Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 16 Part 2

Episode 16 – The Thing He Could Not Heal (Part 2)





At that time, Falma stayed above in the sky of the imperial capital. It is to grasp completely the numbers of patients infected by the pest.

When he looked around the city with his Diagnosis Eye, he saw the blue light dwelling in the patients even penetrating through the buildings.

They are infected, but it is all in the latent period. There are no symptoms yet.

The pest bacteria, as long as the medication starts at an early stage, it is not so frightening.

If medicine were given to everyone who is currently in the latent period within 1 to 2 days, with the Disease Destruction Sanctuary, and the quarantine stations functioning properly, the imperial capital’s black plague could be terminated within a month.

The casualties too……although there might be some, it would be kept to a minimum.


「I’ll end it before the outbreak starts!」

It should not become a pessimistic situation, theoretically. Although wishful thinking is also included.



He felt a cold shiver that it was as if his body was pierced and uneasiness, and Falma looked towards the Different World Pharmacy.

There are blue lights intense flickering on the fourth floor, one big and one small, and from there, a thin human shaped light had oozed out.

It was just right now.

「Why, in the fourth floor?!」

He tried to hurry to that place without leaving a second, and Falma became speechless.

In the fourth floor, he saw that there is a completely black shadow lurking.

It was the oblivion abyss, as if all of the world’s shadows have condensed, it was as if, one would get sucked in by merely looking at it.

「What, what is that……! Dark, shadow……」

(Is that, my elder brother, little sister, and the priests call as, evil spirit?)

Falma flinched. Let’s say that evil spirit exists, but he does not have the knowledge to banish them.

That is the work of priests.

However, the blue light of the patient who has stopped moving in the pharmacy’s fourth floor turns to violet, and gradually turns to red. It was a dangerous sign that it would be too late in minutes.

「Why is it this fast! This isn’t the pest. What?! Is it poison?!」

It is true that there are a lot of toxic substances required in the experimental synthesis process in the medical storage in the Different World Pharmacy’s fourth floor. But even so, he did not leave immediately potent poison in the case where there is an emergency or robbery. He placed the dangerous ones in the locked, sturdy medical storage.


The evil spirit with a dark shadow, did it make the patient drink something in the laboratory.

Ridiculous, although he is still thinking of that, Falma asked the Diagnosis Eye. It is foolish to get close without thinking.


There is a reaction from the shining blue light. As he thought, it looks like it was poison.

「”Potassium Cyanide”」

He doubted that it might be cyanide that has an immediate effect, but it was wrong. He started again.

「”Inorganic Compound”」


「”Organic Compound”」

There’s a reaction.


Classifying it roughly from a huge cluster and narrowing it down, he will be able to find it for sure, but there are numerous varieties of poison. It is not something that he could guess by luck. Because he could see the blue light from a wound, he could guess that it’s a poison arrow, or the poison entered through the wound.

Falma continued to narrow down the alkaloids. He is not making a random guess. He is mentioning the deadly poison of quick-acting alkaloids(naturally derived organic compounds), as far as his memory knows.

On top of that, it is mostly from ones that could be easily obtained in this world.


The blue light became thinner. Aconitine is the toxic component contained in Aconitum(wolf’s bane). It is a deadly poison that Falma’s father have used exclusively to patients as an antipyretic drug, but it is something that isn’t in Falma’s laboratory.

And, there is no detoxification method for this poison!

「Damn it!」

He cannot make an antidote. It is also too late for gastric irrigation. It is too late for symptomatic treatment.

「If so……!」

He used the erase ability on his right hand.

「”Erase Aconitine(C34H47NO11)!”」

Erasing the deadly poison from faraway.

It would be too late to heal the patient from the poison after defeating the evil spirit. The patient will die.

That’s why after Falma had detoxified it from far away, he planned to exorcise(?) the evil spirit.

The structure of Aconitine is very complicated, but fortunately, unlike his creation ability, he only needs to chant the chemical formula or the name/alias of the compound the erase ability will erase it. However, the blue light has yet to disappear. Although, it has become thinner.

「There’s still something!」

It looks like it was a combination of several poisons.

He mentions mainly those which are used in poison arrows. He was doubtful, but he still mentions one of them.


The neurotoxin of the poison dart frog matched. This poison, it is not known in any medical book in this world.

After all, there is no poison dart frog in this world.

(Why, something like this. I cannot even think of it, and I cannot do something like that………)

Falma felt cold shivers. There is only a fine line between poison and medicine.

If the correct knowledge of medicine is misused, it could be poison as well.

The dark shadow, it might be an evil spirit that exceeds the common sense of the people of this world.

「”Erase Batrachotoxin(C31H42N2O6)!!)」

The detoxification is finished. The human shaped blue light disappeared, and only its position was lighted. One of the two lives were saved although there is a small wound.

Falma prepared himself, and this time for sure, he charged towards the evil spirit.

He entered crashing through the laboratory’s open window on the fourth floor.

The tall intruder who is clad in black robes and covered his face with a hood was there, turning away from Falma.


『I feel a bad presence. There is the presence of strong light』

After the man had turned around with awkward movements that were as if his body would creak, he opened his mouth. It was a viscous voice, one that would stick in one’s ears. He is releasing an intense odor reminiscent of a rotting odor.


『Did you come to interfere? What a fool, all humans die』

The man asked a disturbing question. The man took off his hood with one hand.

The skull of the man could be seen from the left half of his face, and his skin was rotting blue. It is a blue-haired man without a left eye.  

With that appearance, Falma guessed.


