Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 13 Part 2

Episode 13 – Actinomycetes brought into limelight and Estherk Village’s Miracle (Part 2)




Falma placed medical examination tools, medicine, and mask inside a bag then carried it on his shoulder, and flew at a high altitude to Esthark Village that is west of the port of Marseille.

Creating propulsion through giving divine powers to the Medicine God’s Staff and controlling the buoyancy as he wished while controlling the posture requires considerable concentration, so Falma almost hit high trees and birds many times.

The people on the ground were surprised towards the unidentified flying object that flies with high speed and was raising screams. Falma’s Medicine God’s Staff is transparent, and is transparent to visible light, so the staff cannot be seen from the ground, and they could only see a person flying. “I wonder who was the owner of the Medicine God’s Staff before”, Falma doubted.

A person flying in the sky might be reported to the temple as a heretic, but he is wearing white protective robes, so as long as he was wearing its hood properly, no one will know who was flying. Minor things like standing out or not should be dealt later.


Fishing Village of Marseille, high in the air of the Esthark Village.

Falma who have arrived there, was still floating in the air in a high altitude. Looking towards the sea, there are only yachts and small fishing boats in the pier. The large vessels that have smuggled, were not offshore. They are either hiding in a rocky terrain, or returned to Nedale country.

It is bad as well if they had returned to the country of Nedale.

There is a high possibility, that all of their crew would be annihilated and be in a shipwreck.


(Damn it! Where’s the ship. I need to sterilize the whole ship, and save the crew members inside)

「The sanctuary for this, huh……」

Falma asked Head Priest Salomon to translate the Medicine God’s Staff’s user manual from ancient letters, and although he could not use everything, he had learned divine arts that were easy to use. And one of those, is the creation of a sanctuary.

He filled the staff with divine powers, held the staff by its end, then swing it several times like hammer throwing. And doing that, purification divine arts have spread from the whole staff, and had radiated concentrically.

When Falma had activated the sanctuary, it looked like the blue shockwave have bent the air, and spread out like an explosion.


「Sanctuary’s quite convenient huh」

What Falma used was the「Disease Destruction Sanctuary」that is unique to the Medicine God’s Staff. By the way, within the divine arts, advanced techniques that have names and requires activation spells are called God Skill. Falma can use divine arts and divine techniques without distinction because he can omit the incantations, however, normally, it would need very long chants to be activated.

Within the Disease Destruction Sanctuary, pathogens would not be able to float in the air, and the spread of pathogens from infected people would become very difficult.

Right now, Falma has covered the entire Esthark Village with the Disease Destruction Sanctuary.  

On top of that, Falma jumps off the Medicine God’s Staff, and landed on the Esthark Village while controlling the speed.



To the white-robed boy that fell from the sky carrying the sunlight, the villages were robbed of their eyes.

In the Esthark Village, serious patients were gathered at the clinic, and most of the villagers were just about to run away from the village to escape from the disease, leaving most of the patients behind.


「Please wait!」

Falma stood in front of the village’s entrance, and blocked their way while  

Then, when he stands his staff on the ground, the divine art was activated, and the Esthark Village was completely surrounded by a thick wall of ice.

A divine art of this scale, there was not many opportunities for rural villages to see.

「Uwaaaaaーー! It’s a wall of ice! What the heck are you!」

「H-He was flying in the sky! Are you a monster!!」

「We’ve been trapped inside the ice wall!! We can’t go out!」

The villagers who have misinterpreted it as if a monster have come to massacre them fell into a panic.

(I was seen that I was flying in the sky, but, it can’t be helped, I should show my face)

He wanted to hide his face because he was seen flying in the sky, but under his current condition, it was too suspicious. Falma removed his mask and the protective clothes’ hood, then called out to them.

「I am a Royal Apothecary from the Imperial Capital. I have come to save you」

「It wasn’t a monster, but a human?」

「I-Isn’t it just a child」

「Y-You, please tell us, what in the would is this disease?!!」

「It is the black plague」

Falma answered immediately. Firstly, he needs to get them have a maximum sense of crisis.

「It was like that after all! We’re gonna die! All of the villages will!」

When the villages who knew about the nightmare from 210 years ago was about to fall into panic, Falma encouraged them with a loud voice.


「If you want to live, please listen to what I am going to say right now!」

While taking a look through the villagers, Falma continued his words with a clear voice.

