Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 5 Part 3

Episode 5 – Curry and Lassi and Intestinal Flora (Part 3)



「There’s no way that there are so many bacteria in your intestine. There’s just a few right?」

“You’re exaggerating”, Ellen laughed.

「Although this isn’t a pleasant topic, don’t you think that feces are just waste from food?」

“By the way”, Falma asked Ellen. He also thought it should be alright talking about it now after everyone has finished eating, although it was still a bad topic.

「Of course」

Ellen agreed affirmatively, and Lotte also didn’t doubt it, thinking “All that comes out is food right? After all, all that we eat is food!”.

「Well, you’re wrong」

Falma shook his head and raised his finger one by one.

「If the amount of the components included in feces excluding moisture are arranged in descending order, number 1 would be the cells of the mucous membrane of the intestine, number 2 would be the intestinal bacteria, and number 3 would be the waste from food」

「The percentage of food, isn’t it too little?!」

Ellen seemed as if she received a shock.

「The food eaten has about 4-5% percentage」

「That’s all?!」

The total amount of intestinal bacteria or gut flora of an adult human would be 1-1.5kg. Falma taught Ellen and Lotte what the gut flora is. Lotte subconsciously looked towards her stomach.

「It was that important, huh. Ha〜, intestinal bacteria, I see them now in a new light. One must increase their good bacteria huh. I was looking at on intestinal environment too lightly」

Ellen pats her stomach as if to show gratitude to her gut flora.


「One must remove the weeds and apply fertilizer to see beautiful flowers. It’s the same with your gut」

「I agree!」

“That’s right!”, Lotte cheerfully raised her hand in agreement. Ellen also followed Lotte and planned to work on improving her intestinal environment immediately starting today. But although Ellen was full of spirits,

「And then? How can you increase the good bacteria?」

Good bacteria are made up of lactic acid bacteria and lactobacilli. They take effort on increasing these bacteria’s influence on Blanche’s intestine.

「For example, if the flower field in front of you was a clear field, the number of the flowers you grew first will increase right?」

「That’s true. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing else to disturb it, so it might cover the entire field」

Since the day of a baby’s birth, it takes in good bacteria from its mother’s normal bacterial flora. After that, it would gradually take in other bacteria, start to multiply in the intestine, creating its gut flora.

「However, it’s difficult to plant flowers when it’s already this crowded」

「U〜n, it will lose to the other plants. What must be done?」

“The human body that’s entangled by complicated factors is really complicated〜”, Ellen felt a headache.

「That’s why, you cannot just eat food that contains lactobacillus」

If one asked what food has lactobacillus, it would be fermented products such as yogurt and cheese. If such food is normally eaten, it would already have died when it reaches the intestine due to gastric acid. Even a special lactic acid bacterium that is said to reach the intestine alive may only reach the intestine, but it hardly gets colonized. If one stopped eating them, it would turn into feces (dead bacteria), and be excreted.

In the state where gut flora has already been established, even if one would ingest good bacteria, it can be said that it is difficult to create a new space where it could be colonized. However, the lactobacillus itself has the function of enhancing immunity and eliminating bad bacteria even if they do not multiply alive. That’s why there is a decent amount of reason to eat lactobacillus.


「If so, maybe one should only make a fertilizer that only grows what they want to grow. But, does a fertilizer like that exist?」

Ellen flashed that thought in her mind.

「Correct. Good idea」

What Ellen is talking about is a new idea called prebiotics. One only need to take good bacteria from the outside, and take those that would help multiply the good bacteria that is already inside the gut flora.

Oligosaccharides and dietary fiber are such prebiotic foods.


「I’ll think of a menu that Blanch would like」

And there, what Falma thought of was lassi. It can easily be made by mixing yogurt, milk, lemon, and honey. Honey contains oligosaccharides, and yogurt contains lactobacillus.

And when he served that to Blanche together with grapes that contain oligosaccharides during dinner,

「No〜, I hate milk」

Blanche pouted and refused.

「Why do you hate it?」

「I hate its taste, I just can’t drink it」

It looks like she does not like its taste. She probably doesn’t like it very much; she was trying to get distance from it.

「I thought you’d say that, so I added honey. You love honey right?」

Falma convinced Blanche.


Blanche started to drink the lassi albeit looking very reluctant.

「It’s sweet and delicious! It’s as if it’s not milk!」

It was as if a special, sweets-like drink.

“It looks like her hate of milk was overcome in an instant. She’s still too naive”, Falma thought.


After that, the lassi was also served to Lotte and the others in the pharmacy.

「It’s great eating it with curry huh! It lessens the spiciness」

「Ah, I forgot about that combination! You would see it a lot at curry stores」

And just like that, lassi is now served together with curry during meal times.


For what happened to Blanche after that, it was said that she stopped having bad stomach after some time, and is now eating curry with lassi on the other hand.

And, curry became a classic menu of the de Médicis Family.


The mother Beatrice and the father Bruno loved the menu very much that they would ask for seconds, although they usually do not.









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