Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 9 Part 1

Episode 9 – Palle de Médicis and the Different World Pharmacy (Part 1)



The Year 1147, the New Years have also arrived in the mansion of the de Médicis Family in the imperial capital of San Flueve Empire.

Falma turned 12 and Lotte turned 10.


「Good morning, Falma-sama」

Fuwaa…… good morning. What are you doing?」

Falma woke up in the morning and saw Lotte’s face 10cm away from the bed. She placed her head on the arms she folded on top of the bed, swaying it to the sides.

Ehehe〜, I was just looking〜! I was looking at Falma-sama’s sleeping face」

Her pink eyebrows blinked, and flapped. “Is she a pervert?” Falma thought for an instant, but it seems that for Lotte, being in the same place as him was pleasant enough.

「What is it over here?」

Falma felt there’s something moving around his waist and found out that Blanche snuck under his beddings.  He didn’t notice her sneaking in at all. Blanche is as spoiled as usual.

「It might be because it’s cold today」

Lotte opened the louver door in Falma’s room.

What they saw outside was a silver world, the San Flueve Imperial Capital was covered with a blanket of snow.

(Ah〜, it’s snowing today huh. Although it looks beautiful, I want to erase it)

Falma is not good with snow so he could not help but think like that.

Last year’s winter, Falma’s favorite horse slipped on the frozen ground. Because of that, Falma fell off the horse and landed on his waist, making him stuck in bed for a day. He let his guard down because of some strange logic that it should be alright riding a horse, underestimating the snowy road.


「It’s snowing outside huh, we should stay inside today. Lotte, do you have plans today?」

「The scenery in the courtyard is wonderful, so I was thinking of drawing a picture」

Lotte looked at the courtyard with sparkling eyes.

(This, I guess I should be careful not to accidentally erase the snow)

Falma almost got in the way of Lotte’s art creation.

「Today is a rest day, so Falma-sama should take it slow today as well」

(Well, it’s just changing what I’m doing from working in the pharmacy to desk work though)

Falma wanted to do some desk work, so he used the New Year’s as an excuse, taking a few rest days from the pharmacy.

That’s why, unusually, Falma would be spending his time in their house.

「Falma-sama〜. What would you like to wear today?」

「I’m fine with everyday clothes, ones I can relax wearing inside the house」


Lotte took out several clothes from the dresser. She would prepare clothes for Falma that would fit the time, place, and occasion, so he really finds it convenient when participating in formal events. However, Falma feels a bit troubled that she would sometimes give him clothes that are Lotte’s taste, making him look like a visual kei.

「I’ll wear clothes other than that」

Right now, Lotte had a face full of smiles as she holds the clothes with flashy ruff collars and cuffs with frills. Lotte is only a servant, and because she cannot wear flashy clothes herself, she is more interested in fashion than Falma or Blanche.

Eh〜, understood」

(I mean, I wonder when does Lotte plan on being my personal servant?)

Falma felt troubled where to look while having his clothes buttoned up. Although he is still in the age where one would be called a child, he thinks that it would be embarrassing if Lotte would see him change his clothes and it would also be troubling for Lotte herself.

(Even if I say I can change my clothes myself, a son of a noble shouldn’t do so)

Falma was being thoughtful, thinking that it would be better if his personal attendant would be a male servant or Lotte’s mother instead. Although the lifestyle of a noble was still suffocating.

「Come, it’s time for Blanche-ojousama to change too〜」


Falma let Lotte dress him in simple clothes, and Blanche was dressed in a frilly dress. The two of them headed towards the dining room. As they did so, Falma instinctively took the employee ID’s replica from the box on top of his desk.


「Elder Brother, you’re always holding that」

Blanche curiously said as they went down the spiral staircase.

「This is, well〜……」

「Is it very important to Elder Brother?」

「It’s very important」

During his past life, Falma always placed his employee ID inside the chest pocket of his laboratory coat. It was also the card key to his laboratory, so he has the habit of bringing it as much as possible when moving to other rooms. He could not help himself but bring it with him. Although it was only a replica, it was also the proof that it bothers him from the bottom of his heart.

(I need to go, soon)

Falma is thinking of going to the Great Temple and take a look at the original great divine treasure. It turned into a divine treasure, so its condition might have changed from his previous employee ID.

The Great Temple is not within the San Flueve Empire.

The headquarters of the temple is in a small City Country called “Divine Nation”.

The Divine Nation is similar to the Vatican City, with the entire country being a temple organization where only priests live.

Not only Falma needs to pass through the borders to get there, for some reason, he really could not make up his mind in going to the Great Temple.

He has heard from the Head Priest that it is not simple to go to the Great Temple. According to him, the Great Temple has yet to find out Falma’s existence, but if they do, he might fall into a state of confinement as a precious God-possessed. Those who have become Grand Priests that oversees the Great Temple possesses tricky secret techniques to seal a god. That’s why Falma started to think of law-breaking plans to sneak into the temple at night, during the time where there are fewer guards and take a look.

The Great Temple has turned into a labyrinth, so even if Falma was able to sneak in at night, he might not be able to locate the great divine treasure. The Head Priest have also told Falma, “If you wish so, I can take you in.” But Falma felt an ache from his heart, because it really sounded like they were thieves.

(There’s no way I can let the Head Priest Salomon take dangerous actions, he might get fired too. A country that only has priests, huh? I feel that they’ll find me just after taking three steps in)

Also, getting caught doing sneaky actions as such would be a disgrace.






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  1. Himmel says:

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    How was the Head Priest able to get the staff then? Wasn’t it also heavily guarded before at The Great Temple?

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