Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 1 – Request from the San Flueve Empire Medicine Academy (Part 2)



During the pharmacy’s afternoon business, Bruno’s pharmacist disciple came to the pharmacy with a horse.

「Falma-sama. Can you please come to the Medicine Academy in the evening today? The president is calling you」

「Father is? Is it too late to hear about it after we went home?」

Although Falma’s father always returns home late, during the morning, he would always tell Falma his schedule. But since it is today’s today, Falma must have been called for a sudden matter that was decided today.

「Eleonora-sama as well」

「Me too? No way」

Eleanora who was listening to their conversation as if she had nothing to do with it suddenly became serious and nervous. The call from her immediate master seems to be scary for a first-class pharmacist as well.

「I was already planning on taking a look at the progress of Professor Caspar’s fungus research, so I am going to the academy either way」

Falma opened his schedule book and checked his schedule. Falma’s schedule is completely full. The business in the pharmacy, the cooperation to Professor Caspar’s experiment, confirmation of the construction process of the pharmaceutical factory in Marseille, etc. Falma’s schedule book is completely full. There are also business trips to the Nedale Kingdom. After that, there are also writing medicinal textbooks.

「Thank goodness」

The disciple seemed to be relieved.

「Was a new kind of disease was found or something?」

Falma asked what he needs to know to prepare his medicine.

「There is no need to bring anything」

「Is that so?」

“Then, what is it about?”, Falma and Ellen could only tilt their heads.




In the evening, Falma and Ellen closed the pharmacy early and went to the San Flueve Empire Medicine Academy riding a horse.

In there,  

There are currently only 4 Royal Court Apothecaries that the Empire recognizes (pharmacists that can give royalties and nobles including the Emperor medical examinations) including Falma. There are only 21 First Class and Second Class Apothecaries who can give royalties and nobles medical examinations. There are only so few of them. The Empire’s passing standard to become a high-class apothecary is very strict, and the pharmacist school graduates would either apply for the high-class apothecary exam while practicing without a license, or become a high-class apothecary with the lenient standard of other countries.

Ellen, President Bruno’s number one disciple, who have both talents in pharmacy and divine arts and passed the first-class apothecary examination with just the age of 15 for being too excellent, currently does not have direct relations with the academy. She is the type who would rather look at patients rather staying in a laboratory, so she does not specialize on experiments, but specializes in giving nobles medical examinations before. Although right now, she received an order from Bruno, spending all of her time on the Different World Pharmacy.


There are medicinal herb gardens, research building, lecture building, divine arts experiments building, cafeteria, student dormitory, etc that are built inside the Academy’s premises. Falma and Ellen got off their horse, and passed through the beautifully arranged courtyard that has a large fountain that was making a cooling sound. The pharmacy students that know about Ellen followed behind her as if they were chasing after their idols. There were also students who left after receiving a handshake.

「Ellen’s, popular huh」

Apparently, Ellen seems to have a fan club when she was still studying.

「It’s already 2 years since I’ve graduated though〜. I wonder how they knew about it? But even so, alma mater, how nostalgic〜」

It looks like Ellen feels nostalgic about her alma mater that had not visited for a long time.

「We have been waiting. Master de Médicis, Miss Bonnefoi」

The disciple guided the two of them to the large conference room of the research building. Falma had some doubts about why thy were brought there, not the President’s Office.

The large conferences room is a huge room that has a high ceiling and has a chandelier hanging. Many ladies and gentlemen were present. Each of them is huge figures of the aristocracy.

「It looks like the faculty meeting will begin from now」

Ellen checked inside through the gaps of the door. They were all professors that she knows of.

「Should we come again after the meeting ends? We will be on the way too」

Falma asked the disciple. If the meeting is about to start, it would feel bad to call out Bruno for private matters. Since Bruno is the president, he also in charge of the faculty meeting. Professor Caspar is within them as well, I should wander around the campus for a while. It was when he thought of that.

「No, please enter inside. Everyone is waiting for Falma-sama and Eleanore-sama」

「Ehh? Is it alright?」

「Hey, I haven’t heard about this?!」

「Please do not hold back. Master de Médicis and Miss Bonnefoi have arrived!」

After the disciple had declared with a loud voice, the conference room’s door was quickly opened. Gazes from the conference room gathered at once.

「Come in」

「Eh, yes」

Falma and Ellen helplessly appeared in front of the faculty.

「You finally came」

Bruno’s voice sounded. The ones seated in the long arching conference table are the first-class professors and lecturers of the Imperial Medicine Academy. And the President, Bruno, is seated in the innermost seat.

「Please excuse us during your meeting」

Falma and Ellen greeted in front of the faculty.


Bruno seemed reluctant to speak.


The unique-looking Vice President who has a wealthy belly and exploded white hair stood up.

「We understand that this is very difficult to say as a father to his son, so I shall」

Falma prepared himself, thinking of what the Vice President who does not seem to have anything to with it all would tell him.


「We should get straight to the point. The two of you who have arrived. It has been decided that our academy shall establish a comprehensive medicine department next year. We would like to ask Master Falma to teach there as the chief professor」


Falma almost ceased of thinking because all of his expectations were off the mark.

「Frankly speaking, we are asking, would you like to become a professor of the Empire’s Medicine Academy」

Another professor declared.

「And we would like to ask Miss Bonnefoi to support Master who have many things to do. We will have you named as a lecturer as well」

Ellen also opened her mouth petrified.

Many gazes full of expectations were showered down towards the two of them, and Falma thought deeply of what to do.


