Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 17 Part 2

Episode 17 – The End of the Black Plague and Each of Their After Days (Part 2)




At that day, Falma created an additional sparfloxacin for seven thousand people.

Whether it is because he used his powers too much or it is because his fatigue reached its peak, and for one hour after Falma activated his substance creation, he lost consciousness and would not wake up all.

But when Ellen was worried about him like “He might not wake up anymore……”, Falma suddenly woke up, and instructed the pharmacists of the dispensing pharmacy guild and the merchants selling by weight who probably have free time to measure the amount and divide it.

「He〜, we are not medicine peddlers, but is it okay」

「Please, it would be of great help」

To help the child store owner, even the paper craftsmen who fold medicine envelopes gathered to volunteer.

「We need to finish distributing it today」

「Here’s the counting of the medicine that was made!」

「The imperial capital’s fate, it is all up to this medicine」

「Bastards, don’t pilfer the medicine! I’ll kill y’all thieves」

From the pharmacists of the dispensing pharmacy guild, MEDIQUE and 8020’s pharmacists, the free distribution of the new medicine to the residents have started. The Different World Pharmacy and the affiliated pharmacy employees and pharmacists created a strategy headquarters for the eradication of the black plague, playing a central role in the Empire.

The imperial capital is divided into Clean District, Infected District, and Severely Infected District and the Severely Infected District had entry restrictions.

Most of the people who had taken the medicine did not get infected but even if they did, it ended mildly.

Even most of the infected merchants of the Nedale Kingdom were saved due to the eager treatment.


Of course, the pharmacists of the pharmacy guild were also given free medicine. And it is the work of the dispensing pharmacy guild to bring those to them.

「I do not want to say this but, I do not want to give them」

Pierre told his true feelings. He had his store destroyed and showered with jeers.

「I understand Pierre-san’s feelings, but if we don’t give everyone, that will be a source of infection」

Falma had so many obstructions from the pharmacy guild, but he thoroughly separated emotions from reasons.

「It’s really like that so, it can’t be helped」

Ellen also agreed while letting out a sigh.


However, it is the same for the pharmacy guild, they did not want to take it. The pharmacists who looked down at Falma or the pharmacists who do not want to take medicine from the child store owner. That was really miserable.

「Drink this. There’s enough for your family」

Pierre came to the store of the pharmacist who has once scoffed at him and gave them the medicine bag. He did it while suppressing the urge to throw it.

「Something like that, I don’t need! I’ll heal it with this store’s medicine!」

However, even if the pharmacist refuses, the new medicine’s effect was already certain.

After all, it worked on the merchants from the Nedale Kingdom who was almost dead.

「Do you really think, there’s medicine in this store that is effective to the black plague?」

Pierre looked around the dirty store and asked him silently.


「Which is it」

Pierre waited patiently but the answer did not come.

「If you understand, drink it. It’s not only your problem. Don’t kill off even your family」

The pharmacist of the pharmacy guild was red up to his ears. Is it from embarrassment, or is it from anger, it could be taken from both.


Pierre placed down the medicine and left the store without waiting for a reply.

The pharmacist took the medicine bag with guilt.


The reconnaissance that the Empress sent to the Nedale Kingdom has returned.

According to their information, the black plague has yet to spread in the Nedale Kingdom.

Because with the extermination of Kamyu, the enemy forces have disappeared, so the superpower, San Flueve Empire that has the greatest military, politics, and economy in the world, informed the nearby countries the temporary occupation of the Nedale Kingdom to rebuild its state administration. The Empress sent 5000 from the Imperial Army to the Nedale Kingdom. The nobles and royalties were killed by Kamyu’s poisoning and officials and military personnel were suffering due to unknown poison. Kamyu has thrown poison into the wells of government-related facilities. And with that, the administrative agency collapsed, the logistics were interrupted, and the function of the country was paralyzed.

With the Empress’s order, the Imperial Army entered and occupied the Nedale Kingdom, creating a temporary government, and started restoring the government from a lawless situation.

The exhausted Nedale Kingdom citizens welcomed the occupation of the protectorate, the Imperial Army. There are also extremists who wished that they would be annexed by the Empire, but the Empire did not wish for that. It is because the Nedale Kingdom is important as a trading partner with many colonies that has many specialties.

After a while, there were rumors that the Empress sent a skilled pharmacist with the Imperial Army.

“What kind of treatment would be done, where is that pharmacist”, the ones who were addicted to drugs had high expectations, but from that day, drug addicts have disappeared from the Nedale Kingdom.

“This is strange”, many of them doubted, but they thought that good luck was brought upon them by the Imperial Army.


Going around the Nedale Kingdom and the Empire, going to many places, Falma had spent a very busy daily life.   

And on a certain day, the pharmacists of the pharmacy guild who have evaded the threat of the black plague gathered in front of the Different World Pharmacy. And even their apprentices, they came with a depressed face.

The gate guard knight called Falma who was inside the store. “What did they come in such a busy time, did they come for some harassment again”, Falma went out of the store while thinking of that.

「What is it?」

「Please let us……help」

With a voice that was almost unheard, they said to Falma.

「Eh? What?」

「Please let us help!」

「I understood. Well then, please take care from now on. We need a hand」

「A-Ahh. We’ll do anything」

They followed Falma’s instructions and started to help decontaminate the town.

