Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 9 Part 3

Episode 9 – Palle de Médicis and the Different World Pharmacy (Part 3)



For a few days after having a match with Falma under the heavy snow, Palle brought Falma, Blanche, and Lotte to play around the imperial capital. Apart from being muscle-brained and hot-blooded, he was a big brother that cares a lot about his siblings. Hearing that thermaes were made with the Empress’s arrangement, Palle happily entered one, looking very excited from beginning to end. They had snowball fights, played on a sled, and climbed snow mountains.

After playing that much, Palle returned to the university to finish his graduation procedures and preparations to move.


「Haa〜, Elder Brother, I think you shouldn’t come home for a while」

Falma went to start the ceremony to begin the new year’s business of the Different World Pharmacy while avoiding Palle’s eyes. The usual regulars crowded in front of the pharmacy before it opened.

「Happy new years, Falma-kun」

Ellen came to work bringing lots of presents.

She then said after seeing Falma who was resting his chin on top of the pharmacy counter, and Lotte and Blanche who was leaning over.

「What happened to the three of you? You looked tired although it’s the new years」

「We played too much」

「How unusual, to think that Falma-kun would get tired because of playing too much」

「Eleanor-sama, it smells delicious!」

*SunSun*, Lotte who was unmoving like a corpse twitched her nose.

Ara, smells? Oh you, Lotte-chan. I’ve enjoyed Suize〜」

It seems that during her vacation, Ellen went to her father’s fief, Suize Earldom. She gave Falma, Lotte, Cedrick, and the other pharmacy employees rare cheese and confectionery. Ellen’s father’s fief was a mountainous area like in Switzerland, and the people there are making a living out of pasture and tourism.

「It’s delicious〜! Its thick smell is also〜…」

Lotte could not hold back and ate some cheese.

「Ah! I’ll brush my teeth」

Lotte went off to brush her teeth for eating cheese before the pharmacy opens, thinking that the smell is unsuitable for dealing with the customers. It seems that she had grown a habit of etiquette.


Heh〜[, that guy’s coming back huh. Did he graduated from Norbatz?」

Ellen showed a complicated face hearing Palle’s name. They are childhood friends and has been rivals for long years. And maybe only Ellen can call the son of the Archduke “that guy.” Although they haven’t seen each other for years.

「Un, he said he graduated valedictorian. It seems that he passed the first-class apothecary exam at the same time as he graduated」

Heh〜, he’s pretty good. However, we’re only finally equal huh」

It was true that Ellen became a first-class apothecary earlier. However, there is still a difference in actual ranks between becoming a first-class apothecary after graduating from the distinguished Norbatz Medicine University and becoming a first-calls apothecary after graduating from the Imperial Medicine Academy.

Ne〜. Does he know that Falma-kun is a Court Apothecary, Her Majesty’s Primary Apothecary, operating the Different World Pharmacy issued with an imperial sanction, and most of all, the Medicine God?」

「Of course he doesn’t」

“What a frightening thing you’re asking,” Falma shook his head.

「Since he’s returning home, wouldn’t it be impossible to hide it?」

「What do you think would happen if he finds out?」

「Let me see. It’s that guy, so I think his pride won’t forgive him for losing to his younger brother. And most of all, his position as the heir would be precarious if the younger brother is more competent. There’s the thing with the family inheritance, so there would be some discord」

「Well, he shouldn’t find out about it that easily. After all, he said that he’d be studying at home to become a Court Apothecary, and follow Father in his diagnosis」

「That might be somewhat difficult」

Cedrick said something ominous as he was creating lines on the new accounting book for the new year.


「I was asked, “I heard that there is a pharmacy in the imperial capital with a good reputation, do you know where is it?”」

「Cedrick-san, what did you answer?」

Falma froze.

「I answered, “all pharmacies have good reputations, I wonder which one”」

Recently, all of the pharmacies in the imperial capital which were affiliated with the Dispensing Pharmacy Guild has a business alliance with the Different World Pharmacy. The medicine being sold are shared, and it was very popular with both patient and sales.

「Palle-sama is, um, he seems very curious about the new medicine being sold by the reputable pharmacies in the imperial capital」

「No way……」

「It is almost time to open」

Cedrick looked outside the window. And then, “Ah!” he exclaimed.

「What? What’s happened?」

Ellen asked Cedrick.

「Palle-sama is lining up in the queue」

Ge! Brother, didn’t you return to the university?!」

「Palle-sama is probably returning to the university after stopping by」

Cedrick guessed his actions.

Falma felt that his soul almost popped out.





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