Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 8 Part 2

Episode 8 – The Medicine God’s Consultation and The Medicine God’s Legend (Part 2)



The Guardian Temple is in the center part of the imperial capital, near to the Empress’s palace.

「Good morningー」

「Haaaa! Isn’t this Falma-sama, please, welcome!」

The Head Priest Salomon was preparing the altar and the ceremonial ornaments before the morning mass, but he stopped doing everything he was and welcomed Falma. Receiving Falma’s visit, the priests started to fidget around; they seem to be very happy about the event. This was also one of the reasons Falma feel worried and stressed.

「I wanted to talk about something with Head Priest today」

As Falma entered the temple, the temple’s floor released a bluish-white light as usual.

(Going to the temple, is really……)

Falma was guided to a room, and the Head Priest himself served him tea.

「Uhm, please do not mind me」

Falma said because he was afraid that “offerings” would come in bulk if he didn’t say anything.


「And so, what is it for today?」

「I came to hear about the Medicine God’s legends」

「It is a bit strange that His Holiness does not know about himself」

Salomon looked at Falma with eyes saying “you must know more”.

「Uh, no, I’m not that, so……」

Despite saying that, the circumstantial evidence was anything but less.

Falma is able to use the Medicine God Staff that humans are unable to wield, he has several cheat abilities, on top of that, he does not have a shadow.

However, Falma did not receive an oracle for a being called Medicine God, nor he had the consciousness of being one.

「His Holiness does not wish to acknowledge what he is huh. When we first met, His Holiness threatened me “I will curse you”, so I believed that he knew what he was」

The Head Priest smiled calmly.

「I just, well, said it without thinking, since it matches the situation. It’s what you call a bluff」

Falma felt embarrassed; it’s as if he was listening to his dark history.

「I see」

The Head Priest nodded.

「According to legends, what god was the Medicine God? Firstly, does the Medicine God not have a shadow?」

「It is written in the holy scripture that the Guardian God is light itself; therefore, he has no shadow」

「I see」

(It’s not like it was written exactly huh)

The Head Priest brought a thick holy book from another room and placed it in front of Falma. The holy book that was adorned with beautiful ornaments was as thick as a dictionary, and Falma was told it was only a copy, not the original texts.

The Head Priest summarized a part of the scripture written about the Medicine God.


The Medicine God suddenly appeared a year before the plague.

The god, borrowing the appearance of a girl, named itself the Medicine God, immediately calmed the plague, looked after the people’s disease and granted medicine suitable for their sickness.

It was said that the god had a complete holy insignia in the shape of a lightning in its right hand and flew through the sky using the Medicine God Staff.

The Medicine God is immortal and possesses a divine body that can pass through material objects.

The god possesses the power to freely go between heaven and earth, returning to the celestial realm from time to time using the powers of the holy spring.

The Medicine God gradually stopped visiting the earth, and at one point, the god never appeared again after returning to the heavens.

It was told that the Medicine God only appeared for roughly one year.

And only the Medicine God Staff remained as a divine treasure.


「It was like that…… thank you very much」

(It’s already been more than a year since I reincarnated)

For the meantime, Falma did not feel he would disappear anytime soon. That made him relieved the most.

「How old was the Medicine God?」

Falma who heard from the Empress that the holy insignia might’ve appeared during the age of ten questioned.

「I do not know that far. It was only mentioned that it was a girl」

In the end, Falma did not find out whether the Medicine God possessed the girl, or it was originally a god in a girl’s form.

(U〜mu…… the situation with me reincarnating before the plague that might’ve spread all over the world, it was almost the same. Although I don’t know if I’m immortal)

Falma somehow understood the reason why those who see his divine insignia and abilities would recognize him as the Medicine God.

Or rather, the situation matched the legends for quite some time now, so he could not make excuses about it.

(Leaving aside whether I’m immortal or not, I don’t know the way to go to the “celestial realm” you know?)

Falma had some hope that that “celestial realm” might be Earth.

(Maybe that God-possessed came from Earth, then returned to Earth)

“If that is so,” Falma started to think that he might also be able to return to Earth.


「Ah, that’s right. By the way, is there any other god who visits the earth just like the Medicine God?」

(If possible, I want to consult with other God-possessed. Maybe there’s even some who came from Earth)

「While you are here, other gods would not come」


Falma was disappointed.

He was told that the Guardian Gods would only descend to earth one by one. While the Medicine God has descended, the other gods would not. Up until a few hundred years ago, it was said that the gods frequently descended soon after the previous one returns, but that is not the case recently. The God-possessed would leave divine treasures on earth before they disappear. Because of that, many divine treasures remained on earth, and all of them cannot be touched nor used by humans, so they are treated as divine relics.

「That’s why, right now, the only god who descended in this world is Falma-sama, in other words, the Medicine God. We are very blessed to have Falma-sama here on earth, and, how should I describe this. We can feel humanity from His Holiness, so it is a miracle for us even to be able to see you living among us」

It looks like Salomon’s evaluation of Falma was a god that feels like a human.

「Were you, observing me?」

「That goes without saying, Your Holiness. It is the duty of the priests of this era to record everything you achieved in this world. In that way, the pages of our holy scripture shall increase one page at a time」

Recording Falma’s achievements. It seems that that was also Salomon’s job as a priest.

「Also, this might be strange to tell a God, but Your Holiness has a good personality」

According to Salomon, the gods that descend to earth is not limited to good gods. Among them, there were evil gods who would burn the kingdoms and massacre humans. In that sense, a good god’s descent is very beneficial to humanity.

「If I was such existence, what do you think is the Medicine God’s job?」

「I believe that it is what you are exactly doing right now. Creating countless medicine and heal people」

It seems that Salomon had misunderstood that Falma is doing his “work as the Medicine God”.

「It’s not like I’m doing it as my job though」

「In other words……His Holiness does what he does because he cannot bear seeing sick people. Hmm」

It seems that the Temple Priest finally understood Falma’s inner conflict.






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