Kenki Tensei: Elf no Musume wa Sekai Saikyou no Kenshi wo Mezasu – Chapter 005

Chapter 5 – My sister is so pitiful…


A few days have passed since I started learning swordsmanship from Master.

In just a short amount of time, I could feel that this world’s swordsmanship was surely taking root within me.

What’s more, the best thing was that Master had learned all three of the three greatest swordsmanship styles in this world.


“Sword God Style” that specializes in speed and attack power.

“Water God Style” that specializes in defense and counters.

“North God Style” that specializes in resourcefulness and endless tricks.


Master has the Advanced rank in all three styles.

Converted to kendo ranks, it’s 4th and 5th dan.

Still, this world’s swordsmanship has seven ranks, God, Emperor, King, Saint, Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner, so even Master is easier to count from the bottom, so it’s really unbelievable how power is inflated in this world.

Well, it is said that in swordsmanship, having the Intermediate rank could be called a professional, and it would take at least ten years for a talented swordsman to reach Advanced, so Master is quite amazing being able to reach Advanced in all three sword styles while being so young.

It’s just that there are far more amazing people out there in the world.

Oh god, I’m so excited!

One day, I’ll climb up to the peak of God-rank!


Just like that, my isekai life started smoothly…


“Ah, look, I found a demon~!”

“There’s two demons~!”

“Go get them~!”


…or so I thought.

Today, we encountered the village’s unruly brats on our way to deliver Father’s lunchbox with my elder sister, who doesn’t like to go out very much.

My sister flinched and trembled, so I quickly hid her behind me.

I’m smaller than her, but my mental age is a lot older, so I must protect her.


“Take this!”


An unruly brat sent a mud ball attack!

I quickly drew the wooden sword I borrowed from Master and hit the mud balls away faster than a blink of an eye.

But that didn’t make them lose their fighting spirit. They continued to throw mud balls.

For some reason, they’re saying that it’s a perfect 100 score if they can break through my defense.

Just because I thought I shouldn’t hit children, they’re getting too cocky since I won’t counterattack.


As such, we are being bullied by the village’s unruly kids.

It’s caused by my elder sister’s hair color.

Somehow, green hair seems to be a target of discrimination in this world. Leaving aside adults who have rational thought, the brats who don’t have clear morals would gather and bully my elder sister, and they would also attack me by the way since I would protect her.

No, leaving myself aside.

I’m not weak enough to lose to some kids.

The problem is that my elder sister is targeted when I’m not around.


I can’t be by my elder sister’s side all the time, and our family is poor and also needs to raise two children, so there are times when my 5-year-old elder sister has to help and go out by herself.

It was mostly during that time that my elder sister would encounter the damn brats and return home while crying.

When I heard what happened, I wanted to retaliate against the damn brats, but Father stopped me.

He said that it wouldn’t end with a joke if I hit them with my strength.

I can hold back, though. Well, I guess that’s not the problem.

It might become a deep quagmire if I retaliated using violence against bullying.


Even so, I might be able to talk through it, but it’s impossible to deal with it with my half-assed isekai language proficiency, and it’s not like I have the brains that could come up with a solution, so…

In the first place, I don’t have any useful skills other than swordsmanship.

Even if we could talk, I feel that I might be convinced instead.

I might instead just pour oil into the fire, making the problem bigger.

It might really become endless, worse than a quagmire.


So, in the end, we could only deal with them by my elder sister keeping herself inside the house and with me staying with her as much as possible when going outside, but the problem wasn’t solved at all.

I can’t do anything about it.


After a while, the brats finally left after saying stupid words like, “we’ll definitely get you next time!”.

I’m sure that they must see me as a Demon King that must be defeated.

And they are heroes who bravely confront the Demon King.



“Uu… sorry. I’m so sorry, Emily.”

“It’s not, Syl’s, fault. They’re, the bad, ones.”


All I could do was softly rub the head of my pitiful elder sister, who apologized while crying.

Oh, how pitiful she is.

I prayed to god, wishing that she would be blessed in the future.




A few days later.


“G-Good morning, Rudy.”

“Good morning, Sylph!”


My elder sister started coming to visit Rudeus blushingly when I was practicing swordsmanship in Master’s house.

From what I’ve heard, she seems to have been saved by Rudeus when she was being bullied, but this kid still looks at my body as if to check every inch of it, so honestly, it only looked like my elder sister was being tricked by a bad guy. 

My elder sister was so pitiful that I cried.







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