「The black plague is a disease caused by small organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If it were let alone, the fatalities would only increase. Even if you run away from here while infected by the black plague, you will still die. Even if you leave the village, if you were stung by fleas that carry the black plague, it would cause the black plague」

「What should we do! We’re still going to die whatever we do! And why the heck are you enclosing us?!!」

The male hunter that was in a frenzy, shouted at Falma while pointing a knife.

「That’s why I’m telling you, I have come with a strong medicine to fight the black plague」

「Medicine for the black plague, does that exist……」

The third class apothecary who was the first to try and run away from the village, walked in front with unreliable feet, seemingly to be unbelieving.

「I cannot promise that everyone will be saved. However, let us fight together to minimize the fatalities. The reason that I enclosed this village with an ice wall, is also to save you. Anyone would be afraid of a deadly disease, but please do not run away, and receive treatment」


Falma asked help to the village official to grasp the number of people within the village.

The population of the Esthark Village is 524 people.

There are 93 people who were carried into the village’s clinic.

15 people who have died.

8 people who have already left the village.

18 people who were coincidentally not in the village.

390 villagers in this place right now.


Falma divided the ice walls that covered the village with three areas. He removed a part of the ice wall, and created a small entrance.

「Divide the infected and non-infected, we will divide them with section with serious conditions, infected, and non-infected」

He made a triage. He looked at the 390 villages in that place using Diagnosis Eye, and divided them into their sections. And during that, he handed out masks, and urged them you wash their hands with generated water.

The ones who have entered the non-infected sections became happy, and the ones who were placed in the infected section had their shoulders low.

「The division of the sections is a measure to prevent the spread of infection. I will hand out medicine to everyone」

Falma handed out sparfloxacin that he prepared beforehand in parts to the villagers with the help of the village’s official and pharmacists according to their sections, and started to instruct how to use the medication according to the manual that Falma handed.

「Those pregnant, children, and toddlers, please come to me」

Falma gathered the villagers who need to be careful about the use of the medication, and personally looked at their conditions to give the appropriate amount of medication.


Thus, when the prescription of the medicine began, there was a situation where there was a commotion and a was even knife was taken out to receive the medication first.

「You fools, the pharmacist-sama is even giving us medicine, so give him a break! Who wants to die right now nn!!」

The village official who was irritated pulled out a sword so the commotion has ceased.

「Please calm down, I have prepared enough fro everyone. I will also let the people who have yet to be infected take them too」

Falma encouraged them, and made them calm down.

He finished giving out medicine to everyone who was present, let them take it, and asked to grasp the number of villagers. For a while, it looks like they have felt alive again after receiving the medicine. Falma created generated water using divine arts and stocked water in water jugs, and asked them to wipe their bodies using that water. And then, he incinerated the clothes they wore that was infected with the plague, and asked them to change into old clothes that they have in their closet, the ones that do not have the plague.


Next, Falma went towards the clinic where the seriously ill were gathered, and started to treat them. The beds were aligned in a wide space, and the patients are laid down there. Even the floor was filled with patients. Some of the temple’s medical priests and priests who was doing charity have stayed, but they were unable to do anything for the patients who were suffering a high fever, and the patients that had started to have bloody spots.

They were wearing weird bird shaped masks in their face, and was wearing thick white protective clothes and gloves. In the beaks of the bird, herbs with strong aroma for chasing away evil spirits were packed, and the eye part is covered with glass. Holding a staff, they were looking at the patients without directly touching them It was a strange appearance similar to the plague doctors in Earth during medieval times.

These clothes, although they were not completely enough, Falma thought that they were somewhat reasonable costume as a countermeasure against the plague. However, there is no meaning unless it was used once, then thrown away afterward.

When Falma entered the clinic, he filled the Medicine God’s Staff with powers, filling that place with sanctuary, and stops further air infection. There were also priests who have reacted to the sudden appearance of a sanctuary.

「It feels like the air is being purified……」

「Ah!! Isn’t it the Medicine God-sama!」

One of the inquisitors that have fought in the hill near the imperial capital before was coincidentally in this place. It seems like he was dispatched from the Marseille Parish hearing that the disease has appeared.

「Child, do not come, leave right away!」

「You insolent, this person is not a child!」

Thanks to him, the situation progressed smoothly.

They did what they had to do accordingly to what Falma had instructed, and made all of the patients take medicine. Falma let the patients who would not be saved just as is drink medicine with high effects using the water created using divine arts. Immediately after treating the seriously ill patients. For the septic patients, a number of measures must be taken with antibiotic administration. A large amount of infusion, and surgical resection of the necrotic tissue must also be done. Various state conditions must be managed as well.

