Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 15 Part 2

Episode 15 – Story of a Certain Wicked Man (Part 2)




「Your Majesty! The sixth quarantine station was broken through, the holy knights of Nedale Kingdom has attacked」

「How many are they?!」

The Empress asked excitedly. Hearing that there was an enemy attack, it seems as if she was enjoying.

「There are five of them」

One holy knight is equal to about a hundred of common soldiers. However, the Empress was disappointed.

「It is not a huge commotion that the warning bells are needed to be rung」

However, the warning bell rung for a very long time. The Empress who got impatient by that was,


「Let me see, shall I go to crush them directly」

When she pleasantly smiled like that, she raised her hips from the throne.

「Y-Your Majesty, that is……」

「What, I shall not kill them I will let them off with half their life」

If Elizabeth who is the continent’s strongest flame arts user comes out, it would be finished in an instant. The aids and ministers did not doubt that. The Empress, hearing that there was an enemy attack, rather than being afraid, she has a bloodthirsty personality that she would want to personally “clean” them up herself. However……,

「Please wait, Your Majesty」

Bruno stopped the Empress.

「It is very dangerous if the Empress, Your Majesty would go to the front lines」

「To think that someone would worry about me that much, am I not being belittled」




It looks like the Empress got her fighting spirit burning instead with Bruno’s words. The divine ki around her sparked, and the layer of divine powers looked like a mirage.

「Marseille’s black plague, it must have entered the imperial capital」

「What did you say」

The mortality of the black plague is especially high, and it is being called as the king of epidemics. “How many casualties will there be”, the Empress thought and got pale. Even the strongest Empress does not have a way to defend against pathogens. She herself almost died because of tuberculosis.

「Nedale Kingdom’s intentions are unknown, please just stay at the palace」

The secretary of national affairs Philipp also followed what Bruno has said.

「I ask Her Majesty to take the preventive medicine for the black plague」

If the Empress became infected by the black plague, the nation could not stand.

Bruno prescribed the medicine that Falma has given him to the main ministers. The ministers who trust Bruno and Falma drank that without hesitations.


「Even so, why does Nedale attack our imperial capital」

After the Empress had drunk the medicine, she closed and opened her fan with annoyance. It has been a long time since the country of Nedale became the vassal state of San Flueve Empire. And it is bounded to the Empire with an alliance as a protectorate, it is not an enemy country.

The previous king’s demise was just recent, and Nedale Kingdom’s current ruler is 4 years old. Even if the regent aids of the young king started a rebellion, conspiracies, or power fighting, and resulted to rebelling against the Empire, they would not send 5 soldiers for a surprise attack.

If that is so,

「Who is the mastermind?」

「They understand the nature of the black plague very well……it would not be designed by uncultured people. They would either be alchemists, doctors, pharmacists, or scholars」

「Do you have one in mind」


Bruno dug up from his memory of the past.

Three years ago, he had heard that the Nedale Kingdom has welcomed an excellent commoner pharmacist. He did not know the name of that pharmacist, but the characteristics of the pharmacist and the way of his treatment were exactly the same with a certain wicked person.

That was a pharmacist who claimed the title of the Norvatz Medicine University’s genius, and gained fame by establishing numerous way of treatments just like Bruno. However, he was particularly lacking humanity and morality, and repeated numerous brutal human experimentations.

Before he was chased away, he received a huge sum of money from a certain great noble from the Nedale Kingdom, and experimented with a poison that would efficiently kill a huge number of humans. And, it is being said that the poison substances that he developed were used to assassinate numerous heads of states.

He would do whatever it is for the sake of his experiments. He even used a huge number of prisoners of war in his experiments.

He was so wicked that the Temple severed his divine pulse and was dropped down to a commoner, that was the story of a scholar in the past.

Bruno was one of those who uncovered his crimes and helped to banish him.

「It might have a connection with the demise of the previous king as well」

That is why, it is not very strange that that person who has experimented for strong poison substances would destroy a country using a poison that would magnify by infecting people, or in other words, an epidemic.

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria. It would infect animals to animals, it would infect humans to humans, it is a pathogen, and how to use that pathogen. Each of those, although it might only be a portion, he might know what’s ahead better than Falma.

And, the microscope must have given the confirmation to his hypothesis. Did he see it, the bacterium that stirs within the moribund or in the body fluids of the dead? Did he observe that with a creepy, and ruthless smile?


