Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 6 Part 3

Episode 6 – The Different World Pharmacy Marseille Factory’s Operation Preparation (Part 3)



After passing through the front yard of the pharmaceutical factory, they entered through the factory’s entrance.


Falma who was walking ahead burst out as soon as he entered.

In the spacious entrance hall that one would see in hotels, there was the founder, Falma de Médicis’s real-size bronze statue!

「What’s this! This wasn’t here a few days ago!」

Ellen and Lotte giggled at Falma who desperately protested.


「Ahh, it was donated by the Esthark Village. It was just completed recently. I placed it here, thinking that you would like it」

The acting lord Adam answered definitively.

Adam said that there was gold donated from Esthark Village with a message “Please make the factory founder’s bronze statue.”, so he ordered for it to be made.

「It’s really Esthark Village!」

“If it’s them, they might do such thing”, Falma thought, feeling resigned.

「Falma-sama, please stand beside the bronze statue」

Lotte asked him and Falma stood beside it. The bronze statue was quite beautified. The hem of its white coat had looked like it flutters in the wind, while the statue is looking far ahead with crossed arms.

Falma did the same pose as the statue. He also made a face.

「How is it?」

Falma asked the three while making a serious face.

「The statue looks more handsome」

Ellen and Lotte looked at each other and Cedrick smiled at him warmly. The founder staggered.

「That’s none of your business!」

「If there is there inconvenience being placed her, shall I order it to be brought to the factory’s front garden?」

Adam said with concern. However, Falma himself thought that it is a bit pitiable if his own statue was left outside under the sun and rain.

「It’s fine here」


Leaving aside the jokes, they turned to look at the factory.

The interior of the stone-built medicinal factory was divided into rooms for each production process, and is thoroughly cleaned and has its cleanliness kept as to eliminate dust. On top of that, Falma had cast his “Disease Destruction Sanctuary” beforehand, increasing its cleanliness furthermore. There would be bacteria strains going to be brought from now on, so Falma needs to be very careful when casting his holy field to not “sterilize” the actinomycetes and kill it.

The professors that took care of the bacteria as if they were their children would be very very angry.

Although there is no electrical system, compared to the humble research facility of the Different World Pharmacy and the Empire’s Medicine Academy, it is considerably modernized. For the mass cultivation of actinomycetes, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant consisting of several large tanks and pipelines was necessary. For pilot plant tests, tests were conducted with harmless bacterial species at the Empire’s Medicinal Academy. Currently, a large number of artisans and engineers are hired, building 5 plants. It would still take time before these plants to be completed and fully operational.


The group came to the laboratory attached to the pharmaceutical factory inside the factory site. It is a research facility with an aseptic room.

「Professor’s Caspar’s bacteria, let me see!」

After entering the aseptic room after washing their hands, putting on gloves, and wearing clean clothes, Ellen said with great interest. Lotte and Cedrick changed as well and watched them although they could not understand.


「I want to see it too. Let’s open it」

After wiping the box with alcohol, the pink ribbon was removed, and the box where Professor Caspar’s children were opened.

What came out was six Petri dishes. A plate planted with actinomycetes strain. After that was the test plate as the antibiotic. Planted in the middle of the agar petri dish filled with bacteria was the various actinomycetes.

And as if to surround those actinomycetes was a circle made of other bacteria.

Actinomycetes develop antibiotics that suppress the growth of other bacteria, creating an antibiotic production region called “growth inhibition circle” where other bacteria cannot grow.


「What’s this circle, it’s cool」

Ellen understood what it meant and nodded.


「Around here, why are fluffy ones not growing?」

It looks like Lotte also found it strange.

Ellen seems to have changed the way she looks at actinomycetes.

That was an ability that actinomycetes acquired in the process of its evolution as a result of its struggle for existence.


「Around these circle, are the antibiotics being produced right at this moment?」

“It’s easy to tell since it can be seen with the naked eye”, Ellen was impressed.

「That’s right」

From a third-person perspective, they were a weird group peeking at a plate with mold.

However, they are inside the pharmaceutical factory so there is no problem.


「Actinomycetes are really great huh」

Ellen looked at them fervently.

「We will increase this bacteria to large quantities, and extract and purify antibiotics therefrom」

After Falma spoke, Lotte continued his words.


「By doing that, we can make medicine for everyone who’s troubled!」

What Lotte who jumped in excitement said was exactly they plan to do.


(That’s right. We’re going to make a lot of medicine from now on. Now using my cheat powers, but using the powers of the people of this world)

Falma braced himself.


It was the first step to establishing pharmaceutical technology in this world.








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