Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 16 Part 1

Episode 16 – The Thing He Could Not Heal (Part 1)



The San Flueve Empire Imperial Capital, in the corner of that city.

The many Empire order of knights and armed priests surrounds the Holy Knights of the Nedale Kingdom who had brought in the black plague into the imperial capital.

They had received arrows of ice, infected by the pulmonary plague, and seriously injured.

Their huge blood loss had started and the pool of blood started to dye the stone pavement dark red. They are close to their death.

「If you bring the black plague into the imperial capital, the Nedale Kingdom is just beside the Empire. The Nedale Kingdom shall perish as well!」

The Empire Army’s major general scold the Holy Knights.

「It is……black……plague?」

While sobbing off from the intense vomit of blood, one of them widened his eyes.

The Holy Knights looked like they are surprised. And, it would seem that they do not know how the black plague infects. Right now, the public health guidance in the imperial capital has even reached the guards, and have the knowledge for infection prevention. However, the Holy Knights did not have that.

「We are just doing, what that man said」

「We do not know his aim……」

One of the Holy Knights falls.

「How ridiculous!」

Falma who have descended from the sky above the imperial capital stood up on the roof of a low store, where he could look down on the surrounded Holy Knights of the Nedale Kingdom. He wore the hood of his protective clothing deeply.

When he used Diagnosis Eye on the Holy Knights of the Nedale Kingdom, all of them were red. And just right now, one of them have died and only two of them remains.

He was too late.

「Our mission has ended」

While the two Holy Knights were coughing out blood, they started to talk.

According to them, all of the strategies was devised by a certain person.

「We have our countrymen as hostages……」

They said that he claimed that he has powers to control diseases that could kill thousands of men within a month, and to show that, he destroyed the colony.

「He told us that if we want to avoid getting a massacre of the people of the Nedale Kingdom, we must throw in those animals and their corpses into the imperial capital, and create a wind disturbance」

What that means, it would seem that the two of them does not know. They only thought that as long as the imperial capital would be a little infected, and as long as all of the citizen of the Nedale Kingdom would be saved, they could only do what they were told.

They already unable to have calm judgments, with their King and the other royalty poisoned to death and their government not functioning.


「We, we have only carried the load as we were told. While that happened, the carriers died one by one and……」

Because of that, the Holy Knights became impatient on executing their plan. The nobles who have divine powers, they have higher immunity than the commoners. But even so, the black plague infected them.

While getting pierced by ice arrows in their body, while roughly breathing and about to die, the Holy Knights, the elite of the Nedale Kingdom spoke out with frustration.

The black plague has yet to spread in the Nedale Kingdom.

However, if they do not do what he says, the fate of the people of the Nedale Kingdom will end. They said that there was nothing that they could do.

「Why do you not kill that man! You, as skilled as you are?! Why, why did you follow what he said!」

The Imperial Guards Division Division Captain presses that question frustratingly.

「We can’t kill him……we can’t……he, that guy, he’s possessed by an evil spirit」

“Humans can’t kill him”, the Holy Knight said an ambiguous thing.

“We tried to kill him, we tried many times”, they said.

「The instant when we tried to kill him, he is already dead……」


「Good God, did the Guardian Temple in Nedale not exorcise the evil spirit!」

The Head Priest Salomon asked irritatingly. In the first place, the devastation in the Nedale Kingdom has not been reported to the Great Temple. Help was not called.

「The temple……it has been sealed off since two months ago. All of the priests were killed, all were killed, including pigeons and horses」

It is information that Head Priest Salomon did not know.

「To think that such troublesome thing is there……」

「Tearing off a Great Evil Spirit that the temple is no match, an evil spirit that possesses even a country, that is not an ordinary feat」

The priests showed vigilance.


「What is the name of that man」

It was a question by a voice filled with pressure. It is Bruno who appeared. He hurried in a horse to personally confirm the situation.

「We do not know his name」

Bruno speaks out characteristics.

「Kamyu de Sado. Blue hair, has a huge burn scar on his left cheek, a one-eyed, cunning and evil man」

The Holy Knights widened their eyes to surprise.

It was bulls-eye.

「That’s right……we do not know his name, but that is right. We did what that odious man said. With this, the Nedale Kingdom……is……saved」

The last breathing Holy Knight left those words of a will, made a satisfied expression……and perished. Their corpses were immediately incinerated carefully by the flame divine arts users on the spot.


(It was like that……)

Looking down on the start and end of that scene, Falma finally understood the situation. He did not understand what an evil spirit is, but he thought that there might be a reign of terror by a very heinous person in the core part of the Nedale Kingdom. Bruno seems to know something so I must ask him the details later, Falma thought inside.

Although countermeasures are needed towards the Nedale Kingdom,

(I must first, stop the pest in the imperial capital. If this goes on, the medicine would not be enough)

That was needed to be done first. He needed to have a priority list.

