Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 13 Part 1

Episode 13 – Actinomycetes brought into limelight and Estherk Village’s Miracle (Part 1)



This is a few days before Falma and Ellen have found the first black plague patient in the sea quarantine.

Bruno de Médicis is in the San Flueve Empire’s Pharmacy School.

He is writing letters and guidebooks for quarantine inspection and prevention towards the black plague overnight, to be sent to the cities of the Empire and the Medicinal Universities around the world. It is because he is changing the contents according to the situation of the different places while considering the topography, race, living culture, customs, religion, and etc. Using Falma’s words as the core, what would they need to do if there was an outbreak of the black plague, how to isolate a region, how to treat a patient, how to identify the black plague in the case where a microscope is present, how to euthanize a patient, how to take care of the corpses, etc.

In addition to these black plague prevention recommendations, he had strongly requested that all of the excellent divine art users regardless of their attributes to positively participate too. The work of writing guidebooks is something that only Bruno who had built trust relationships with the influential people, hospitals, research institutions and knows about the medicinal situations all over the world, could do.

Falma said that he does have the medicinal cure; however, the limit that he has was only enough to supply the imperial capital, and he does not have the production ability to spread it all over the world.

That is why, the countries other than the Empire needs to prevent the outbreak without the medicine.

「Falma has said it like that, but will the black plague that had ended 210 years ago really come」

He also has those doubts. However, the sense of crisis that Falma was showing was something extraordinary. Bruno decided to believe in Falma.

He knew that Falma, Ellen and also his disciples are continuing the quarantine in the Marseille region, and he wants to help them as much as he wants to, but the original job of a Royal Court Apothecary is to stay in the imperial capital during the times of emergency, and take care of the country’s backbone in the case that they would become diseased to not let the country be in ruins. Bruno cannot move from the imperial capital.


「President, Professor Caspar has come to meet you」

Bruno’s secretary speaks from outside of the president’s office.

「Umu, enter」

Bruno called that eccentric old lady professor into the president’s room.

It is Professor Caspar Louise who is researching about fungi and spores, and also a wind divine arts user who looks like a witch wearing black from head to toe. People pointed fingers at her claiming that she was doing useless research and does not have any achievements, and she was only given only a few research funds within the university. Without making her research results seeing the light of the sun, she was about to reach retirement age next year.

Her research was fieldwork collection and taxonomy, centered in fungi. However, there was a more sophisticated fungal research laboratory in the Norbatz University, so her research laboratory only has a few students, and was being treated as a field that does not have any future. Right now, she only has a small 2 students.

The one who barely made her research laboratory continue by somehow placing funds for it, even though the other professors and managers wanted to end it, was Bruno.

It is a research that is being thought to have no use, but he had believed that it might create an unexpected result.

「President-sama, am I going to be fired. I would ask for at least a month, to take care of my research laboratory starting from now」

She was afraid that she would be told to immediately leave her research laboratory, and tears were showing in her eyes. She puts together both of her hands that already had wrinkles, and seemed to shrink while waiting for the judgment.

「No. It is not something about that. I want you to do a significant task」

「For me……work starting from now?」

The old lady fixed the position of the reading glasses on her nose. Who in the world, would like to leave a significant job to a window side professor like her. Bruno strongly encourages her.

「It is an important task to save the world, that only you can do in this Empire!」

「Ohh, ohh……that is」

The old professor was taken aback to the scale of the word “world”. Bruno has always worked while being conscious of the world, but she, when was the last time she researched while being conscious of the world. All of her sights were only concentrated to the fungi within the Empire.

「I want you to search for a certain new type of microorganism. And I would like you to increase them as much as possible, and extract a medicinal component from them」

The microorganism that Falma searched for but could not find, the microorganism that would produce antibacterial medicine.


It grows like a fungus that had extended like rays, a bacteria that was named because of that.

Bruno called out to her to bring out her aspiration and intellectual curiosity.

「A species of that organism, will become a medicine that kills incurable diseases, the black plague and infectious diseases」


「Please read this」

He showed the sketch of the characteristics of the actinomycetes itself that Falma left behind. There was also a sketch of how it would look under a microscope. The information that Falma left continued to enlighten Bruno.

「Which great professor did……? S-Something that would be the ingredients to an important medicine like that……」

Professor Caspar read Falma’s sketches and notes carefully. She fixed her glasses up and down, and whispered to her self a lot of things many times. As if to compare it to the knowledge that she had accumulated over the years.

And finally, she gulped, then answered with a trembling voice.

「I-I-If it is t-this fungi, i-it is in m-my research la-laboratory for many years, I ha-have kept it in a……f-flask」

The unappealing old professor who was about to enter her retirement age, has already gained the savior from a long time ago.


「You did great, Professor Caspar!」

It was decided that the university would use all of what it has to create a new medicine from that microorganism.

Professor Caspar’s research laboratory was immediately given the highest possible research funds that can be given by the university, three research laboratories equipped with organic synthesizer facilities were secured for Professor Caspar, and a large number of scientists, alchemists, and engineers were mobilized.

From this day, test production of the antimicrobial drugs was done, and it was decided that Professor Caspar would lead that project.


「Professor Caspar’s retirement address might become something grandeur」

Bruno gave her words of encouragement.

「To make it so, I will do my best」

If the overcoming of the black plague came into reality, the day that she would be showered with cheers from the academic society that she had seen within her dreams, might not be too far away.

It was a one in a lifetime chance. Professor Caspar decided to bring out all that she have to answer to the expectations of Bruno.


Even if she were to start right away, its production might not be possible immediately.

However, if she does not start researching right away, the lives that might be saved will be disregarded.


It was around that time when Bruno received a messenger pigeon entrusted with news that “the black plague was found” from the Marseille region.











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