Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 5 Part 2

Episode 5 – Curry and Lassi and Intestinal Flora (Part 2)



After finishing eating, the staff of the pharmacy and its regular customers continued to chat, and some are playing a racquet sports called jeu de paume which is a precursor to tennis. The event completely turned into a recreation party, making Falma and the guests enjoy most of their time.

「Falma-kun, would you like to dance? I really love dancing so I’d really like to dance right now」

The sound of light music played by the orchestra could be heard. Ellen invited Falma for a dance. The baroque dance of nobles is about to start. Falma had received education about dances for salons as a noble’s etiquette.

「Alright. Ellen likes dances huh」

(Was I able to dance again? I just hope I won’t shame her)

Although worried, Falma joined the dance with Ellen. Is it the boy Falma’s body memory? Falma was able to remember the steps and movements that was needed. Ellen danced in baroque style dressed up beautifully with elegance, she would unconsciously meet with Falma’s eyes and her movements that are more beautiful and sophisticated than ever looked very attractive.


(Looking at Ellen when she’s like this, she really seems mature. She’s becoming even more beautiful recently)

Even Falma who have thought of her as a younger girl before thought that it might be better to look at Ellen as a woman. Their dance ended with Falma not noticing the kind of feeling he started to have towards Ellen.

Lotte who could not participate in the baroque dance with her identity as a servant welcomed the two of them with an applause albeit being envious. She cheered on them sincerely.

「Fuwa〜, you two were so good〜! Seeing you like that, you are really great nobles after all〜, you were so beautiful〜!」

「Well yeah, we’re nobles after all. I’ve been compelled to do things like this ever since I’m young」

Ellen smiled at Lotte’s naturally airheaded comment.

「Hm? Where’s Blanche?」

But at that time, Blanche sat on the bench and was stooping.


「What’s the matter, Blanche-sama」

「My tummy hurts〜」

After leaving the comfort room, she returned to the bench and,

「Brother〜, lend me your lap〜!」

Asked Falma to let her lie on his lap. Blanche laid down her body in a く position.

「My lady, are you alright? My lady’s tummy is in bad!」

Lotte looked after her spiritedly, bringing her drinks and a cloth cover. Even after she was chosen as a court painter, Lotte continued to serve the members of the House of de Médicis respectfully.

「Curry probably wasn’t good for you. I’m so sorry」

Blanche has the constitution of being prone to diarrhea in the first place, so she was served curry that has the least amount of spices mixed in, but even so, it might’ve been still too stimulating for the child, Falma thought.

「It might be for the best if Blanche won’t eating curry anymore」

「Curry, it was delicious, but, I can’t eat it anymore?」

Blanche regretfully pouted her lips and bit her pointing finger.

「Let’s not」

「No, it’s not curry’s fault, my tummy already hurts before! It’s true!」

Blanche resisted, asserting that it would be bad if she can’t eat curry anymore.

Falma looked at her with his Diagnosis Eye. She did not have a major disease.

It’s not ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease and other diseases and infections. It was not lactose intolerance either.

And while Falma was doing that, Blanche who was lying down with his lap as a pillow feel asleep, so he couldn’t move from there anymore. Beside the bench, Lotte and Falma were still looking at her worriedly.

「Poor thing, she should get some rest」

「I agree. I’ll accompany her here.」

Falma petted Blanche’s hair and touched her cheek. Blanche who was sleeping under the sun was a very beautiful girl. For Falma, she is her precious blood sister. He wished that she would get better soon.


「Her gut flora might be imbalanced」

「What’s gut flora? Are you talking about the field of flowers (fleurs)?」

Flora is defined as the plants of a particular region or period in English. English doesn’t exist in this world, so Ellen could not possibly know that.

「There is something like a field of flowers for bacteria in the intestines」

And just exactly, in the sandbank of the river where the party is held, spread a field of flowers. It was a beautiful view of white and yellow flowers making many clusters.

「You see, looking at the field of flowers, the view is always changing right? Sometimes there would be more white flowers and sometimes there would be yellow flowers, or sometimes there would be more weed」

Falma pointed at the cluster of white flowers and the cluster of yellow flowers.

「That’s right. It’s not always at the same state」

Ellen was convinced. Without taking care of them in their natural state, the plants would start competing for survival.

「Similar to that, there are many bacteria in the intestine, constantly increasing and decreasing. Good bacteria and bad bacteria would expand or reduce their habitat, just like this field of flowers. The state of bacteria in the gut flora is quite different from person to person, and it is not always constant either. And right now, I think that Blanche’s state is not good」

「Speaking of that, there’s no way that there are so many bacteria in your intestine. There’s just a few right?」

“You’re exaggerating”, Ellen laughed.







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