Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 3 Part 2

Episode 3 – Thermae and Incomplete Flame God’s Insignia (Part 2)



After that, in the San Flueve Palace.

The Empress, Elizabeth the Second was inspecting the inventions that were respectfully presented.

In front of Falma who brought a mimeograph with the Lotte-designed superbly beautiful, multi-colored illustration card that became more and more polished, to present to the Empress.


「Please forgive me for the late offering」

Falma apologized while sweating beads. He would always forget to present them to the Empress when he was busy, so he’s even thinking of hiring someone who would specialize on presenting his inventions. However, the Empress would probably not be convinced if Falma did not personally explain them. That is what an Empress is.

The Empress looked at the illustration cards one next to the other, and kept silent for a while. 「Bring them to me first hand」was what Falma was told to do so, so he was worried that he would be punished severely because he was late to present them.

「Fumu, what an excellent workmanship and invention. Or rather, who is this artist named Charlotte. I have never heard of her. Has she yet to come out of the painting circles」

Not only the mimeograph, but the Empress took interest on Lotte, the illustrator, as well. It must be Lotte’s original style, the beautiful five-set illustrations were drawn in an Art Nouveau and Art Deco style, and the Empress really liked them. Falma also thinks that they were excellently made.

He asked Lotte to do her best in making the illustrations as not to impair the Empress’s mood. Lotte had made them while humming and happily, but her talents have started to show. When Falma praised her「Lotte was an art genius huh!」, she got curious saying「I, am I a genius!」. It was an innocent Lotte.


And so,

「They were made by a personnel of our Pharmacy in nothing but a side hobby. She is not an artist」

「Umu, they look more interesting the more I looked at them. Good, I like them. Is that one a commoner」


「I do not mind even if it’s a commoner, bring her to me soon. Understood?」

According to the Empress, she wants Lotte to become a court painter, and design the stained glass and other glass crafts in the palace. Emperors obtain what they want, no matter if it’s an object or a person.

(Uwaa, Lotte’s going to have it difficult!)

The Empress’s artistic sense of beauty and fashionable sense was excellent, being about to find value in design painting, during the time when realistic oil painting is at its height. Falma could feel the presence that from now on, Art Nouveau that the Empress appreciated would be prevalent in San Flueve’s imperial capital.

(It’s the greatest event in Lotte’s life, or rather, it’s an important event in the history of art……)

Lotte has studied manners since she was young in the Archduke’s mansion, so Falma believes that she would not make a blunder even in front of the Empress, but she might pass out when Falma tells her that she would be the Empress’s personal artist.

「I shall order to make a stained glass with this image. I wonder what reward would that one ask for」

It looks like the Empress is going to make a glass artist to make a stained glass out of the illustration that she liked for starters. It is the quick-tempered Empress, so she would probably order to make them tomorrow.  

(Lotte’s reward, huh……Lotte is very easy to tell right)


「I think that sweet treats would be good」


Even if Falma doesn’t ask her in person, it should be for sure. If Lotte eats the high-class treats that the Empress and the Prince eats, chocolates, she would already be in heaven. And, she would be completely addicted to them.

「Umu, well then, I shall order the head chef to make high-class treats. And also, good news」

It looks like the Empress remembered something after speaking about rewards.

「Saying that?」

「One of the thermaes that you wished as a reward has been completed」

Although she had said Falma wished for them, Falma did not directly ask for them. He only said that he wants to go to the hot springs, but Noah reported that. Noah became a semi-knight, and not longer a small page, but even so, he is still running errands as the Empress’s aide. He probably knows that that is the shortcut for promotion. And even now, he is nonchalantly attending this offering ceremony.

「T-This quickly……as expected of Her Majesty」

The Empress ordered the construction of five thermaes in the imperial capital but it looks like one of them was already completed. Not even a month has yet to pass. It was told that it was built through the night without sparing the lights.

(This is probably, what an emperor is huh)


「Indeed, indeed」

“Ahhahahaha”, the Empress laughed heartily.

「It is natural to hurry the reward for the Empire’s meritorious person」

The muscle-head Empress said such manly words.

「I wanted you to be the first one to see the bath after all!」

The Empress looked down towards Falma pompously.

(Ah! Your Majesty, that, it’s as if you’re spiting me for being late to present……!)


「That is the case. We shall visit the bath now」

The courtiers also followed the Empress who had stood up from her throne. It was said that the bath was reserved for her for the whole day today.

「R-Right now?!」

It was said that the bath was prepared quickly to make Falma surprised since he would come to the palace for the offering ceremony. The bath itself has yet to be opened for service, but of course, the Empress would be the first one to enter it. The nobles and commoners would be after that. By the way, just like Lotte had requested, both the commoners and nobles are able to enter it although the bath itself is separated.