『Médicis, can you still not understand. The beautiful truth of this world』

Bruno would never forget the words he heard from him the day that his divine pulse was severed, branded by the mark of never being able to use divine arts, and banished as a commoner.


『Even if they were healed and healed, humans die. However, even if they die and die, humans will regenerate』

The wicked pharmacist’s name, it was called Kamyu.

If the knowledge Falma disseminated with good will, the letters sent by Bruno across the borders,

Returns dyed with the color of evil intents……


『The world shall not get destroyed, so easily』

An evil spirit possesses Kamyu, Bruno thinks so.


「That man, we should have killed him」

Bruno regretted not crushing him at that time.


「The Nedale Kingdom and its citizen, what happened to them?」

The Empress asked Bruno a very simple question.


「I believe that they might be under catastrophic situation」

Bruno answered. The Nedale Kingdom must have also been attacked by surprise, or in the middle of a coup d’état.

He kills humans very easily and simply. And, he would be amused that they would simply increase in numbers again.


「I see」

This time for sure, the Empress stood up. Short words, even that voice of hers were releasing the solemnity of an emperor.


「Send a campaign to the country of Nedale. Dispatch scouts. And while that happens……」


“We need to do something about the imperial capital”, the Empress said, called Noah, and carried the Crimson Imperial Staff.




「Cedrick-san, what should we do. The sound of the bells, this is for the first time」

Lotte doubled the mask she was wearing, and looked towards the direction where the fire was raised together with the other pharmacists in the triumphal arch in the first quarantine station.

「The way the bells are sounded, there must have been an enemy attack. Their numbers are, wait……ahh, there are not that many. There are only ten, more or less」

Cedrick was able to grasp the number of enemies and the forces that intercepted them and the destruction of the city from how the bells were being rung.

「But, they are divine arts users. They are well-trained」

He grinds his teeth. Thinking that, “If this body were not have aged, I would’ve able to run and help”. Honestly speaking, Cedrick would not be of any help even if he went there. He knows the difference between their skills as well.

「Does everyone there, needs medicine? Would there be people who are injured?」

The flashy battle with divine arts that occurred inside the city made the commoner’s area suffer great casualties. The roofs of the wooden houses were blown away, some were crushed, and a fire broke out. And it even seemed that the screams and shouts of the commoners and merchants could be heard riding the wind.

「There is the Different World Pharmacy near the sixth quarantine station. There are many of Falma-sama’s dangerous medicine there. There are also ones that would cause explosions」

Lotte seemed to be very nervous and worried.

“I want to go to see if the Different World Pharmacy is not burning”, Lotte desperately begged to Cedrick.

「No, you shall not. No one must approach them when a fight between divine arts users occurs. You will become a hindrance」

Commoners would only be an impediment, they would only be a meat wall or taken as a hostage by the enemy.

「But! When Falma-sama returns, I think that he would be very sad seeing the pharmacy burning!」

Lotte’s eyes were full of tears.

「It would be when anything happens to you, that Falma-sama would be very sad」

Lotte could not say anything back. And all that she could do was to look up to the sky where the sparks spread feeling frustrated. She thought that right now under the same sky, Falma and Ellen were fighting to save lives in Marseille.

「Ah!? A-re」

Lotte suddenly pointed to the sky. A flying object rushed from the sky far away at tremendous speed, and made a sudden stop above the sky of the imperial capital.

「A bird? No, it looks like a human……who is it」

Hearing Lotte’s words, Cedrick dropped his jaws.


Falma returned to the sky of the imperial capital, and landed on the highest spire of the Guardian Temple in the imperial capital.

The bells were ringing with deafening sounds all throughout the imperial capital. He thought that he would have a headache.

(Don’t tell me……it’s already?!)

He returned at full speed, even reducing his mental power to its limits. Even so,

(Did it already break through?! The pest, did it enter the imperial capital?!)

The place around the imperial capital’s sixth gates was noisy. It is the direction were the main road connects the Esthark Village to the imperial capital, and it is the direction where the Different World Pharmacy is.


He looked at the whole imperial capital with Diagnosis Eye from the sky.

Doing that, he saw that a chunk of light-emitting bodies that glowed with the color blue had concentrated around the sixth gates.

There are also many small light-emitting bodies that were moving at decent speed and unpredictable movements.

Falma kicked away from the spire, flew with the Medicine God’s Staff towards the sixth gates. When he got close, he noticed that “that” which was jumping from roof to roof of the imperial capital was flashing with a bluish white color.

