Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 8 Part 3

Episode 8 – The Medicine God’s Consultation and The Medicine God’s Legend (Part 3)



「Anyways, we would like for you to stay in this world as long as possible without feeling uncomfortable」

「I also don’t want to die, I want to live a long, healthy life in this world」

That was the cry from Falma’s heart.

「If you really feel that bitter, then I believe that you should just stop being burdened by being called Medicine God. You should just think of it as a nickname」

「In other words, its how I handle it, huh」

Just like how Hippocrates was referred to as the “Father of Medicine”, the Head Priest told Falma to treat it as a nickname.

「A nickname huh〜」

That eased Falma’s heart.

「I feel like I’ve taken off some burden」

「The Empire’s Temple shall follow as your heart wills, so please come to the temple anytime if you have worries」

“After all, the temple is originally a place to help those with worry,” Salomon smiled.

Salomon promised that he would ask the priests to treat Falma ordinarily, without making a commotion about it. Of course, Salomon himself too.

「The mass is about to start, so please excuse me. Also, the great divine treasure’s replica is finally arriving at the temple tomorrow」

「I’ll come to see the replica」

「Oh, please, I shall bring it to you」

Falma left the drawing room as they chatted, and when he was about to pass by the chapel,



Falma tripped seeing the believers that gathered to the temple. The believers’ eyes were bloodshot. About 50% of them were like that; there were even some who were unconsciously rubbing their eyes. And using the hands that rubbed their eyes, they touched the chairs and the temple doors. That was how the virus spread.

「Everyone’s eyes look red」

It was clear without even the need to use Diagnosis Eye.

「”Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis”」

(Ah〜. It’s completely spread out)

The more faithful the believer is, the more they attended masses, infecting them.

「Please make today’s sermons longer. Do not let anyone leave even after it ends」

「Yes, did you see some kind of disease?」

“It’s true that their eyes are red,” the Head Priest noticed.

「It’s an eye disease. It would immediately spread」

They must not let any of them go home as they are.

After telling the other priests “do not let anyone leave until the mass ends”, Falma rushed with his horse to prepare antibiotic eye drops enough for the number of people before the mass ends.


After the mass ended, Falma stood by the entrance of the chapel and distributes them to the patients he found among the leaving believers.

He also distributed the eye drops along with prints where the instructions how to use it is written. Like how to spend the days with red eye, avoid touching other people as much as possible, not touch anything with the hand that they used to rub their eye as much as possible.

Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis is caused by a group of adenoviruses. It is highly contagious, so they must be very careful to prevent the spread of infection. Although there is no medicine for adenoviruses, it is possible to relieve the symptoms by instilling antibiotics or steroids. Falma distributed the medicine, especially eyeing those with severe symptoms.

「What’s this?」

The old woman with red eyes asked.

「They’re eye drops, medicine for the eyes. You are infected by conjunctivitis. It infects other people」

「Now that you’ve mentioned it, wife said that her eyes are red」

The gentleman received the eye drops and the print.

「My eyes seem to be red too」

The eye drops have been common even in the pharmacies within the imperial capital, so they received them without resistance.

「Oh thank you very much. This helps a lot」

Salomon said after approaching Falma who sighed in relief after giving out all of the medicine.

「If the temple becomes a place of infection, it would be very unfortunate to the many believers who came all the way to visit」

Falma answered.

「Just like this, you cannot leave them alone, can’t you」

The Head Priest couldn’t help but feel sympathetic.

「If only everyone else could do what I can」

「For that to be possible, education is needed I might suppose」

Falma thought that that path was far and endless.


And the next day.

「Thank you very much for yesterday. The thing I have mentioned has finally arrived」

The Head Priest came to the Different World Pharmacy do deliver the great divine treasure without bringing guard priests this time. Guard priests might have been required if it was the original, but it was as ease since it was only the replica.


Falma could not help but pinch his cheek after seeing the great divine treasure’s replica that he saw inside the box.

「Although we were unable to replicate its material; the real one is transparent. It was excavated from the stratum of three thousand years ago」

(No way…… what in the world is happening)

「Since it’s called great divine treasure, does it have an amazing divine power?」

「Yes, although it seems to store divine powers, no one knows how to use it」

The Head Priest shook his head. He said that he wanted Falma to take a look because he might know how to use it. Ellen, Lotte, and Cedrick took their turns to take a look.

Falma started to think “this world, don’t tell me it’s a dream after all”.


Written in that replica both in Japanese and English was 「薬谷 完治 – KANJI YAKUTANI」.

In addition,  T University Graduate School – Pharmaceutical Science ○× Course.

The object that Salomon called great divine treasure was the staff card that Falma used for the university in his previous life.

Naturally, it was an ordinary identification card with magnetic data. Although it also has data required to enter and exit the facilities of the university.


「Uhm, do you understand what is written here?」

The Head Priest looked with a gaze of hope, as he traced the part describing which department the owner of the ID was affiliated with.

「Ah〜, I think I’ve seen it before…… please give me some time」

“Even if I told them, there probably won’t be any meaning. It’s only a name after all,” Falma thought.

「Please take your time!」

The Head Priest returned, leaving the replica behind.

(He said it was found from the stratum of three thousand years ago…… why in the world?)

Ellen fiddled with the replica, looking at it closely then looking at it at a distance, she even closed one of her eyes as she stared at the picture added to the identification card, in other words, she stared at Falma’s appearance in his previous life. Falma felt his heart beating loudly, wondering what they would say.

「Black hair huh, how rare. Is he from the divine race?」

「It might be the picture of a god」

“What an amazing thing we have seen,” Lotte placed her hands to her mouth.

「Un. I wonder why, it somewhat feels familiar……」

「That is very rude towards God you know, Eleanore-sama!」

「That’s true, it’s probably just me」

Falma’s heart skipped a beat because of Ellen’s great intuition, but he let out a sigh because they didn’t find out.


(My staff ID, why is it here? It’s the only thing that connects Earth and this world)


“No matter what, I need to see the real one,” Falma thought.






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