Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 8 Part 1

Episode 8 – The Medicine God’s Consultation and The Medicine God’s Legend (Part 1)



After returning from Marseille, Falma was also working hard to give checkups and prescribe medicine for the workers of the pharmaceutical factory.

He is going back and forth between Marseille and the imperial capital to prescribe, make follow-up examinations, and check the condition of the construction of internal plants inside the factory.

And he didn’t forget to present the camera and photography to the Empress.

Within the imperial court, it seems that Falma was treated more of an inventor rather than a court apothecary.  

The Empress seemed to have a huge liking to the photography, and she made her aides take many family pictures and even gravure photos, so it might really be a matter of time before a photo collection was published.

Falma had just heard that a photobook of the imperial prince Louis would be created.

Unexpectedly, the Empress might love taking pictures a lot. Falma carefreely thought, but the Empress did not only love taking pictures of herself.

She made an order to start recording the townscape of the imperial capital.

By the way, it was said that as soon as photography was invented on Earth, the townscape of France was started to be recorded.

According to Lotte, the artists within the court atelier started to become afraid that they might lose their worth because of the invention of photography. Naturally, their hate pointed towards Falma who invented it. Although they could not show blatant attitudes because of the Empress.

(Ahh, this is a bit……I feel bad for those artists)

Falma is obliged to present his inventions to the Empress, so even the inventions he made for personal use would immediately cause stirs within the inner circle of the imperial capital. He could somewhat imagine what happened, so Falma felt bad for the artists. But even so, with the appearance of photography in the history of Earth, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, etc. was created, so there might also be some kind of change within the art world of this world.


Between the advantages and disadvantages created by photography, their advantages are bigger.

If that were the case, glaucoma court painter Dale’s Surrealistic Style, or Lotte’s Art Nouveau Style would receive further evaluation, so portrait painters who are researching highly original and highly non-realistic style of art might begin to emerge. That was what Falma predicted for the future, after listening to Lotte’s story.

Along with the change of technology, art would also change. However, it might have been too quick within the span of two years.


(I guess I shouldn’t reproduce color pictures for a while)

He thought that there might be artists who would paint color on the pictures, and he didn’t want to receive unneeded hate.




It has not been so busy, so Falma got a rest day, so he was preparing to go out on that day.

「Falma-sama, where are you going this early?」

「Well, I just have some business to do」

Lotte wakes up early, so she is well-groomed and wearing her servant clothes with an apron properly. As usual, she would take care of Falma and Blanche as the de Médicis Family’s servant, although Falma reduced her workload. Lotte would usually wake up Falma with a “good morning” bringing him his change of clothes, so even if he tries to leave early, it is difficult for him to get a start on Lotte. Although Falma thought he could attend to himself, that was not applicable to high nobles.

While letting Lotte polish his boots and put his coat on, Falma was thinking of a way to shake them off. Lotte got him dressed attentively. Lotte’s work was conscientious compared to other servants.

「Elder Brother〜, bring Blanche with you〜」

Blanche appeared while still wearing her pajama and hugging her doll, with a messy bed head.

「Blanche-sama, please wait okay. I will bring you your change of clothes right away. After that would be breakfast. Ojou-sama’s favorite lassi will be served too」

Lotte smiled at Blanche.


Blanche seemed to be still sleepy, her eyes were almost closed after she nodded.

「Ne〜, Elder Brother〜, where are you going?」

Falma won’t say where he was going, so Blanche wanted to know where.

「Just for a walk! I’ll be back at lunch」

「Noo〜! Blanche will go too〜!!」

「The two of you, bye-bye!」

「Please have a nice day. Be careful」

Lotte followed him to the entrance and bowed.

Falma somehow shook them off somehow. He let his favorite horse run on the morning imperial capital. His destination is the Guardian Temple of the San Flueve Imperial Capital.

The Head Priest would visit the pharmacy every day and there would be a bit of a commotion when a priest sees him, so he does not like to go to the temple willingly, but today, he decided to consult them about his worries.

And his worries was,


(I’m being called Medicine God, Medicine God by people from all kinds of fields it’s hard)

He was feeling urgent about it.

Falma possesses several kinds of special abilities, but he believes that he is not the “Medicine God”.

However, recently, although some of it was because of his carelessness, almost everyone from all kinds of fields treats him as the Medicine God, making him feel stressed.

Only Lotte, Blanch, and his mother might be treating him as human. That’s why he is the most relaxed when interacting with them.

The Empress and Ellen understands Falma even after knowing the circumstances, so they are also important people for him, as one of the few who truly understands him.

Therefore, he wants some evidence that could deny him to be the Medicine God, and even if he was truly the Medicine God, he wanted to be ready for it. Being in between frustrates him the most.






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