「It isn’t a squirrel. It’s some kind of a new species of flying squirrels……」

Falma received a shock. “It was a rodent after all. And, because the flying squirrel could fly, it is worse”, Falma thought.

(Does the Nedale Kingdom knows that the pests infect through the rodents and their ticks?)

The flying squirrel that was brought was infected by the black plague, and become carcasses inside the cage. There must be airborne infections occurring at present progressive form. Most probably, the main infection route is through airborne infection.

The airborne infection is the most vicious infection route of the pest, and it would cause a pneumonic plague with 100% mortality rate.


「It started……」

The flying squirrels that were released in the imperial capital were being hunted and exterminated by the divine arts of the divine arts users and the archer squad. The disposal team wearing masks and gloves gathered the carcasses in one place, and incinerated them.


One, two, three, four.

The blue light shines down on the people of the imperial capital, and it spreads out.

The light that shines the people who got infected was like a sea of fireflies. With just a quick glance, the number of infected has reached a few thousands.

A disease that when one get infected, one would surely die.

If it would not be taken care of here, sooner or later, the black plague would quickly cover the whole continent.

Millions shall die, just like how it went in the history of Earth.


However……, however! That light,


「It’s still blue!」


The blue light is a disease that Falma could heal.

If not, he would be seeing a red light. This means that this is a disease where Falma’s hands could reach.

It looked like a trial for Falma, passed down from the heavens.


「I’ll heal it! As far as my powers reach!」


Exceeding the universe and the world, he reincarnated, and received inhuman abilities.

It is an ability to save the people in this other world that do not have a way to fight.


(If I won’t use it now, then when!)


(/) Even if I used all of my divine powers and lose my life, the price of receiving my second death is enough if many people would be saved.

With those thoughts in his heart, feeling the thing that make all of his hair stand, he grasp the staff, and waved it hugely once, spreading the holy field throughout the entire imperial capital. Using the amount of divine powers that were unheard until now.


「”Disease Destruction Sanctuary!!!”」


It covered up to the horizons. With this, the airborne infection would be avoided. The speed of the blue lights encroaching have decreased, and finally stopped increasing. However, the light from the people who were once infected did not disappear.

「I know, I knew this」

Decontamination, next to that is the source of infection, then the treatment of the infected. Decontamination must be done all over the city.

The first thing that he came up with is the aerial spraying of disinfectants. If there were no people, it would be fine. However, there are people below, and the is the concern about the harm to the human body.


「I see」


Most of all, there was something that exhibits a very strong disinfection effects.

It is the creation of water using divine arts.

The water created by divine arts users using divine arts does not easily decay, but the water created by Falma completely stopped decaying. Not only it would stop the germs to reproduce, but it would also be killed. He knew about that because of the bacteria test that he did when the water server in the pharmacy was installed.

When he thought that the customers would have diarrhea when even the beneficial intestinal bacteria were also killed, the did not. The disinfection effects might not be working against the beneficial bacteria. Though, it was not as if he had confirmed it.


「If it’s the water created with the Medicine God’s Staff……」


Falma swung the Medicine God’s Staff, and hold it up to the heavens. He called out powers coming from another world, creating a huge amount or water, and launched it into the atmosphere like a mist. The mass of steam that was cooled at high altitude creates water droplets, gathers rapidly, turned to raindrops, and became a downpour that poured onto the ground.

The old texts that were passed down in the Temple were very difficult that the Head Priest was not able to translate, and Falma does not know as well, but it is a hidden technique called “White Purification Rain” that was unique to the Medicine God’s Staff.


Those who are alive, those who are dead, those who are young, those who are old, humans, animals, plants, all of them were showered by the rain of purification.

The people looked up to the sky, narrowing their eyes.

The white human-shaped light-emitting body illuminates the sky above the imperial capital.

The divine technique that Falma released became a beneficial rain outside, the fire that broke out from the houses quickly dispersed, inside the houses, it became a mist, those water droplets enclosed the pest bacteria killing it, and the air in the throughout the imperial capital was purified.

Falma glared towards the sixth gate with a strong gaze.


Next is the eradication of the source of infection.












E15 Part 1Isekai YakkyokuE16 Part 1

In the light novel version, there were few differences. But not too major to be mentioned. Well, the secretary of national affairs, his name “Philipp” was not mentioned in the light novel.

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