「You……don’t tell me, are you Kamyu」

It is the person that Falma’s father kept an eye on as the culprit. The one that the Holy Knights of Nedale Kingdom unquestionably believe as an evil spirit.

『Indeed, I am』

He pointed towards Falma with joy with his finger that was almost just a bone.

He is not a human, he is a corpse in the shape of a person.



The ones who have collapsed on the laboratory floor are Cedrick and Lotte. Cedrick has collapsed as if to cover Lotte. Groaning could be heard. Falma was able to detoxify from a far distance, but there is a small stab wound on his back.

It is not a fatal injury. After Falma defeats the evil spirit, he can begin treatment for the two.

「What have you done……」

The next instant when Falma looked at them, Kamyu is holding a vial with its lid open.

『This laboratory is amazing. There are these many unknown toxins……what is this? How interesting』

There is plenty of liquid and crystal in the vial. It is the powder of white phosphorus that Falma prepared for synthesis, it is something that Falma made with substance creation and stocked in the locked medical storage. White phosphorus ignites spontaneously when exposed to air, so it is immersed in water in the vial.

『I came to see the death disease diffusion experiment in the imperial capital, but in passing. Let’s “experiment” what happens when to skin with this poison』

He held the bottle containing white phosphorus above the face of Lotte. If he tilts that vial, Lotte’s face would burn with the white phosphorus, and that flame would not disappear. The burns of white phosphorus are deep and difficult to recover. She will have severe chemical burns.

It seems that Kamyu wants to try it quickly to see how toxic it is.

While, she is still alive.


And that, Falma did not let him.

Before Kamyu’s hand moves, Falma reaches out his hand towards the white phosphorus.


「”Erase White Phosphorus (P4)”」

The crystal disappeared. There are no more toxic things inside the vial.


「Do not hurt people with my reagent! That kind of thing……people do not call it as “experiment”」

Using toxic chemicals, just to try the effects on people.

That is only a horrible cruelty, blasphemy against science and pharmacology.


「It’s impossible. Only you……」

Silently holding his anger, Falma’s voice trembled.

Lotte who raised her eyelids after her consciousness returned with the poison was removed from her body was startled with Falma’s voice.


「I cannot heal you」


Lotte fell into the illusion that an unseen power manifested. The weight of the air increased. Lotte is unable to let out her voice, all that she could do was to swallow her breath in prostration. It was because it seemed like it was not Falma’s voice. It was a kind of voice, that another person made. One with sadness and anger compressed to its limit.

Lotte has never seen him angry.

But even so, right now, she clearly felt it. She clearly felt that he was angry.

『So wha……ubhu?!!』

After Falma had clenched his fist, he charged with godly speed. Faster than Kamyu swinging his poisoned knife, quicker than he thought, he smashed Kamyu’s face.

Falma felt that he needed to eradicate this evil existence with all that he had.


The evil spirit who was punched with a fist with concentrated divine powers without warning lost his face.

Towards the evil spirit, Falma’s left hand of erasure ability worked automatically.


Kamyu was sent flying at high speed crashing through the window on the other side of the laboratory on the fourth floor, and was blown out of the pharmacy with many rubble and debris.

Falma flew using the Medicine God’s Staff and left himself to that acceleration.

In the sky, Falma focused strength on his fist once again.

The instant Kamyu received that fist, this body was destroyed by the impact, making its shape warped.

Falma’s right hand pulsates and throbs.

The torso was crushed.

The body became, hot, acquiring heat, and with that fist, another strike.

He crushed him with his fist. The rotten meat became fragile and scattered, became ash, and disappear wrapped by white purification light.




Falma brandishes the Medicine God’s Staff which was clad with a shock wave high to the sky, and pierces the air at once.

The evil spirit was unable to attempt any resistance, the essence of its existence was penetrated, rupturing thoroughly from the inside.

It was skewered while it fell down, impaling to the ground.


The ground gave in to the Falma’s divine powers making waves, and finally, it could not bear the pressure, making a giant crater in an instant.

The Medicine God’s Staff shines sharply and the rainbow colored ultra-high temperature flame completely enveloped Kamyu.

Even the bedrock in the alley was burned bright red.


『……this is death, huh』

While being enveloped with flames, Kamyu said his last words.

That was something that the man possessed by an evil spirit, waited for so long.

The shadow inside Kamyu was pierced by the Medicine God’s Staff and struggled for some time, but gradually disappeared.

Together with the disappearance of the black mass, the man’s body breaks apart and became ashes, and scatters in the wind.



After sending him away, Falma felt emptiness.

Kamyu’s brains and talents far exceeded the standard of this world. If those knowledge, information, and discoveries were used, he wondered how many people might have been healed.

He should have become a pharmacist whose name is written in history.


However, he did not.

He was too wicked. And that wicked heart, a more wicked existence was called upon.


The townspeople who have evacuated to the stores when the warning bells rung again fearfully opened the windows due to the loud sound earthquake-like impact that they felt very near, and saw a child whose face cannot be seen, hidden by his hood, holding a transparent staff, standing alone in the middle of the crater.

「W-What the heck just happened?」

There was no one who determined the truth.


The sun’s rays of light peeked between the clouds, and the sky became clear. The kind and warm wind, it flows down from the heavens as if to heal the San Flueve imperial capital.



While enduring the pain from her stabbed back, Lotte went down the stairs of the pharmacy. One step at a time, as if to ascertain her gait, she approached Falma. *Pota*, *Pota*, the bloodstains followed her steps.

Falma had his head drooping.

And, Lotte looked up to him with her eyes almost overflowing with tears, and embraced him.


「Welcome back」

No more words were needed right now.








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