The stores affiliated with the pharmacy guild who did not do anything for those infected by the black plague have received criticism and boycott from the citizen of the Imperial Capital, and went bankrupt. The Guild Master Belon and the executives refused use of the medicine that Falma distributed, and tested all kinds of conventional herbs, but only created miserable ends due to the pest sepsis starting from those who were isolated.

However, Falma had given their families medicine before they were isolated.

Their families who have survived gave grief.


Professor Caspar’s experiment of taking out useful antibiotics from actinomycetes, with the addition of Falma’s instructions, it steadily progressed in the hands of many researchers. They found the antibiotic streptomycin and other antibiotic-producing bacteria and are currently separating and culturing them.

Professor Caspar who was once a window-side professor but leading the entire project now,

「When the next black plague comes, I should make the San Flueve Empire’s medicine academy able to distribute medicine」

Said with confidence.


Well then, the San Flueve Market that has been thought to be spoiled.

It is the big event where merchants from the all over the world would gather, and also the time for the imperial capital’s commerce and industry traders.

“It will be a problem of the country’s trust if we do not start it although the merchants have already gathered”, with that opinion of the Empress, after a thorough quarantine was done, it was held although in a small scale, starting from the approved merchandise.

Merchants who spread their tents and raise huge voices in front of their goods. The traffic of the buyers and customers who checked their goods. Voices shouting injustice. The sounds of large amount of coins being traded. Abacus that are being used. Suffocating smell of spices. Fights that had started here and there. People gathering in pubs.

Slowly but surely, the imperial capital started to recover its original vigor.


「Starting today, the Different World Pharmacy will resume business」

The Different World Pharmacy, it resumed business after a whole month.

「We closed too much huh. It’s true that it was not the time for that, but. Everybody, I just hope they haven’t forgotten about this pharmacy」

Ellen who wore her crisp white coat seemed happy.

「Un, I just wish we won’t have to take a temporary closure in the future」

Falma really wished. The pharmacy doing its business means that the imperial capital is at peace.

As to follow the main store’s resume of the business, the stores who are affiliated with the dispensing pharmacy guild also resumed business one next to the other. The stores affiliated with the dispensing pharmacy guild started selling small amounts to foreign pharmacists and brokers.

「Ah, Admiral John」

Wearing a dirty shirt, old man John showed his face casually. He is the first in line.

「Can you stop it with the admiral」

「I have been in your care at that time」

Today too, old man John bought the sailor’s candy and came to drink the created water.

「Everyone, it has been a while!」

「Lotte-chan, I wanted to meet you〜」

「Cedrick you, I have heard that you were stabbed, are you alright」

The regulars also returned.

「Haha, it is all thanks to everyone. These bones although they are old, I am still far from dying!」

Lotte and Cedrick’s wounds already healed and busied themselves in the store front.

The Head Priest also, he came to the pharmacy every day as if it was his work.

The peaceful and busy days have returned.


And after two months, there were no more casualties of the pest appeared in the San Flueve imperial capital.

With that, the Empress declared the end of the black plague, and the San Flueve Empire, it gained the great achievement of exterminating the black plague, the worst plague in the history, the first in this world to exterminate it with minimal casualties with the creation of the black plague’s medicine.

And in the shadows of that glory, there was the activity of a single boy.

The small savior’s identity that flew down from the sky to the main road of the imperial capital that day, and the identity of the shadowless store owner of the Different World Pharmacy holding the Medicine God’s Staff, no one still knows up today.


「Falma, Her Highness is considering rewards for you again, which territory do you want next?」

With the Empress’s instigation, Noah came to the pharmacy. It looks like they already decided to directly ask Falma what he wants.

「I don’t need any more territories, Father and I cannot take care of it」

In the first place, the House of de Médicis has a vast territory. “Having more than this is too much and its management would be sloppy, so I don’t need it”, Bruno said unlike a noble must be.

「Then, money huh」

The Different World Pharmacy has abundant funds. Even without doing anything, its sales would go up, and the contributions would gather to the House of de Médicis from places.

「I don’t need money」

「How boring. Then, let’s forget about work. Where do you want to go if you have a vacation? I’m planning on hawking in the next vacation, you want to go too?」

「I want to go leisurely enter hot springs」

Falma said with emotion.

「I see, you want a public bathhouse, there」


「Idiot〜, idiot〜! You’re still naive, idiot〜!」

He was caught in the induction interrogation. Noah said that again to the Empress, and it was decided that grand public bathhouses would be built in five places in the imperial capital. It probably says, “We’ll be troubled if you go to foreign countries to find hot springs”.

「Well, whatever, thermaes for the cleanliness and healing of the citizen of the imperial capital……it’s good for preventions of infectious diseases too」

「I’m excited about the thermae! It’s embarrassing to be naked in front of everyone though. Ah! Is it alright if commoners enter it. I wonder if there is a thermae for citizens too, it is alright even if it’s just on the corne」

Lotte got excited to the thermae that she had not seen yet and started dreaming of it.

「I’ll ask Her Highness, to make it that both commoners and nobles could enter」


Falma had more things to look forward to.

That is, for a Japanese who love hot springs such as himself, it was a happier reward than territories or money.


In the Esthark Village, the unveiling ceremony of a golden statue of the boy God that they do not know its origin is have started. It is the monument of the end of the black plague.

It was said that Falma has seen that later on and became very embarrassed.








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