Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 6 Part 2

Episode 6 – The Different World Pharmacy Marseille Factory’s Operation Preparation (Part 2)


Inside the carriage, Lotte is comfortably sleeping while drooling. She would repeatedly say the usual “Falma-sama〜, I can’t eat anymore〜, munyamunya〜”, and “I guess just a bit more after all〜”.

It would be better to just leave her like that.


「No, well, soil is like that. Many bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms live everywhere. Or perhaps I should say, even our skins have countless bacteria」

“By the way, those microorganisms has a purifying effect on soil”, Falma explained.


「But, the strains that Professor Casper chose are especially excellent elites」

Professor Casper and her helpers are looking forward to the extract of the active substance of the bacteria turning into medicine and be administered to patients.

The following three is what Professor Casper and the others found.


① “Caspar-chan #1” / Caspar, No.1

Its scientific name on Earth is streptomyces griseus.

Streptomycin producing microorganism candidate.

… antituberculous drug. Effective for tuberculosis, leprosy, bubonic plague, etc.


② “Eric-kun #2” / Eric, No.2

Its scientific name on Earth is streptomyces mediterranei.

Rifamycin producing bacteria candidate.

…semi-synthesized to rifampicin, effective for tuberculosis, leprosy, etc.


③ “Alexis-kun #3” / Alexis, No.3

Its scientific name on Earth is streptomyces peucetius.

Doxorubicin producing bacteria candidate.

…antitumor agent (malignant lymphoma, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, bladder tumor, osteosarcoma, and a wide range of effects)


Although Professor Caspar and the others do not know the specific effects of those drugs, Falma knows.

「What an amazing effect. It sounds like a lie hearing that white plague, black plague, and even cancer can be cured」

「It’s not a lie. Bacteria strains possess such power」

「Falma-kun or Professor Casper, how did you know those drugs can be made with those bacteria? How did you narrow it down to these three?」

If one were to ask how they were identified (find out that drug), it was not like Falma did a complicated analysis.

Even one of his cheat abilities, the Magnifying Eyes, cannot see the structure of a compound.


And so, he simply used his Erase ability.

By using his erase ability in a reverse way, it can also be used in distinguishing drugs.


Falma chanted all the names of the antibiotic he knows and what disappeared is the drug. It is a very accurate way of identification.   

However, Falma was not satisfied with that. He thought that he must think of other inspection methods for the people of this world.

「Hey, how?」

「Eh? Ah, that’s still a secret. I’ll tell you when the time is right」

Falma had not prepared an answer to Ellen’s simple question.

「What’s with that〜, don’t treat me like a stranger in this topic〜, tell me how〜」

「Haha, I’m sorry」

He could only cover it up with a laugh.

「You, really……, then, tell me if it’s that time okay?」


「Well, anyways. It’s amazing that Professor Caspar and the researchers of the medicine academy could find this much. There are 2 antibacterial agents and 1 carcinostatic agent!」

Falma returned to the topic and showed how he was impressed.

Although Falma and Professor Caspar were the ones leading the team, they were able to find useful antibiotics in a short period. If Professor Caspar had it researched individually, it would have taken tens of years.


(With this, even if I disappear, the people of this would have the means to fight against disease.)

Falma could not hold back his joy. The work he needs to do would probably decrease one by one from now on.

However, he thought that he could not become too pleased by this.

“I need to make it reach the point where it can be mass produced!”, Falma cheered.


「The whole academy took action, gathered many researchers for a single research, so it’s really amazing」

“That was unprecedented!”, Ellen groaned.

It was said that most of the researchers had interrupted their own research and participated. That was also something impossible.

However, it changed to something like a treasure hunt.

If they become the first one to discover, their name shall be bestowed. They were probably blinded by the honor they would receive.

「Having a medicine with your own name, I want it too〜」

Ellen was mesmerized. She believes that she saw the determination of the San Flueve Empire Medicine Academy and Bruno’s seriousness. Even now, the Medicine Academy continues their big project of discovering bacteria that can produce other antibiotics. It is said that even the Norbatz University of Medicine is focused on the movements of the Empire’s Medicine Academy.


「You should just search for it, search for “Ellen-chan #4 bacteria”. I’ll teach you how」

Falma suggested to Ellen with a serious face.

「I’ll search for something other than bacteria」

Ellen who feels disgusted with bacteria wave her hands and immediately refused.

「That’s very Ellen」


Doing things like that, the staff of the Different World Pharmacy spent a whole day traveling to Marseille and inspected the factory that was just completed.

Its name is also called “Different World Pharmacy Marseille Factory”, which was named as it was.

After passing through the front gates of the factory, Falma, Ellen, Lotte, and Cedrick was welcomed by Adam, the acting lord, and the one appointed to build the factory.

「Welcome, Falma-sama. You must be tired after a long journey」

「Thank you for your arrangements, Adam-san」

Falma used his Medicine God Staff to go back and forth between the imperial capital and Marseille, so he has seen the completion of the factory, but this is the first unveiling for the other staff.

The factory that is built with stone, boasting a vast site area, had spread in front of their eyes.

「Woah〜! This factory, it’s so vast!」

Lotte started saying things like she wants to run a whole lap around the factory from end to end, but stopped by Cedrick, telling her that she would get exhausted. Falma also couldn’t let her do that because it would be three kilometers around the factory and it is not suitable to do it with her shoes right now.

「It looks like a little palace, amazing! It’s more vast than Falma-kun’s mansion you know?」

Ellen also raised a voice of admiration.

Being more vast than the site area of the de Médicis Family’s mansion, one could say that it is really impressive.

“There should be no other in this world, where both the government and its people had created a production base with such a large scale, with pharmacies, medicine stores, and drug stores making medicine for their patients” after saying that, Ellen praised the Falma’s achievements.

「It is such a fine thing」

Cedrick was also moved.

Its exterior and facilities are the biggest among everything he had seen.









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