Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 4 Part 1

Episode 4 – Glaucoma and Court Painter Dale



A cutely wrapped box with a golden insignia that indicates the Imperial Family is placed in front of Lotte who looks very nervous.

An emissary from the court came to the Different World Pharmacy.

It was said that the box is a gift to Lotte from a certain high-class individual.


「It’s probably from Her Majesty」

There was a handwritten signature by Elizabeth II in a fine sealed envelope.

「From Her Majesty?! What do you mean from Her Majesty?」

「It says that it’s for Lotte from the Empress」

Lotte who was about to collapse timidly removed the crimson ribbon and wrapping, showing a two-stage drawer. She nervously pulled the top drawer and took out what’s inside.

「T-This?! This is?! T-That rumored?!?!?!」

Lotte was flabbergasted as if she had discovered a new continent.

「I wonder what this is, Falma-sama?」

「You didn’t know?」

She looked at Falma with a solemn expression.

「There’s no way I’d know about it right〜……I’m just, a maid you know〜」

Lotte herself did not have the opportunity to taste high-class delicacies. She would even twitch her nose many times together with a gaze of envy each time she would serve the House of de Médicis’s Blanche and Falma their sweets. Although she would now receive some of the from Falma’s share, and she is now able to buy them using her own income after becoming an employee of the pharmacy, it is only on the level that commoners can reach.


「Arara, Lotte-chan, this is called Praline Chocola〜, it tastes delicious you know〜. Ah, I’m not aiming for it, so Lotte-chan should eat them caringly」

Ellen took a peek at what’s inside the jewelry box from Lotte’s shoulder. Ellen was not bad enough to hoist one from her.

「Praline! It’s a word I don’t know, Eleanore-sama!」

In short, Praline Chocola is a bite-size chocolate. It is similar to high-class chocolates that are often exchanged during the Valentine’s Day.

「I’ll open the bottom too」

Lotte pulled the second drawer. What appeared was colorful confectionery arranged in a circle.

「Oh my, it’s Macaron. It’s sweet and soft, so it tastes so good〜」

Ellen stimulated Lotte’s appetite.

「Ehehe〜, Praline and Macaron!!」

Lotte’s smile was reaching her ears. Falma looks back, knowing that he was not wrong about treats being the best reward for Lotte.

「Ahh! Can these be eaten? It’s so wasteful to eat them! They look like jewels!」

Lotte closed the drawers that were filled with treasures. “Haa〜……”, she enjoyed the remaining scent.

「You should eat the confectionaries early, Macarons spoils quickly」

Falma said with a wry smile.

「It’s impossible to eat such cute things〜!!」

She hugged the treasure box and shook her head.


「Or rather, Lotte-chan. Shouldn’t you read the letter from Her Majesty first?」

Lotte followed her advice and read them, then dropped the letter after finishing reading it.

「I-I-I’mmmmm! C-C-C-C-Court Painter?!!!!!」

Lotte’s voice cracked and almost fainted. For a maid servant such as her, the Empress of the world’s greatest country, the San Fleuve Empire, is an existence above the clouds. The honor of being requested by the Empress to suddenly become a Court Painter could only be described as a miraculous event.

「I-I think that Lotte is an art genius!」

Falma who’s praised by Lotte in his daily life, praised Lotte back as a return.

「Kyaa〜! Oh no〜! Really〜〜?! Am I a genius?!」

Although it seemed like an acting, Lotte believed him.

「Are you going to accept it then? Lotte-chan」

「Oh no〜, I’m so scared, a court painter……it’s impossible for me〜」

「I think that it’s more frightening refusing Her Majesty’s invitation though. Also, if you want to refuse, then it’s better not eating the confectionaries」


Lotte let out a weird voice, alternating her gaze between the treats and the letter.


「If, you want to focus on being a court painter, you don’t need to help in the pharmacy any more」

Falma said thoughtfully for Lotte who would probably become very busy. Although Falma believes that it is a great honor for Lotte to be selected as a court painter, it is not like he is completely delighted about it. Although it is an honor, it also contains many constraints just like Falma. Also, there is no doubt that her workload would increase drastically. For a job such as an artist, the “end” does not exist. It consumes time infinitely.

Falma forgot about himself, thinking that one shouldn’t overwork.

「I feel fulfilled when helping in the pharmacy. And I’m very honored with Her Majesty’s request. If, if it’s not a nuisance, I would like to help with both」

Lotte answered with an innocent smile.

「I would try to make you exempted from the work in the mansion at least. There’s no way that you can do them both」

「No, no, my work in the mansion is my duty」

She does not have the consciousness of thinking that it’s called labor.

「I’ll make you exempted. Got it?」

「Auu〜, please no〜. My fulfilment〜〜」

(This, Lotte might be the same kind of person like me)

“I must watch her work load carefully”, Falma increased his vigilance.









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