Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 7 Part 2

Episode 7 – Factory Workers and Group Photo (Part 2)



「I am only a manager and it is a complete misunderstanding about me being the Medicine God. Please do not misunderstand」

Falma thought that it would be troublesome, so he decided to deny it at least in the beginning.

It would be very bad if it was not kept it unsettled and unwanted rumors spread. Although, the villagers from Esthark Village did not seem convinced.


Falma restarted and greeted them once again, told them the corporate vision, and addressed a very long briefing. Falma’s greeting was overflowing with enthusiasm towards pharmacology, so it was polite enough to be too polite, long enough to not forget to mention anything. If it were a greeting during the a hot summer day outdoors, there would have been one or two workers who collapsed. “If there was a ranking for talents who are not suitable to become elementary school principals, then there is no doubt that Falma would be highly ranked on top”, is what the students in his previous life tell about him.


「And so, the Different World Pharmacy will protect the lives of the people of this world through the development of new medicine」

It is probably because the greeting was too long, even Ellen was rubbing her eyes.

And Falma, after seeing that, to awaken the disrespectful workers who started to yawn or even sleep,


「Are you still thereーー!」

He shouted loudly.

“Yes〜!”, the workers replied with an eager voice.


「Well then, are you healthyーー?!」

“Yes〜!”, they replied just as eager as earlier.


「I am healthy!」

Falma placed a hand on his chest and declared.


「Well then, I shall ask you. Those who think that they are healthy, please raise your hand」

With a monotonous reply, everyone replied just as eager as before.


「Alright! I understood!」

Falma looked at the approximately 200 workers. He looked at them while activating his Diagnosis Eye. Each of the workers has name tags where their staff number and names are written.

Falma gave all of them an intent look, and suddenly wrote numbers on the large paper pasted on the bulletin board on the stage.

「What’s with those numbers?」

「Is it a game?」

「It might be those who have excellent grades」

「It might also be candidates for the supervisor. Might also be a raise?」

The workers tilted their heads to each other and imagined optimistic situations. After Falma finished writing the numbers, he stood with the bulletin board behind him.


「Well then, everyone whose numbers are written, please step forward」

The workers looked at their company number and the numbers in the blackboard, and those who matched stepped forward.

「Hii! I fell!」

「I passed!」

“It’s not an examination result announcement for passers you know”, Falma said inwardly.


「Right now, those who have stepped forward, they are those who have healthy bodies」


They clamored. There was only a mere 30% who had stepped forward.

That means, for Falma, the majority of them are not healthy. The workers, whether it is big or small, they have problems regarding their health. With the small ones tooth decay, to even lifestyle-related disease.

The workers who could not step forward paled.

「That’s impossible, I’m healthy! I don’t feel bad anywhere!」

Falma composedly looked down at the man who protested impatiently.

「You have hepatitis. Your liver has an inflammation」

Falma coldly told him the cruel reality.

The liver is the silent organ. He would not notice the advancement of the disease.

「What is liver?」

The man asked. “I need to start from teaching the workers the knowledge about the basics of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacy huh”, Falma realized the forthcoming challenges. After he explained politely to the man what hepatitis is,


「And just like that, even if you think yourself as healthy, there might be diseases that have crept up without your knowledge. That is why, you must understand the condition of your body, and do not neglect on trying to become healthy every day. On top of that, everyone, let us create medicine to save patients together」

Falma finished his greeting speech.

The current pending task is to make everyone healthy before the start of the factory operation begins.


「Leaving that aside」

When the mood became dark, he decided to change the atmosphere.

“Everyone, please go outside the auditorium”, Falma told them, so they went out according to their staff number.


「What a nice weather, everyone, please relax」

Falma called out to them, returned to his carriage, and returned carrying something together with Adam.

He took out the wooden box that he prepared in their mansion beforehand.

「Falma-kun, what’s that?」

「This is called Caméra」

「What’s that?」

Ellen asked again with the same words.

「This is a method to make a copy of this world’s scenery to paper」

Falma showed Ellen, Lotte, and Cedrick a small paper. It is a self-portrait that Falma took of himself for testing. He is making a face full of smile beside the window. It was a black and white picture.


「This, is it drawing?」

“Although it is black and white, what a good artist”, Lotte proclaimed. And she was surprised how there were no brush marks.

「It’s not a drawing, it’s a picture」


Falma briefly explained the principle of photography.

What he chose to adopt was the pinhole camera. There would be a pinhole in a box that completely shuts out light, and inside that box that is painted with black, a photographic dry plate would be installed. In the photographic dry plate, a mixture of photosensitive material containing potassium bromide, silver nitrate, and gelatin is applied to the glass.

「Oh you〜, if you made something like that, then why didn’t you took a picture of us〜」

Ellen asked Falma playfully.

「No, uhm. I didn’t know if it would work well, and recently, it was always cloudy. It’s a nice weather today, so I think that a good picture would be taken」











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