With a reason such as it was a long time since the Empress left the palace, a grand parade will be held leading to the thermae. It would be done with a grandiose carriage pulled by ten white horses and protected by the cavalry. The front gate of the palace opened and the Empress emerges before the people.

And Falma, just like the Empress, he is riding in the same specialized imperial carriage pulled by white horses. The Empress’s carriage drew the passionate gaze of the people. The weather is good as well so the roof of the carriage was taken off and one could see what’s inside. It looks like there was some commotion, seeing that the person beside Her Majesty is the different world pharmacy’s young owner.

「Your Majesty! Your Majesty!」

The passionate “Your Majesty” call was deafening.

(Ahh, why did this happen……)

Falma had a flushed face and shrunk at the Empress’s side, but the Empress did not keep it in mind.

「Now there, the commoners are looking. Get a hold of yourself」



While receiving the gaze and applause of the crowd, the carriage finally arrived at the Thermes de Cité Impériale (Thermae of the Imperial Capital).

「Wow, amazing! How splendid!」

Falma attempted to show a huge reaction as much as he could. After all, the Empress brought Falma to the thermae to see his reaction.

「Umu, indeed」

The newly made public bath was created by refurbishing the mansion of a noble, so it has a considerable site area. Its exterior looks just like a palace. And it was said that that structure is a huge entertainment facility, directly ordered by the Empress. The thermae’s staff personnel were waiting for the Empress’s arrival outside. With just that, reflects the strength of the Empress’s authority.

Falma got off the carriage with the Empress, and after passing through the elegant entrance hall where expensive glass was used unsparingly, the entrance of the changing room could be seen. There are two entrances.

「Uhm, by the way, I would like to ask……the bath, is it separated for males and females?」

「Umu, it is separated. It will be a matter of grave significance if the public morals become disordered」

(Thank goodness……that’s why, there are four separate baths for nobles and commoners of the different gender)

When Falma was about to go towards the men’s bath with a gentleman’s engraving, the Empress stopped him.

「You shall enter the private bath for the royal family together with me. Let us enter the female bath」

「W-Why, Your Majesty?!」

Falma asked with a cracking voice.

「I went out on the way to make it built, wouldn’t it be a waste to enter separately?」

「E-Entering the same bath with Her Majesty……I dare not……」

Right now, there are only two guests in this thermae.

The Empress and Falma. It would seem that the Empress just really wishes to see Falma’s reaction of surprise and admiration.

「Hahaha, you are still 11, no need to talk about men and women yet. How could you speak so precociously」

After grabbing Falma’s arm strongly, the Empress forcefully dragged him towards the entrance of the women’s bath.

A wide space was used for the changing room, and could accommodate hundreds of people. There are also resting areas and massage rooms.

「Over here, let’s go」

After the Empress undressed without hesitation, she walked towards the bath with huge strides. Seeing the plump, well-shaped buttocks in front of him, Falma looked away.

(What the heck is this, is this Her Majesty’s unconscious service)

Several maids wearing clothes followed her. Falma would only be troubled if he was left alone in the changing room, so he went towards the bath in a hurry while hiding his front with a towel.

The large bath was wonderful. Within the spacious dome, there is water flowing directly into the bath, and as spacious as a 25-meter pool, and there are also several circular and rectangular baths. Each of them has differences in temperature, differences in designs, some have fountains, and some has bathing agents. The interior look extravagant as well, with statues made out of marble in the middle of the large bath, and ornamental plants and other decorations were arranged very well. The tall, white pillars would make one reminisce of Rome. The Empress went towards the glass-enclosed private bathhouse that is in the middle of the courtyard.

Entering the bath, crimson petals of rose were floating unsparingly above the water. The smell of rose permeated.

「Wow〜……as expected」

Seeing Falma losing his words to the magnificent view, the Empress placed her hands on her waist in satisfaction, and turned around. She is completely unguarded.

(Ahh! Your Majesty! If you turned around so suddenly, I-I’d be able to see them!)

When Falma was about to cover his face, the two maids beside the Empress covered her front with a silk cloth.

(Thank you, dear maids! Good job)

It was a close shot. The 25-year-old Empress’s skin looks very youthful, her waist shows a beautiful curve, and her chest was abundant as well (although only its silhouette could be seen through the silk), making her a possessor of a perfect style. The Empress does not have a place she is embarrassed with, so she does not hide them sneakily like the common people.

And so, the maids are the ones who hide the Empress’s sacred body so that it would not be seen by anyone’s eyes.






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