Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 9 Part 2

Episode 9 – Palle de Médicis and the Different World Pharmacy (Part 2)



Falma entered the dining hall and took his seat to take his breakfast.

Their parents were already awake, only waiting for Falma and Blanche. They usually eat their meal when the family has gathered.

「It seems that Palle is coming home」

While the servers brought their meal, Falma’s father casually said that significant information while reading the Imperial Capital Newspaper.


Falma and Blanche braced themselves just hearing the “Pa” sound.

The siblings looked at each other’s faces. (What should we do?) (What do you think we should do?) (Should we run?) ( We should run!) (H-Hey, that’s) They exchanged such eye contacts. It seems that Blanche was very serious about escaping his brother’s whip of love. Falma coughed so that his unrest would not show.

「I am looking forward to that. Uhm, when will Elder Brother return?」

「We received the message today, you know? He said that he’s coming home today」

Falma’s mother Beatrice was in a very good mood. She looks very happy to meet her son after a long time. It seems that Palle is a scholarly, obedient, and lovely son for their parents. By the way, Falma’s parents don’t have a clue of the scandals Palle made in Norbatz.

「It seems that he wanted to surprise us」

(I really don’t need that kind of surprise okay?!)

Falma thought from the bottom of his heart how great of an idea it was to have a break from the pharmacy. His brother might’ve asked where Falma was, making him suddenly visit the pharmacy.


After breakfast, Falma and Blanche gathered around the fireplace restlessly.

Lotte was sketching the courtyard from the terrace while wearing thick clothes. She said that she had come up with a good design with the snowy scenery as the motif.

「Today’s snowing, so it should be okay, right? Big Elder Brother won’t say snow training, right?」

Blanche had a faint hope.

「He got me even though it was raining cats and dogs. Even when it was storming」

Falma would never forget his face off with his brother. His brother would return every half a year, so even after that, he would challenge Falma to a match every time. Nevertheless, Palle has never been able to win once before the Medicine God Staff. Despite that, he would still challenge Falma in a serious 1-2 hour long fights.

The most troublesome thing was not the battle itself. The battle itself was a good exercise, but the tenacious Palle would not give up until he was KO-d, so healing Palle who was covered all over with cuts and bruises after the battle between brothers ended was troublesome.

(This time, maybe I should knock his lights out with one punch as soon as the match starts)

Just like that, Falma started to think violently. He felt that that way, his brother’s wounds would be the least. Also, Palle believes that Falma always wins due to coincidences, so he does not plan on ending the battle between them.


Afternoon, Falma’s elder brother returned along with his attendants, so he was welcomed at the entrance by the whole family and all of the servants.

「I have just returned」

Palle got taller. It was that case with Bruno as well, but it seems that they are a family of tall people. He looked even more sturdier.

「It is good that you are back, my son」

Bruno’s eyes thinned, seeing his son’s growth.

「It has been a while everyone. Without delay, there is something I wish to report to Father」

Palle said with a pause.

「I have graduated from Norbatz as the valedictorian, and passed the first-class apothecary exam」

Palle took out the diploma and the first-class apothecary badge from his bag and proudly showed it to his parents. It is the culmination of his years of effort, days spent in training his divine arts and studying in the dormitory of the Norbatz University.

「As expected of my son」

「Oh my, you really did your best. I’m so proud of you」

Bruno and Beatrice were happy from the bottom of their hearts, hearing Falma’s brother’s honor. Palle also looked very happy. He’s very honest in that sense.

「I’ll show you guys too. Hm? What do you think? Aren’t you envious?」

Palle proudly showed them to Falma and Blanche, so Falma answered saying “this is the first-class apothecary badge huh〜, amazing〜.” The badge Ellen, another first-class apothecary, wears on her chest was a badge with the Imperial Medicine Academy’s crest, and its shape is a bit different from the badge with the Norbatz Medicine University’s logo, but Palle’s badge had a higher formality. By the way, a Court Apothecary would have the crown badge, so the alma mater would not be asked.


「What are you planning now you’ve graduated? Do you wish to study abroad?」

Bruno asked Palle’s future course. As the heir, no matter if he becomes a court apothecary, no matter if he succeeds the Archdukeship or not, Palle is the successor of the de Médicis Family. That’s why, although they would eventually return to the imperial capital, it is not rare for first-class apothecaries to train or study abroad.

「Yes, I would wish to return to the mansion and pursue becoming a court apothecary while acting as Father’s assistant」

Palle said with determination.

(Geー! Brother’s coming home?!)

Falma’s eyes turned white. It was the same with Blanche.

「From now on, we’re going to train every day. Aren’t you happy your brother’s spending his time with you, right Falma!」

(There it isーーhe’s completely fired up!)

It seems that Falma was required to accompany his spartan-like brother. Falma does not neglect training his divine arts so that his skill would not fall, but it would be a huge time burden if he would need to train with his brother every day.

Hearing that, Blanche swiftly got in between Falma and Palle.

nm〜to ne〜, Big Elder Brother〜. Little Elder Brother〜, you know〜」


Palle made a questioning face.

(H-Hey, what are you, stop, Blanche!)

Falma had strictly reminded Blanche before Palle returned that she absolutely cannot tell him about Falma’s recent activities. However, it was a mere promise with a child. No one could blame her even if she breaks it.

「He’s very busy〜, so you shouldn’t bother him okay〜」

Palle was melted by Blanche who smiled like an angel.

「It can’t be helped. I guess I should train you first. I won’t care even if you start crying」

「I don’t wanna get ouchie〜. Be kind okay〜」

Palle patted Blanche’s head, seeing her beg with teary eyes.

For the meantime, it seems that Falma himself was able to avoid the daily training but,

(I’ll make sure to pick up your ashes, do your best Blanche)

Falma prayed for Blanche’s safety along with his gratitude.

Nevertheless, during the afternoon of that day, Falma was challenged to a match as heavy snow fell, making him accompany his brother for three hours under the falling snow.






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