Patients who are deranged, patients who do not have the enough will to struggle, patients who have lost their consciousness. Groaning voices and sobbing voices could be heard from here and there.

It was like a picture of hell inside the clinic. Despite having a sanctuary, it was full of signs of death.

Looking at them with the Diagnosis Eyes, they would seem like a blue flashing soul that have covered their whole body.

Falma used water creation to make infusions, and started to infuse a large amount in patients with sepsis. The water created is sterile, and the infusion’s solute is created by material creation. Falma has forbidden himself to inject needles into his patients, but he would do everything he could in this place. Even so, even in the hospitals of modern Japan where equipments were modernized, 30% of the severe sepsis patients would die.


(No……I cannot save them with my powers!)

It was not a problem that can be solved by medicine prescription. It was already out of hand for a single pharmacist.

Falma knew his own limits as a pharmacist.

However, he had forgotten something.


That he has the Medicine God’s Staff, and he is an inhuman divine arts user who can use the Medicine God’s powers.

(I should, do that)


He raised the Medicine God’s Staff using both of his hands towards the patients, and casted the secret technique “Relief of the Origin” that the Head Priest Salomon had translated for him. It was a cheat God Skill that would call out the immune systems of that the patients have originally, raise the effects of the medicated medicine to its utmost limit and erase the side effects, but he does not know how would it heighten the immune system at all. This God Skill, he had heard that it would not activate if a medicine is not given first, and cannot be used without medicine.

Falma has thought that its effects were dubious, so he had never tested it, and did not have a situation to use it too.

Even so, as a last resort, he would cast the secret technique on everyone using the Medicine God’s Staff.

When Falma has released the God Skill towards the patients, the insignia of the Medicine God appeared in the bodies of the patients, and the patient’s whole body started to shine as if it was protected by a white veil.

(The God Skill looks amazing, does it have effects?)

The effects could not be seen, so he could not tell with a glance. It might only have the effects of a shoddy magic trick too.

(I hope that there would be some effects. Even so)

Falma was impatient. Even while he is taking care of the seriously ill patients like this, the smugglers and their cargo are heading towards the imperial capital while spreading the plague. He had sent his father a report that the black plague was found. Even if it were not able to get through the imperial capital’s quarantine, the pathogens would pass through the villages, towns, and mountains that connect to the imperial capital.

A lot of people and animals would become infected.


The priests did not know how to react to the miracle that was happening in front of them, and was petrified.

The priests who have been exposed to the God Skill that Falma used, the one that seems to be a technique that is unable to be done by a human, they have completely believed the what the ex-inquisitor have said that Falma was the Medicine God. And, for them who have reached the highest limits of their faith and loyalty,

「Medicine God-sama. Is there, is there anything that we can do」

Like that, the have called out to Falma.

「Thank you, I want to ask you. Is there a water and flame divine art user」

「I am」

「I am also one, please tell us what to do」

Two priests stepped forward. They were non-infected.

「Smugglers and their cargo which has been infected by the disease are moving towards the imperial capital. If you see an infected, catch them by surrounding them with ice walls, completely incinerate their belongings, and let the infected drink this medicine. I will also follow as soon as the patients in here are treated」

They will be exposed to the infected and the source of infection, but they are wearing protective clothes.

4 units to chase after them were created, with the flame divine art user and water divine art user as a center.


Half a day have passed then.

The boy pharmacist has left the clinic together with the priests very exhausted after midnight. The villagers have prepared a large number of graves, but the corpses that were carried out from the clinic within the 96 people, were only three. They were patients who had a cardiac arrest, and were not in time to be given medication. There were also patients whose blood spots have disappeared, and begged for food and water.

The modern medicine and Falma’s god skill had qualitative effects, making the fatalities at the minimum, saving many patients.


「I will come again」

Do not leave the sanctuary within the ice walls for a few days. Even if the ice walls have thawed and you are able to go outside, do not touch rats and small animals as long as possible. The exterminate the vermin that had entered the village, starting from rats and fleas.

And after he finished telling them other things to be careful of, he took the Medicine God’s Staff with his hand, and flew away towards the next land that waits for his help. The villagers placed their hands together towards the direction where Falma have left.

All of the people who have received Falma’s god skill in the clinic started to show signs of healing, their blood spots became thinner, and there were no more seriously ill that were fighting for their lives. Even the patients who were about to die, had their lives saved.

The villagers who have returned from outside the ice walls through the small entrance have returned, so they were given antibiotics.

「The Medicine God-sama in the form of a human have appeared」

The tragedy that hit that small fishing village turned into one myth.










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