Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 17 Part 1

Episode 17 – The End of the Black Plague and Each of Their After Days (Part 1)



After Kamyu had been sent away, a huge crater was opened on the main road of the imperial capital in front of the different world pharmacy.

Townspeople gathered and looked from afar to see what has happened, but they did not know the identity of the child wearing a hooded robe with a glance, and there was no one who called out to him as well.

「Move, move, it is dangerous!」

「Get out within the restricted lines!」

The priests from the imperial capital’s diocese made out a restricted line and chased away the crowd.

「Thank you very much, Medicine God-sama. We would have not been a match for it」

Salomon who came first bowed his head deeply towards Falma. Falma is embracing Lotte who was wounded. Lotte seemed to have been relieved and slept while standing.

「Evil spirits, they existed huh」

(Priests, they regularly fought against this kind of things huh……)

Falma thought whether he took away Kamyu’s ‘life’. “No, Kamyu was probably dead a long time ago, at the least, he was not alive”, Falma convinced himself.

「You did not know」

“Taking care of evil spirits is a daily routine”, Salomon added.

「Recently, thanks to Medicine God-sama’s sanctuary, we have been having so much leisure」(TL: sanctuary as a holy field)

「I did not know. I have never seen one after all」

Falma had an understanding about their, the priest’s jobs.

「Yes, that should be the case. There is no way that minor evil spirits would get close to Medicine God-sama. However, it was a great evil spirit that was not afraid of the sanctuary」

「If possessed by that, the imperial capital might be in ruins」

「The Nedale Kingdom is worrying」

While the priests scattered holy water to purify the insides of the crater, they said their gratitude to Falma. Measures are probably needed even after exorcising evil spirits.

「What a strong strength it was」

「About this hole huh, I went too far. I am sorry」

When Falma bowed his head, the priests waved their hands to appeal that they did not mean it like that. They could only chase away evil spirits from the person it possesses, and the evil spirit that escaped would enter a different human.

It looks like they wanted to say that the divine powers that could completely eliminate it was very strong, that it is not a work of a human.

「Well, well, this evil spirit shall not resurrect anymore」

While looking at the shadow that was pierced to the ground, Salomon was amazed that the Medicine God’s Staff could even do such thing. In there, not even Kamyu’s corpse remained.

「Uhm, can you carry this girl to the second floor of the pharmacy. Also, there is a person who has collapsed on the fourth floor so please carry him as well」

With Falma’s physique, it is difficult to carry Lotte who was completely unconscious and Cedrick who is on the fourth floor.

「Yes! It is an honor, Medicine God-sama」

The priests lined up and answered Falma with their maximum loyalty.

「Please stop it, that way of calling me」

Feeling difficulty on how to treat the situation, Falma wore his hood deeply, minding the surrounding eyes.





Lotte who had her back bare raised a short voice. While smiling, she is hiding her front with the apron she took off. This is the treatment room in pharmacy’s second floor with curtains closed, and the place where priests carried them to.

「I treated it with local anesthesia after all」

Falma made Lotte drink painkiller and treated her by applying local anesthesia. Lotte closed her eyes and did not move. Cedrick is sitting on the bed at their side.

「How is it, Cedrick?」

「I do not feel pain at all」

「Well then, the two of you, lie on your stomach. I’ll wash your wounds. Your wounds got a little dirty after all」

Without resting, Falma treated the two in the treatment room on the second floor of the pharmacy with them lying on their face.

「What happened. We, after getting stabbed from the back, I lost my consciousness……」

Cedrick did not understand why he collapsed.

「The two of you were stabbed with a poisoned knife with lethal poison. I think that you lost your consciousness because of that」

(Two lethal poisons, it was atrocious. Thank goodness that their wounds were not deep)

Falma started to get frightened now.

He desperately detoxified them, but if he was not able to specify the type of poison, it was a poison that they would have died from within minutes. It was the proof that Kamyu had researched poisons.

「Oh, was that so」

Hearing what happened, Cedrick had a pale face, thanking that he survived.

「You saved us……」

Lotte stared at Falma intently with a gaze of gratitude.

「But, I’m sorry, I, I was told to not enter the fourth floor, but there were sounds so I completely thought that Falma-sama have returned, so……I’m sorry for not protecting the instructions!」

Lotte who was reflecting on her careless action dropped her shoulders and seriously reflected.

「I also tried to stop her, but I did not make it in time. Despite of being a divine arts user, I was attacked by surprised and could not even hold my staff……」

“How incompetent”, Cedrick said frustratingly.

「The two of you, I’m sorry for letting you be in such danger」

「That is not something that you must speak. I am very sorry too, Falma-sama」

「I am also responsible for it, so I’ll thoroughly manage the reagents on the fourth floor. The two of you should focus on recovering」

“Thank goodness that I have the ability of erasure”, Falma thought deeply. “If I only had the ability of creation, the two might have already died. Also, it was a problem that there were toxic substances in the laboratory of the Different World Pharmacy inside the town. Next time, other than times when I would have experiments, I should leave the laboratory after erasing the toxic reagents”, Falma engraved in his mind.


Ellen who has returned to the imperial capital from Marseille by making her horse run even through the night hurried to the pharmacy.

When Ellen hurried to the second floor, Lotte and Cedrick were lying on the bed, and Falma is watching their condition.

