Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 3 Episode 1 Part 1

Episode 1 – Request from the San Flueve Empire Medicine Academy



Two weeks after the Empress declared the end of the black plague.

Although confusion and the aftermath of the plague still remain in the imperial capital, the San Flueve Market was also held with an extended schedule of the original plan, and the scene of their daily lives is returning.

By the way, the wind hole that Falma opened during the fight against Kamyu on the fourth floor of the Different World Pharmacy was closed up in a week by many craftsmen. The crater that Falma made in front of the pharmacy was also fixed by earth divine arts users sent by the Empress using her authority. The civilian houses and stores that were collapsed by the wind divine arts of Nedale Kingdom’s Holy Knights were being reconstructed at a rapid pace using the Empire’s funds to hire many craftsmen and purchase materials.


And in a certain day’s afternoon in a good weather.

Falma is walking at the Market together with Lotte and Ellen. The marketplace is full of liveliness, and there are huge battles to pull in customers being held. The three have already finished their lunch, buying spicy roasted chicken and rare kind of roasted sweet potatoes. Ellen stopped in front of a medicinal plant store’s tent.

「Ah, take a look. There it is〜! It’s also here this year, Navar’s herbs, it’s difficult to get it you know〜」

Ellen saw a rare herb and immediately bought it. For pharmacists, this Market where valuable herbs, potions, and spices from all over the world gathers once a year is a chance to buy things easily without the need to go so far to get raw materials.

And, there is a pink-haired beautiful girl who stopped in front of the cakeshop’s stall and would not leave. She is talking to the store owner as if she was having an enormous deal.

「I will ask once again. What flavor was this cake again?」

She is choosing very carefully between the good-looking baked goods before her.

「There is orange and nuts」

「I’m also curious about that raisin cake. Well then, I’ll buy two for each one!」

Lotte is carefully buying treats using the salary she got from working at the Different World Pharmacy. And that, she would bring it to her mother and her fellow servants in the House of de Médicis, so she is buying a lot of those ever since the San Flueve Market started. Falma thought that she was like a middleman.

「Well then, I’ll go and take a look around there」

Falma was also shopping while the girls enjoyed shopping.



「I have a gift」

To give thanks to the people who did their best during the black plague turmoil this time, Falma has bought each of them presents. Hearing his words, Lotte straightened her back and widened her eyes. Falma gave the girls one bag each.

「The two of you, thank you for always supporting me. This, it’s full of my gratitude」

A person cannot tell their feelings of gratefulness if they do not put it into words. That’s why, Falma always reminds himself to always say the words “thank you”. Although surprised by the sudden event, the two opened the pretty bag.

Ellen was given a perfume popular between nobles and royalties. Lotte was given a cute apron with detailed embroidery. By the way, Cedrick who stayed in the store was given an expensive staff with a chic design.

「Thank you, Falma-kun. This perfume, it’s the one I’m interested with. How did you know I liked it?」

「It seemed like it’s popular, so I thought Ellen might like it」

Ellen enjoyed the smell with a mesmerized expression after she applied on her wrist. Ellen is weak to clear sweet smell. Falma has finished researching that.

「Oh really, Falma-kun has thoughtfulness unimaginable from a child sometimes」

(Well, I’m not a kid after all)

「To think that you can casually give presents to women, I wonder how it will be in the future. Don’t get into any scandals okay」

But although Ellen said that, her expression is drunk with joy.

Falma does not think he could do that “casually”, but for him who has traveled all over the world for academic meetings, conferences, research and etc in his previous life, he did not forget to give gifts for souvenirs to his laboratory staff. It is well said that “presents are better if the likes from everyday life are researched”, and he is a person who does not neglect to have efforts for such human relationships. He had a good reputation with them saying “Yakutani-sensei has a great sense when it comes to presents”.

「Aprons with such beautiful flower embroidery, commoners don’t wear them you know!」

Lotte was very happy and could not help but take a peek at the apron in the bag and let out a sigh. It looks like it is rare for masters to buy things with embroidery for their servants.

「Does Falma-kun want anything? Let us return the favor to too?」

Ellen started worrying about what’s good in return.

「I want to give back something too〜!」

Lotte also raised her hand after she took a peek at her wallet and showed her tongue. It looks like she used too much from buying treats.


「I’m fine. I already bought what I want. Spices, and also good quality paper」

Falma said that and peeked inside the bag that is full of his trophy.

「Ara, it’s true. You bought a lot」

Falma found a good quality paper in the marketplace, so he immediately bought a lot of it. He purchased the paper to use it as a note for his experiments or to write books. He searched for a high-quality paper that can last for hundreds of years.

「Even so, Falma-kun and spices? Are you planning on using it to make a new medicine? You’re always medicine, medicine, medicine! You’re really Falma like your name, you’re really diligent huh〜」

Ellen was impressed as such, so Falma looked down with some kind of guilt.

(No, it is not for medicine, it is for curry)

Although, he was not able to say that. He was able to obtain spices like cumin, turmeric from the from the Market’s spice stall, so he was planning to secretly curry inside his laboratory in the fourth floor. It looks like although they have the spices, curry does not exist in this world. It is a very sad Japanese characteristic that they would think of curry when it comes to spices.

(There might be a commotion due to its smell. Rice doesn’t exist in this world, so I should bake some naan using flour……)

Falma must think of the timing of when he would make it, but it is a secret plan that he is looking forward to. By the way, in his past life, although his main meals are nutritional supplementary food, because there are some things in common when it comes to experiment and cooking, his cooking skills are in a uselessly high-level although he did not practice a lot.


(It’s going to smell, so it’s probably impossible to make it a secret. I should hold a “curry party” and make everyone taste it)

Falma thought of hosting a curry party.


After lunch time had ended, the three returned to the pharmacy, and gave his present to Cedrick who stayed with the reason「I do not have anything that I want to buy in the Market」. It is an excellent staff with two amber crystals.

「Cedrick-san, thanks always. This, it’s just a bit of my feelings」

「Hou……this is! Is it alright? I know just by seeing it, it is a very expensive, high-performance staff. Its wood is completely made out of Dowall Tree, and the crystal is Fulgan Yellow, its design is elegant as well. It should raise the power of the holder by 150%」

The words that a divine staff store’s storeowner would tell came out from Cedrick’s mouth as fast as a machine gun. He showed an aspect of being a staff-maniac just like Ellen. Falma did not know about it that much, so he just placed an order to the store owner saying「the one which is most durable and highest performance」.

「I-It is good that you like it」

Cedrick’s staff is not only for divine arts, but it also an auxiliary for walking. His staff is old and has a somewhat lacking handle, so he was very happy.

「Yes, I liked it very much. I must persevere practicing my divine arts with this」

Cedrick who have completely supported the maintenance of soil and fertilization of the House of de Médicis’s herb garden seems to be not good in attack-type divine arts. But even so, he said that he will train from now on since he received a staff with a smile.




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