Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 5 Part 1

Episode 5 – Curry and Lassi and Intestinal Flora (Part 1)



On a fine autumn day, an autumn party(Fête d’automne)event organized by the General Headquarters of the Different World Pharmacy is held in the sandbank of the river owned by the de Médicis Family.

This event is a secret outdoor event where the staff of the pharmacy and regular customers are invited.

However, the Head Priest and other priests have mixed in as well, taking with them regular tickets.

In this party, a dish that is yet to be known is served to the guests.

It’s curry.

Falma was finally able to compound an edible curry recipe from the ones he mixed in his laboratory in the fourth floor of the pharmacy, so he asked the chefs of the House of de Médicis to make and serve it.

(I didn’t think that a mere curry party would become this grand)

Countless normal dishes are also served in open tables in consideration of those who would not like the taste of curry.

The event turned out to be a grand and elegant one, with an orchestra playing outdoor music.


「It tasted very good」

Ellen who is wearing a sky blue dress just like ladies of her age does is tasting the curry where expensive spices are used. She is elegantly eating her curry using a knife and a fork.

「Be careful not to spoil your dress」

「Kyaaー! It got on meー!」

Falma’s warning was in vain. It looks like she dirtied her dress so quickly.

「This curry’s yellow color, it can be taken off right?」

「It should get off after washing it and drying it under the sun. The component that makes it yellow will be decomposed when exposed to sunlight」

Thinking something like this might happen, Falma came to this venue dressed up in clothes with a black base color.

「Is that so? Thank goodness」

「Eating outside also makes you feel refreshed on this fine day」

It looks like it was a new feeling for the people of this world who does not have a culture of eating outside.

「Can you tell us the recipe?」

Admiral John who came tightly dressed up in his uniform, not his usual one-shirt-look, showed the desire to use curry for seafarer’s meals. Falma gave him the document that has the details he copied using the mimeograph.

「Spices lasts very long, so I think that it’s suitable for seafarer’s meals as well」

Falma looked forward to the day there would be seafood curry.


「Falma-sama〜, what a wonderful dish〜!」

Lotte was busy conquering all the flavors of the curry while following her table manners.

The curries prepared are Keema Curry (curry with minced chicken meat), Aloo Palak (curry with spinach and potato), European Curry (curry with soup stock taken from meat, vegetables, and herbs, with added milk), and White Curry. Falma thought that people would choose their likes and dislikes, but thankfully, it just fit their tastes. She elegantly wiped his mouth that is covered with curry using her napkin. And Lotte also had curry stains on her white apron skirt. Lotte looked very satisfied.

「It’s the best it’s eaten with this bread. What is this bread called? Ehehe〜, I can eat a whole lot of them〜」

「It’s called Nan」

Falma ate his curry with his nan.


Ellen asked back.

「The thick ones are called nan which is made with refined wheat, the thin ones are called chapati made with whole grains」

「Ahh〜, I can’t stop eating curry〜」

Falma continued to eat his meal at a slow pace as he chats with Ellen and the pharmacy’s regular customers. It was a satisfying meal, however……

(Ahh……I could only wish that there’s rice……)

Falma summoned an urge to eat extra-sized curry rice meal that would make his stomach swell, but it would be indecent in this world’s manners, and in the first place, there’s no rice in this world.


「This, what spices are used on it? I want to make this too after going home」

In this world, spices are still expensive and people would feel the pain using a lot of them, so the recipe of the curry is one that only uses the least amount.

「In this recipe, you would chop the onions and vegetables and stir-fry, and boil it together along with the meat, using turmeric, coriander, red pepper and cayenne pepper, cumin, ginger and garlic」

If more spices are used, the deepness of the taste would naturally be better, but Falma is not that knowledgeable in mixing spices, and he could not use the spices to their bests, so he could only make the recipe after many failures.

The spiciness of curry depends is determined by the amount of red pepper, cayenne pepper, and other peppers.

By adjusting their amounts, one could make the curry that is for kids, adults, sweet ones and very hot ones. Very hot and spicy curry strongly stimulates the stomach, so Falma didn’t serve it this time. He couldn’t organize a party with the Different World Pharmacy’s name then have people with upset stomachs.


「Curry, it looks very healthy」

Lotte fanned her face with her hand. “Come to think of it, my body is getting warm”, Ellen nodded.

「It has a side that is good for health」

It is true that curcumin, which is a pigment contained in turmeric, has a strong antioxidant effect and it is supposed to have an inhibitory effect on cancer and research is underway. However, one must be careful on common advertisements claiming “these ingredients is good for this disease”. Falma does not plan on advertising curry as a healthy food at all.

Eating too much is not good and he had to take personal health conditions into consideration. There are also aspects that the burden on the gastrointestinal tract is great if too many spices are taken in.

「What’s with that cautiousness?」

Ellen let out a wry laugh to Falma’s adult-minded, iridescent choice of words.

「Ahh, but, your body would get warm and there is an appetite-stimulating effect」

「This, how long would it last after cooking? Can you eat it after a few days?」

「Please eat it on the day it’s cooked」

It is generally thought that curry which is prepared and left to sleep overnight is delicious, but there is also cases where the curry which people left overnight many grow bacteria called Welsh fungus and become the cause of food poisoning, even if it’s heated up.

There is no problem keeping it on the refrigerator and eat it the next day, but it would be better people in this world to refrain doing that.





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