Kenki Tensei: Elf no Musume wa Sekai Saikyou no Kenshi wo Mezasu – Chapter 003

Chapter 3 – Becoming a disciple


“That’s what happened, so Emily is going to practice with you starting today! Get along with each other.”

“He, llo.”

“Ohh~! A blond lolita elf!”


The next day after I applied to become Paulo-san’s, Master’s disciple.

I was invited to Master’s house and met with a boy of the same age.

He is Master’s son called Rudeus.

…for some reason, he’s staring all over me with bloodshot eyes, so I don’t think I’ll get to like him.

Is this guy what they call a perverted brat?

Well, I still can’t treat him too badly since the reason why Master will give me pointers is because he thought Rudeus would be happy to have a friend of a similar age.


Yesterday, Master kindly accepted me as a disciple.

Father had a very reluctant face, but the reason for that is because Master is a philanderer.

Now that he’s married and has children, he seems to have calmed down, but in the past, when he was still an adventurer, he seemed to have slept with many women.


Somehow, Father mistakenly thought that I had fallen in love with Master.

I can’t correct the misunderstanding because I can’t speak well, so Father is very reluctant.

Well, if it was really a daughter’s first love, it would only be a tragedy.

Even if that’s not the case, I guess it’s not interesting for a male parent.


“Well then, let’s start with the usual basic training.

Emily, it’s your first day, so you shouldn’t push yourself and follow at your pace.”



What started then was a training menu aimed at building the body, such as muscle training, running, and stretching.

As expected, it seems I won’t be able to hold a sword from the beginning.

Well, it’s normal.


So, by the end of the basic training,


“…I’m surprised, you’re not even sweating.”


The way Master looked at me changed a little.

It’s true that this basic training is quite hard for children to do, but it’s easy for me.

Rudeus is drenched in sweat and out of breath, but I have a leisurely look.



“At, home. I, train, too.”


Ever since I reincarnated into this world, I had never slacked off training since I reached the age of being able to move to achieve my dream.

There’s a limit to the training that a child can do, but it’s better to do it than not.

Thanks to that, I was able to become tough enough to be able to make Master see me in a new light.


By the way, my family thought of my training as a cute child doing her best to imitate her father.

After all, Father’s job is to protect the village, so he would also train at home.

My elder sister also tried imitating for a period of time, but she quickly gave up as my training menu was too much for her.

Well, after all, I’ve been doing as much as ten times Master’s menu every day throughout the day~.

It’s just normal that an ordinary child won’t have a purposeful consciousness.

In my case, I was born with a strange physique(?), so I was able to push myself harder.


“Haha, hey Rudy~. Is it frustrating to lose to a girl? It’s frustrating, right?”

“…you’re too noisy, Father.”


Somehow, Master is provoking his son with an irritating smile.

He looks like he’s having so much fun.

It’s great that their father-and-son relationship is good. 


“Now then. Next, let’s start your awaited swordsmanship training.”

Here, Emily. Use this.”

“Thank, you.”


Master me handed over a wooden sword for training.

However, unlike the training sword I used in kendo in my previous life, it has a lot of scratches and dents that show how much it was used.

Thinking that I would be able to exchange blows like this alone made me feel emotional.

After all, in kendo, bamboo swords are used to exchange blows, and wooden swords are only used in katas.


“You should first look at how Rudy and I spar. Hey Rudy, come!”

“Understood. Yaaaaa!


Rudeus raises a similar wooden sword that I was given and swings it down against Master.

I found his movements quite decent.

In kendo, he should be around 4th kyu or 5th kyu.

Far from reaching dan ranks.

Well, it would be frightening if a 5-year-old could be on par with dan players. I think that Rudeus is quite amazing for his age.


Yet, it’s impossible to be able to beat Master with that level of skill.

Master easily blocked, evaded, and parried Rudeus’s attack.

His movements are very smooth.

Even only taking into account his skills without the monstrous physical strength I saw yesterday, he should be around 4th dan or 5th dan in kendo.

Moreover, his movements are of a completely different style from kendo.

I opened my eyes widely, trying to engrave Master’s movements into my eyes.

Especially using my strange right eye that could see fantastic things.


Eventually, Master sent Rudeus’ wooden sword flying with a light blow as soon as Rudeus made a simple mistake.


“That’s it.”

“T-Thank you very much…”


Rudeus loudly started to catch his breath.

Master then started to point out what he thought was wrong with his son’s movements.


“Rudy. Every time we spar, I find your sword very slow. You should be quicker.”

“But Father, I can’t just increase the speed of my sword in a short time.”

“No, I’m not talking about the speed of the sword. How should I say this, you’re like ‘gu gu’ every time, so you should be more like ‘bababa!’.”



Master, you’re completely talking in instinct.

Rudeus found it incomprehensible, but I could somehow understand.


How should I put it, it seems that Rudeus thinks with his head every time and decides his next action from his opponent’s move.

But in swordsmanship, aggressiveness is important.

Even if your purpose in observing your opponent is to counter, you must be proactive, even take action to try and lure your opponent’s move.

I think that’s probably what Master wants to say.

Well, that’s the case in kendo, but there’s a possibility that it might be completely in this world’s swordsmanship.


“Listen, when attacking, you should move like ‘ba!’…”


While I was lost in my thought, Master started to give Rudeus an example.




Soon, he closed in towards a boulder that was in the garden for some reason and split it into pieces with multiple slashes.

Using a wooden sword.

Way to go, Master!

Amazing isn’t enough to describe it!

I recorded Master’s gallant figure with my in-brain camera.


“Get it?”


“…you didn’t, huh. Well, think about it yourself. Emily, you’re next!”



It’s finally my turn!

I held the wooden sword excitedly and took a step forward.

The first step towards my dream!

Let’s make it flashy!







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