Only Falma could create the medicine(sparfloxacin).


(First, I must grasp the number of infected, and next to that is production of the shortage)

Falma places divine powers into the Medicine God’s Staff, and silently flew up while being careful not to be seen by the people who gathered.


Because there are no more worries for enemy attacks, the warning bells that rung throughout the imperial capital started to stop as if the waves pulled back.

However, Bruno who stared at the flames burning the Holy Knights of the Nedale Kingdom noticed a very important thing. While his eyes continue to stare, Bruno whispered silently in his mouth.


「This is bad」

That man, his heart is broken. He does not believe in people at all.

「He should be checking in his own eyes, whether the Holy Knights of the Nedale Kingdom did their job……」

For him, humans dying, infected by disease looks beautiful.

Weakening, despair, death, and the start of regeneration by the few people who endured the disease.

In there, Kamyu feels beauty.

He likes to see the scene of people getting infected and dying from the disease.


ーーon top of that, he likes to do it closely.



Bruno grips his staff tightly, and exploded with anger. Strong divine powers gushed out.

「Do not stop the warning bells!! Continue to ring them!」

He shouted.

「Kamyu is within the imperial capital!」


He must be defeated as soon as he is found.




The people working in the first quarantine station watched how the situation progressed, while listening to how the inside the city seemed from the watchman soldier on top of the triumphal arc. The noisy warning bells that rung gradually calmed down, its sound stretches out, and finally stopped ringing.

「The warning bells stopped! Would you like to return to the pharmacy?」

Lotte invited Cedrick.

「I agree. The guards of the imperial capital seem to have defeated the enemy, for the meantime, the danger has left」

From the first quarantine station, Lotte and Cedrick hurried to the Different World Pharmacy while passing by the imperial capital’s guards walking in a hurry. Within the imperial capital, because of the divine arts battle, things have collapsed, ground have subsided and places here and there were wasted, and the citizen of the imperial capital showing their faces from the stores and their houses have fallen to confusion.

When they finally reached the sixth quarantine station’s direction, they saw the huge gates of the Different World Pharmacy in the corner of the imperial capital’s ally, standing just like it did before.

「Thank goodness, it did not burn! Thank goodness〜」

Lotte leaped up and down to her delight. And as if to shower her with cold water, the warning bells started to ring again.

「Ehh?! Warning bells again!」

「This is strange. Is there a new enemy? Let’s enter the pharmacy until the warning bells stop, it is safe inside the pharmacy」

The shrubbery and the standing signboards and etc, were damaged by the wind. However, Lotte who carefully looked at the outside appearance of the pharmacy felt something strange.

「A-re, the east side’s window is open……」

「It must have been opened because of the wind art user’s blast of wind, it might not be locked properly」

Cedrick also looked up to that.

「I’m sure, I locked it properly though. I’ll go and close it」

When entered inside the pharmacy, winds were blowing in from the opened window, scattering the documents around. Cedrick and Lotte closed them one by one, and tidied up the scattered things.

Lotte climbed up to the third floor. *Gatan*, there was a sound from the fourth floor.

「Ah, Falma-sama have returned!」

Lotte called out to Cedrick who is on the second floor.

「That is strange. The doors and the walls were locked, is it an animal?」

Lotte climbs the stairs in a hurry towards the laboratory in the fourth floor while Cedrick was speaking.

「Wait, Lotte! I will check it! There might be a remaining black plague squirrel!」

Cedrick who had a bad feeling followed Lotte. His knees have started to heal so he is now able to climb up without using the elevator, but he could not help but be slower than the young Lotte.

Lotte who ran up full of the feelings of wanting to meet Falma and did not even catch her breath did not hear Cedrick’s voice. When she reached the fourth floor, the door of the laboratory was open.



Lotte happily runs into the laboratory.

She had completely forgotten that she was told not to enter inside the laboratory because there are many dangerous chemicals inside.


Falma was not inside. *HyuuHyuu*, wind entered inside from the opened windows. The things inside the laboratory were numerous chemicals and kinds of medicine, glass instruments, experimental tools that may be used for something, and a huge number of experimental notes.

「Was it just my imagination. But, I need to close here too, the important medicine might be damaged if dust enters the laboratory」

Lotte stretched out, and tried to close and lock the opened window.

However, before that, she heard the door closing behind her.


She defenselessly turned around.


「Charlotte! Wait」

When Cedrick finally reached the fourth floor, there was Lotte who collapsed on the laboratory’s floor.

「W-What happened!」

When Cedrick entered the laboratory and puts his hand on Lotte’s shoulder, he felt a person’s presence from behind.

When he turned around, he felt an impact on his back from behind.


The hot blow directly hits Cedrick’s back. And following that, a hard something was plunged into his back.

The invader was lurking behind the door. Cedrick tried to pull out the staff but his hands shook to pain, and soon after, his hands started to clearly cramp.


He could not breathe.












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