scared, Rudeus did not have the idea to stop the teaching itself, so he might be an amazing guy in a sense.

The jokes ended there, and Rudeus began teaching me magic.

He showed me an example, just like how he did with Elder sister, and taught me the spell chants.

I couldn’t read what was written in the book though.

…I should find some time to let someone teach me.


So, I took the next step to start practicing.


“May, there, be, great, water, bresh… I bit, my tongue.”


Damn you!

I can’t chant well because of my stubborn language barrier physique!

Seeing me like that, Elder sister looked at me very kindly, and Rudeus sent me a kind yet perverted gaze.

Stop looking at me! 

Don’t look at me like that!


“One more, time. May, there be, great, blessings, of water, upon, your, request. Appear now, refreshing, flow of, stream. Water, Ball!”


I invoked the spell chants as slowly as possible, being careful not to bite my tongue.

As soon as I finished chanting, I felt something that felt like blood moving involuntarily inside me.

My demon eye saw the mana inside me moving like how Elder sister’s mana did.

However, perhaps because my chanting was too poor. The mana flow stopped halfway and dissipated.



“W-Well, it’s impossible for it to go smoothly from the beginning.”


Rudeus seems to be relieved about something.

Did he think that maybe I might surpass him not only in swordsmanship but also in magic?

Well, putting that childish self-esteem aside.


That was how moving mana felt huh?

It’s a strange feeling that was impossible in my previous life.

This might be the key to what I wanted.


On this day, the two of them taught me this and that, but in the end, I was unsuccessful in learning how to use magic.


A few days later.

After understanding the concept of controlling mana using magic, I succeeded in cladding myself with the same battle aura just like Master, albeit weak.

Rudeus rolled the whites of his eyes.







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