Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 7 Part 1

Episode 7 – Factory Workers and Group Photo (Part 1)



「Within the 200 newly hired factory workers, 199 of them have gathered as scheduled」

Adam showed Falma who visited the factory in Marseille the list of the newly hired factory workers. There is one worker that was unable to come for being ill.


Eighty percent of the workers are men and twenty percent are women.

By their jobs, they are clerical, technical, and manufacturing. In other words, they are common factory workers.

The production manager must have the medicinal knowledge, so they would be either the first-class pharmacists that Falma hired and trained in the imperial capital, or personnel borrowed from the Imperial Medicine Academy.


「Thank you. It’s great that you’ve gathered enough」

「Only Falma-kun would hire these many people at once. After all, some would not be able to do it even if they wanted to」

Ellen said, impressed with how daring and how rich Falma is.

「I don’t really get it, but Falma-sama is really amazing〜」

“There might not be anything impossible for Falma-sama to do if he wills it”, Lotte said with admiration. Although Lotte’s reaction was exaggerated, she was serious.

「Those ones who are able to read, write, calculate, and healthy were required, so I have chosen those who meet the requirements. Each of them is an excellent worker. There are also technicians who have know-how from wine factories」

Adam explained while showing the worker’s list.

It seemed like when the recruitment in Marseille was held, applicants have flooded after seeing the good wages. Adam held an aptitude test and narrowed their numbers considerably with strict eyes.


「I’ll go greet everyone」

Adam led Falma and the others to the newly made auditorium where the newly hired workers gathered. The auditorium was as wide as an elementary school’s gymnasium, and it is a place that could be used to hold workshops, morning meetings and ceremonies, conferences and so on.


「The founder has come」

Adam opened the door with that announcement and the auditorium turned silent.

There is a stage in the front of the auditorium, so Adam made Falma and Ellen ascend to it, and introduced them briefly. Lotte and Cedrick are not pharmacists, so they watched from the back of the auditorium.

「The person here is Falma de Médicis-sama, the owner of the Different World Pharmacy, as well as a Court Apothecary and this factory’s Founder. And she is First Class Pharmacist Eleanore Bonnefoi-sama, a member of the mentioned pharmacy」

With Adam’s introduction, Ellen also took a few steps away from Falma and greeted.

「It is a pleasure to meet you」

Falma also greeted them.

(nn? What’s this atmosphere)

Falma heard some clamors and felt gazes as if they were measuring his worth. They are excellent talents who possess a certain level of education and passed Adam’s exam, they are not clueless workers. They possess relatively high pride.

“What, really, a kid?”, careless words could even be heard.

Adam glared towards that direction, but it was unknown who said it.


(Well, I’m a kid after all)

Of course, it was nothing much for Falma who has a strong mentality.

His appearance is that of a child, so he thinks that it is natural that he would be looked down upon.

Adam seemed to be pissed off with his master being slighted although he’s a child. He coughed and said.

「In addition, it is decided that Falma-sama will take office as a professor at the Imperial Medicine Academy starting next year」

With a great smile, he said towards the direction where he heard the disrespectful words.

It seems like Adam did not possess high tolerance against teasing.

The workers heard that and turned silent, closing their mouth.

An academy professor is the greatest honorary title even among the ranks of intellectuals. It was not something that a son of an archduke could attain using bribes if he does not have achievements and the ability.


The atmosphere changed from a nominal “genius” boy, to a real genius that even the Medicine Academy acknowledges.

No one questioned Falma’s qualities anymore.


(Everyone, they’re weak to titles huh)

「Uhm, as introduced earlier, I am the owner of the Different World Pharmacy Falma」

While feeling some awkwardness, Falma was about to introduce himself, and

「Medicine God-sama!」

A voice mixed with surprise was raised from a certain group.


Hearing that, Falma could not help but raise a scream. He looked at the direction where the voice was raised and saw villagers from Esthark Village. One of them noticed and shouted, and soon after, all of them noticed.

When he visited the Esthark Village, Falma hid his appearance with a mask, but it looks like he was identified with his voice.

The villagers then rushed to the stage and were even about to raise Falma to the air.


「Why is everyone from the Esthark Village come here to work?! We’re far away from the village you know!」

Falma reached the limit of being awkward.

「Since that day that the Medicine God-sama healed our black plague, we understood to the depth of our bones the importance of medicine. We have come here to help the society by manufacturing medicine」

One of the villagers said with deep emotion.

Because the black plague reached their village, it would seem that they had a change in the way of their thinking towards public health sanitary.

Nevertheless, Esthark Village is a fishing village, so Falma thought that it would be the best if they don’t go too far and make their fishing industry, their main source of income, to be neglected.

「I did not believe that I could meet Medicine God-sama once again! Please shake my hand!」

「Idiot, how disrespectful it is to hold the God’s hand!」

「What a miracle. Uhm, do you plan on making the medicine for curing the black plague in this factory?」

They started to advertise Falma’s achievements loudly after gathering in front of the stage, so the villagers from the nearby Marseille port also started to make a commotion about what’s going on.


「No, hey, please stop. Let me greet you first, let’s leave that for later」

Ellen looked at Falma who started panicking from the eagerness of those from Esthark Village with warm eyes. Cedrick showed a kind smile and Lotte did not understand as usual. She could only hear parts of their conversation and could only watch while biting her finger.

「Please come to our Esthark Village. We had made a golden divine statue. We believe that you would like it」

Towards their faces full of smile,

(I, I already saw it)

Falma thought, but could not say it out loud.


「Hey〜, guys from Esthark Village. What do you mean by Medicine God? Why are you calling owner like that? Is that a kind of nickname?」

A local worker who does not know the circumstances asked.

「Ah, please listen. Actuallyーー!」

「It was like this, and that, and thisーー!」

And they, the villagers from Esthark Village, instantly exposed Falma’s identity. Falma felt his head aching while thinking how true the saying “you can’t control what people say; you can’t stop rumours” is.

「And so, he saved us from the black plague」

「Please look at this, these goods! It looks great right?」

The people from the Esthark Village showed their goods or what they call to Falma. The golden divine statue became miniaturized and turned into a character, and all of them have one.

「What’s that!」

There are even some who reaches out their hand holding the keychain towards Falma to give it to him.

「It’s Medicine God keychain. This, it is really a hot seller」

The villagers made many divine statue key chains as amulets and attached them to bags, made them as necklaces. Falma felt his jaw about to drop. No matter how you look at it, they are starting mass.

「Please, stop that, I beg you!」

It looks like the revitalization of the Esthark Village starts with the Medicine God Legend.

「How noisy! Line up with according to your numbersーー!」

When everything was about to go out of control, Adam made them line up to restart from the beginning.






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