Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 14 Part 3

Episode 14 – Targeted San Flueve Imperial Capital (Part 3)


The two carrier pigeons that carry the first report of Falma who was in Marseille arrived at Bruno who was staying in the imperial capital.

Cargo of ships that are infected by the black plague and sailors who were infected has been found.

The black plague is being prevented from landing by the quarantine in the waterfront, but it is certain that it would invade through land connected to other countries.

Strengthen the quarantine of the imperial capital, isolate the ones who have returned from outside of the wall for a few days in isolated areas.

The instructions from Falma were written.

「It finally came! Falma, Eleanor……are you alright」

“Was Falma and Ellen infected by the black plague”, Bruno was worried about their safety. But, however, even if the two collapses, Bruno needs to continue his duty as a servant of the country in San Flueve Empire.

When Bruno reports to the Empress the occurrence of the black plague, Elizabeth in the palace says,

「The nightmare, it became a reality. Together with your son, good job on preparing」

She praised Bruno’s work.

「What shall we do, Your Majesty. Shall we close the gates to the imperial capital right away」

The secretary of national affairs Philipp asked the Empress. There are three rivers flowing in the San Flueve Imperial Capital, there are twelve gates, and eight waterways. There are quarantines in all of the castle gates, and strict examinations are being done. There are also strict limitations on the ships that go through the waterways.

「Please excuse my rudeness, but if the gates and waterways were completely closed, there would be an outbreak outside the castle gates」

Bruno was reluctant. If the gates and waterways were closed, the imperial capital would escape the plague, however, the merchants and their shipments would be stagnated outside the castle gates. If the infected people outside the castle gates increases, the logistics of the imperial capital will halt. Most of the food provisions in the imperial capital are coming from outside. If the gates were closed, it cannot be opened.

Having the plague spread in populated areas is not good as well. Everything within the imperial capital’s castle gates is being purified, ones that we know that have not been infected by the plague should be let inside the imperial capital. Bruno had said.

And that command, it was immediately sent to the quarantine station.

The personnel of the Different World Pharmacy 2nd Shop, 3rd Shop, and the pharmacist guild franchise members are working in the quarantine station. Lotte and Cedric, and those other pharmacist helpers are giving masks for protection to the merchants who are entering the imperial capital.

「Everyone〜! Let’s protect ourselves〜! Against the ba〜d disease〜!」

Lotte raised her voice.

「This is a mask that would prevent you from breathing in small living organisms」

「Small living organisms?」

The merchants does not understand, but in front of the guards of the imperial capital, they obeyed obediently.


Pierre, the guild master of the dispensing pharmacy guild, who is in the central quarantine office, is checking the report results that have come from the sixth quarantine station.

「Here……Mr. Pierre, this is」

Tension runs through the technician’s voice.

「There’s no mistaking it, it’s positive!」

They said that a merchant caravan that is carrying white squirrels have been caught in the quarantine.

The black plague pathogens that no one has ever seen.

However, with the inspection method that Falma has given, it shows as positive.

Pierre did not hesitate, he believed Falma. All of the merchants were positive, and the guards were divine arts users, but they have high fever.

「Isolate them! Isolate them immediatelyーー!! Hurry to the sixth quarantine stationー!!」

However, when Pierre and the others have arrived abruptly to the quarantine station,

“Water Spear(Spear van water)”

In the sixth quarantine station, they saw the Nedale Country’s Holy Knights releasing their divine techniques.







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