Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 – Thermae and Incomplete Flame God’s Insignia (Part 1)



「That thing called mimeograph that you had invented, have you presented it to Her Majesty?」

During a certain morning. Falma was pointed out by Bruno at home and remembered a terrible mistake.

(Even failure histories, repeats itself……huh)

Falma was completely unable to come up with that idea.


「I have forgotten. I will quickly present it to Her Majesty」

「It’s alright to invent things, but you must not push yourself having too much work」

Bruno worried about Falma while wearing his coat.

(No, Father also gives me jobs though. For example, becoming a university professor)

“I don’t really want to hear that from you”, Falma really felt like rebutting. And there,

「Father, I want to inquire about something」

“This is a good opportunity too”, Falma thought and asked. He is unable to ask about it during meal times.

「Why did you pushed me to become a university professor?」

「Ahh……about that, it was not like I supported you, the other professors could not hold themselves with you working at a pharmacy. Just as you have thought, I also think that it is too early」

Bruno looked away and spoke with turbid words.

Normally, making a child a professor was preposterous and ridiculous.

“I hope they had made me one after my coming of age”, Falma thought.


「However, I am very concerned about how long you would keep that state」

Bruno’s answer was as such.

(That’s what he means, huh……the Head Priest also said it)

Even Falma does not know how long he would be in this world, having the memories of his past life. Just like the Head Priest have said,「it is only but a moment that the gods and their incarnations appear in this world」and together with the precedents that are investigated, not only Bruno, but the other professors are worried as well.

Falma was unable to reply. It was because he was not confident to give an answer.

Maybe, his ego might even disappear in the next day.


「If, time is finite, I wish that you would concentrate on a huge job」

It takes time to examine patients one by one.

Bruno’s rational way of thinking is really showing itself, because he thought it would be better if Falma devoted that time to research, invent numerous new medicines into the world, complete the pharmaceutical school’s system, and leave as many excellent successors.

That was not impersonal or whatever, it was a very scholar-like idea. It would seem to be impersonal as the father or Falma, but he must still do so for the sake of public good.


「Right now, rather than saving thousands of people living as far as your eyes could reach, I wish that you would leave a feat that would remain even if the age exceeds itself. That would result in saving more people, rather than saving the people in front of you. At least, that’s what I think」

「……exceed the age, and remain……?」

What Bruno has said was reasonable.

(I understand that, Father, I understand it very well. That thought……is also something that put me in a dilemma in my previous life)

Falma’s father is saying that he wants Falma to live just like how he did in his previous life.

It was not an exaggeration that Falma, in his previous life, had invented numerous new medicines to save thousands and millions of lives in the future, more than the patients that he would meet in his whole life. As a result, he slept and woke up in a laboratory, looked face to face with data, and was unable to look at patients. And Falma does not think that that is a wrong way to live.

It was just, he was wrong for dying from overwork. Falma felt very frustrated thinking that he would have been able to work for the sake of more people if he had only taken care of his body a little more.


(But……this time, I don’t want to end with just that)

That was something he had decided since he came to this world.

「I, want to save patients with my own hands」

(This time, I want to live together with patients, firmly looking after them even if it’s through life or death)


Hearing that, Bruno stared at Falma’s eyes and slowly nodded.

「It’s your life. You can do what you want with it. I am really sorry for placing huge burdens on you, although you are still small」

Falma’s Father bowed his head. And, continued with a “but”.


「If you have medicines that you want to test the result, I want you to use this body of mine」

Falma’s father did not only pushed responsibilities and work onto Falma.

“I shall gladly take your medicine.” Falma looked at the back of his father who said that, seeing him not turning around and get into the carriage with Simon.

He would also, visit patients everyday, while being the president of the university.


Falma was left in the entrance, thinking about his memories of his previous life and Bruno’s thoughts, with many emotions coming up to his chest.

And suddenly, a small, hurried footsteps could be heard from behind.

「Elder brother!」

Falma’s little sister Blanche called out to him from behind. When he turned around, she was making the funnies face she could make unlike what Falma expected.

「Pu! Ahhahaha」

Falma did not expect that she would be making such a face and laughed naturally. If their mother saw her, she would definitely scold her「Oh, how ill-mannered! Stop that!」. Seeing Falma laughing loudly, she happily laughed with him.

「Thinking about difficult things with Father, it’s not good. Your head would split into two. If it splits into two, it’s not good, you know」

「Well, that’s true」

Falma felt refreshed and carried Blanche into an embrace. Blanche reached out her hand and forcefully pinched the corner of Falma’s lips with her thumb and pointing finger.


「Like that, Elder brother. Smile?」

「Un, thank you, Blanche」

Blanche rubbed her cheeks to Falma’s and hugged him back tightly while being embraced.





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