「I have not attended the academy, and a child who has yet to have his coming of age. I believe that I cannot meet up with your expectations」

Falma thought that it was not an effective excuse. However, he is not thinking of affiliating himself to the academy and become a teacher right away.

「We know very well that you are still young. However, it can be said naturally in consideration of your glorious achievement. Within just this one year, you have invented the thing called the microscope, developed a special medicine for the white plague, not only that, you have stopped the black plague epidemic by inventing a new medicine. Those achievements that cured incurable illnesses one next to the other must be greatly admired」

It is not known that the Empress was suffering from the white plague, but it seemed that it was rumored that it is Falma who made that cure.

When the Vice President started to applaud by himself while saing「Marvelous!」, the other faculty members followed him. It was a round of applause. Bruno coughed and seemed to look at them that was slightly distasteful eyes.

「This not a feat that an ordinary man can achieve. You are a prodigy」

「To think that medicine would be made out of my research that could only be described as a hobby, no one would believe it」

Professor Caspar also declared excitedly. It is true, Falma had directly guided Professor Caspar’s research.

「No, uhm……」

Praises that could only be prefixed by huge. Falma who is not used to being seriously praised other than simple flatteries slowly began to shrink. Up until now, Falma has misled the truth by treating the new medicines that he introduced as his Father’s work, but his Father might have finally revealed it to the professors.

(This……it would become difficult to move with this

Falma felt very frustrated. And instead, it could be said that Falma’s Father who have completely supported Falma by making him free to take actions, has finally used his social standing of having a noble title and the academy’s president, to enclose Falma.

「Everyone belonging to the faculty here can proudly say that we have the best brains in the country, however, although this is pathetic to say, we cannot beat your knowledge and new medicinal technologies」

The Vice President told a pathetic comment. However, there was no one who was dissatisfied to those words.

They all agreed, speaking out that it was exactly true.


「Although we know that this is selfish, but we want to learn your knowledge as the Academy. Things like you being an 11-year-old, or have yet to come of age; we do not intend to argue about those non-academic problems」

Falma’s Father probably told earlier in the meeting that Falma is possessed by a Medicine God or something. Or maybe, the rumors or other things had spread to much, that it cannot be concealed that Falma is inhuman anymore.

And everyone right now, they have confirmed with their eyes that Falma does not have a shadow. He cannot make up excuses.

Falma has nowhere left to escape. However, the reason why they do not ask Falma「Are you the Medicine God?」nor do not point out「You don’t have a shadow」 is probably Falma’s Father’s intention.

(What are you planning? Father)

Falma stared at his father, trying to understand his intentions, but he was unable to read his father’s expression.

Falma is also a man who has become a sub-professor in a university in his past life. He is not unwilling to affiliate with the academy and live a life of experimenting. He rather wishes to do it for the sake of educating his juniors. However, even though this world’s medicinal world is backward, it is too obtrusive to have an 11-year-old child appearing in the limelight.

The danger that would befall to him and the pharmacy’s employees is too great.

That is why, the things that he can only do as a boy right now, is to write medicinal textbooks while hiding the author’s name secretly. He had thought that it would be alright to be used as standard education in medical universities, since it can be read by anyone, and would last for a hundred or even several hundreds of years.


And Falma himself thinks that he would wish to become a type of person who would face his patients, rather than face with medicines in laboratories in this life. He also wants to refrain from being treated as a Medicine God or be worshiped.

However, his father must have his own thoughts.

If there is an unknown knowledge just in front, and if it can be reached by reaching out a hand.

He probably thought that all of it must be brought to light no matter means are used. That is what being a researcher is.


「We do not wish to force you. What do you think?」

Falma’s Father faced him and asked with a calm tone.

It was not like Falma absolutely hates to become one. He is just thinking very carefully whether to accept it right now.


「Hmm. Well then, I should ask Miss Bonnefoi. What will you do?」

「Me? If it is Master’s order, I will humbly accept」

Bruno had sent eye contact towards Ellen and checked her beforehand. The only answer that Ellen could say was “yes”. Bruno had released a pressure of “you won’t get off well depending on your answer.”. It is Ellen who becomes timid in front of Bruno who is her Master.


「You heard her. Falma, what would you do?」

「Well then, if it is a lecturer, then」

Being a professor is too much of too much. It is too conspicuous. Being a sub-lecturer is just good.

「Too bad, but the slots for lecturers, had closed right now. The only post open is a professor」

“It’s a newly established department you know? There’s no way that could be true.” Falma thought to himself.



「I’m the store owner of the Different World Pharmacy so that would hinder the pharmacy business……」

「We do not mind as long as you will give lectures to the students. You are free to discuss anytime. We don’t mind even if it is just several hours a day」

The Vice President immediately compromised. Falma made excuses about this and that, but he was immediately told「we do not mind, please do as you please」. If so,

(Well, if I directly raised a student, they would become specialists later on, so maybe that would be better as a result……)

“That also has a point” Falma decided.

At the worst scenario, it might be even possible to leave the medical examinations of the Different World Pharmacy to them.


「If so, I will accept. But, I would feel awkward as a full-time professor. Please make it a fixed term employment」

Falma said in desperation.

「Well then, please take care of us, Professor Falma de Médicis. Teacher Eleanore Bonnefoi」


And just like that, the discussion ended very quickly.


And because of that, San Flueve Empire’s Medicinal Academy has invited a special professor at 11-years-old and one lecturer by an unprecedented personal management.





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