Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 6 Part 1

Episode 6 – The Different World Pharmacy Marseille Factory’s Operation Preparation (Part 1)



A carrier pigeon arrived to Falma who was carrying out his Different World Pharmacy’s regular business together with the news he had been waiting for.

The pharmaceutical factory in Marseille was finally completed.


「It’s built so quickly〜」

Falma had believed that he would wait for years, but the result was it was completed after half a year it had started.

「Falma-kun, you’re a young master so it’s different〜. Also, the Empire and the Temple’s investments were huge too」

Ellen somewhat awed by Falma would gather everything he needs using the assets he earned himself, without even relying on the assets of his family.

But even though he was like that, he would not use most of his money for his own individual entertainment.

Ellen analyses that his unselfishness gathered more and more supporters and worshippers.

Within the world where many nobles spend all their time to fatten their pockets, Falma showed a surprising unselfishness. He was not a child who was clueless about the world, one that just doesn’t know how to increase his fortune.


「What are you going to make in the factory? Swee……」

Lotte covered her mouth that almost spout out “sweets”. It looks like it was an involuntary comment.

「It’s not sweets. It’s medicine」

Falma smiled at her cliché idea.

「I-I know right!」

Lotte was so embarrassed that she was red to her ears.


Soon after the completion, the preparations are being done with the instruments and equipment needed for manufacturing and experimenting are ordered from their respective suppliers. Falma himself used the Medicine God Staff to fly to quickly carry precision equipment, while the large equipment is carried by carriages. He also used his Substance Creation ability. Although the interior is yet to be completed, the structure and facilities themselves are completed.


Besides that, Falma asked the acting lord of Marseille, Adam, to hire 200 factory workers locally. After most of the factory equipment was installed, Falma visited San Flueve Empire Medicine Academy.

He received several actinomycete strains from Professor Casper chosen explicitly for antibiotic production, and he will be transporting them for mass production.


Professor Casper, who met with Falma, entrusts him three strains that she chose with confidence. She looked reluctant to part with them.

「I will be leaving them to you, Professor de Médicis. I hope that they would be of patients’ use」

Falma who was being called as a professor is yet to get used to being addressed as such.

But even so, he thought that it was thoughtless if he corrected her right now.

「I have certainly received them, Professor Casper. I will take responsibility for scaling up these strains, and make them an antibiotic formulation. I promise that those medicines will be of patients’ help」

「They are strains found with everyone’s effort. I will leave them to you」

Professor Casper seemed as if she was handing over her own child.

The box was wrapped with a ribbon.

And the following names were written on the box.


“Casper-chan No.1”

“Eric-kun No.2”

“Alexis-kun No.3”

Ellen suddenly asked Falma who was preciously holding the box entrusted to him by Professor Casper while they are being shaken by the carriage going to Marseille.

「What’s this, who?」

She saw the three names written on top of the box.

「I think that it’s the name of the strain of actinomycetes. The name of the discoverer and the order of discovery is written. Professor Eric and Assistant Alexis are also co-researchers of this research」

Falma interpreted while thinking of the names of the researchers engaged in the research.

「Eh?! Are bacteria also named?」

The name of the discoverer and the order it was discovered is written.

Falma looked at the letter of explanation attached separately, and just like he thought, it was the name of the strains taken from Professor Casper and the other discoverer’s names.


「That’s an interesting way of naming it」

“What genial professors”, Ellen laughed.

「Un, well, I understand the feeling of using the names of the inventor on their inventions」

(I guess I should unify the nomenclature later. I wish they at least added a generic name. Just calling them Casper is fine too)

Since it was the names given by Professor Casper and the others, Falma decided to give it a silent approval for the moment.

Using the names of the discoverer is an honor as well as their privilege. And it was not like it needs to be “like this”. This is a different world, so there was no rule that it must follow Earth’s style.


And Falma himself, in his past life, had several new antibiotic strains of bacteria named after him. He named them according to the nomenclature, but he cannot tell Professor Casper that, and he understands how happy she is.


「That’s true. This bacteria is special, right? I’m sure that they put on many efforts to find and increase these bacteria」

Ellen said so, telling compliments to Professor Casper.

「It’s Professor Casper and her assistant’s great accomplishment」

「By the way, where do bacterial strains exist?」

「Wait a second」

Falma smiled mischievously, asked the carriage to stop, got off, and walked towards the side of the road without hesitance.

「What? Are you peeing?」

“Oh, what should I do”, Ellen looked away. Falma rubbed off the surface of the ground using his shoes, picked up a handful of soil, and showed it to Ellen after he returned to the carriage.

Ellen who looked at the soil thought “don’t tell me……”.

「Look, it’s here」

「Eh? You’re saying that it might be here? The bacterial strains?」

「It’s not “might be”. It’s full of it」

Falma moved the fingers of the hand he used to pick up the soil. Ellen felt her back turn itchy.

「Hiiiiーー! How can you carry that, Falma-kun! Aren’t you disgusted?」

It would seem that Ellen felt that way. She shivered in disgust. Falma threw away the soil and washed his hand with the water he created using divine arts and returned to the carriage. The carriage started to run again.








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