「Falma-kun, you’re alive! Thank goodness that you’re alright……this, what happened to Lotte-chan and Cedrick?」

「They were stabbed by a knife. I think that their life is in no danger. What about the port of Marseille?」

「Ahh, if it’s about that, it already ended」

Ellen quarantined the ships that had the San Flueve Market as a destination, and completely blocked the plague from the entrance of the sea. Adam who was acting as the agent of the Lord restricted the port of Marseille to only the domestic ships. Furthermore, her disciples were staying in the port so that they could do a quarantine anytime in the case where a ship enters the port out of the schedule.

「Thank you, Ellen. It’s because it’s Ellen, that I thought that I could leave that place to her」

Even if he have so many abilities, Falma cannot do everything by himself. Falma needs an existence who understands him, and a skilled pharmacist that he could trust. Ellen has both, that is why Falma is grateful towards Ellen.

「U〜un. It is nothing much. I mean, what was that crater in front of the shop? Did Falma-kun?」

The priests who crowded in front of the shop was saying that a huge divine powers spring was created when the great evil spirit was eradicated.

「I could only remember hitting him. There’s such a huge hole, it’s dangerous for the passers-by right, I should also pay repair expenses too」

Enraged, Falma could not remember mostly what he did to Kamyu.

「Come to think of it, were there no one injured by the rubbles. I also destroyed other stores with the divine powers, I should reimburse them」

Towards Falma who started to worry about the surrounding residents even though his own life was in danger, Ellen was,

「You, you’re really thoughtful of other people. Although you are not thoughtful to yourself」

She had her hats off. And, she once again respected this boy.


「It still, hasn’t ended」

Falma regained himself so that he would not ease up.

「Let me help too」

Falma and Ellen carefully washed Lotte and Cedrick’s wounds, and the two of them spread white vaseline on their wounds, and plastered a clean piece of film.

「Would it really heal with this? Isn’t there something more, like, shouldn’t we put clean cloth or bandage it?」

“Isn’t there a more treatment-like thing?”, Ellen had an unsatisfied face.


「I’ll say basic treatment to wounds that are not that deep after hemostasis.

Number 1. Do not use disinfectants and do not make the wounds dry. Because it will only kill the cells in the wound.

Number 2. Wash the wounds with clean water, thoroughly remove foreign substances. Because that will reduce the number of bacteria in the wound.

Number 3. Do not put a cloth on the wound and absorb the body fluids. The body fluids contain substances that are healing the wound and immune cells so do not remove it unnecessarily.

Number 4. Keep the wound moist so that the immune cells can act so that there would be no scabs」

Falma folded his fingers one by one, narrowed the points and told it to Ellen.

Ellen was stunned with her glasses shifting.


「It’s not like this way of treatment must be used at all times. You need to look at the condition whether it is infected or not」

「The things that you are saying, I can hear them with absurdity. That was like, an unskilled doctor. They do not do anything to the wounds, and sear them with hot iron you know?」

「I can understand if the wounds were shallow, but if it’s like that, when the wounds are deep, the bacteria will be trapped inside the wound. Also, the burns would increase, you don’t need to do it unless it is a massive bleeding」

「I see……」

Ellen, she got convinced although indistinct. It is true that in this world, that even if the wounds were burned or not, the wounds would suppurate, and sepsis would always occur.

In some cases, some lose their lives because of their wounds.


「But, wouldn’t it not heal if there was no scab」

She still had some doubts.

In fact, it is being thought that the wounds had healed when scabs were made properly.

「The scabs, it’s true that they would protect the wounds from the bacteria, and they would also stop bleeding, but it is not an indicator whether the wounds have healed. Rather, it would heal slower if it is there」

Finding that out, was also recently even in Earth’s Medicine.

「If the wounds are washed and the body fluids coming out from the wounds were not removed, as long as it is moist and protected, the wounds would heal」

This is called as moist wound treatment, it is a 21st-century method of treatment.

For once in Earth, the wounds would only be disinfected and dried until Falma’s era in his past life, but rather than killing the bacteria, it would only kill many cells of the wound.

In most cases, disinfectants are not necessary for wounds.

It is not to say that disinfectants are completely not necessary for wounds, but it is used in limited cases such as when bacteria entered a wound in large quantities or preventive disinfection.

It does not apply in this case.


「To prevent the secondary infections, maybe I should let them take the black plague’s medicine」

Falma took out the sparfloxacin which has been prepared as a medicine for the black plague from his medical bag.

「The black plague’s medicine, it also helps to prevent infection of stab wounds?!」

「Un, this medicine has a broad antimicrobial spectrum so you can also use it to prevent secondary infections of trauma」

「That knowledge, where in the world does it come from」

“Is it because you’re a Medicine God after all?”

Ellen as asked the question that she had told many times.

「It’s probably my past life’s knowledge. Also, I’m not a Medicine God or something」

However, Falma is starting to lose confidence to saying so. But even so, Falma felt that if he admits that he is not human, his heart might change into that of an inhuman so he wanted to continue to reject.

In both this life and his past life, he is thinking of the wounded and sick people that need him.

「You, you’re really an uncertain existence huh」

To Ellen’s words that almost started to be standardized,

「I’m also uncertain」

Falma replied just as usual. After having their treatments finished, Lotte and Cedrick fell asleep.








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