Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 12 Part 1

Episode 12 – The Landing of the Black Death (Part 1)



「What an amazing achievement, and yet, it has not been a year yet」

Empress Elizabeth II, she raised a voice of admiration after receiving the report of the annual statistical report on the birth rate and mortality rate of the imperial city from her aides at the seat in the large conference hall inside the court. The Empress was very content. It is because, the mortality rate of the imperial city this year has decreased nearly 20% compared to last year.

The mortality statistical number of deaths in each regional city has the same standard as last year as usual, but only the imperial city has suddenly changed.

「This number, only in the imperial city, is this not the result of the different world pharmacy and the dispensing pharmaceutical guild that cooperating their business?」

“Is this not clear even if you do not see it with a favorable eye”, Elizabeth claimed.


It means that since pharmacist Falma had become a royal court apothecary, starting from the invention of the microscope, he did all of this within a year.

The foundation of the Different World Pharmacy・General Head Office, and numerous invention of new medicine.

Regulation on human body use of products containing toxic substances such as mercury and lead.

Opening of the medicated cosmetic specialty store「MEDIQUE」and oral care specialty store「8020」

Establishment of the Dispensing Pharmacy Guild, and the sales of new drugs at guild franchise stores.

Opening public health lecture.

On top of that, he visited the free dispensary operated by the Empire, prescribed medicine for patients, and also instructed doctors about treatment.

Taking account those, each one of them is a merit of good service. And to be able to do all of that for a mere one year, it is not a human’s skill.

And also, did the public health lecture and invention of the microscope revealed the idea of microorganisms prove to be successful; the people began to pursue cleanliness, and the number of epidemics that had occurred in the imperial city is now considerably low. They have been worried about epidemic cold every year, but this year, this also became limited to a small scale.


「Ha! I can not speak lightly, but, I also agree」

An elder subject who was conservative and hard to please, Secretary of National Affairs, Sir Philipp also finally recognized Falma’s achievements.

「You Sirs also think like that」

「It is very natural, Your Highness. If the success in the imperial city spread through the regional cities, the prosperity of the empire would be solid」

Even Secretary of the Interior Sir Yoan, nodded to the Empress’s question. Yoan is, a minister that was reluctant to give a pharmacy that a child shopkeeper would run the Imperial Sanction of the empire.

Noah who has been promoted to a semi-knight from the Empress’s page, was relieved that Falma’s accomplishments which were being strongly reproached to the Empress by her aides were finally recognized in public.

“If that is so, I need to give rewards once again”, the Empress started to leave aside the meeting, and ponder in her head.

「Is granting Falma a noble rank too early, Berenice?」

「Mr. Falma has yet to be an adult, so under the Empire’s laws, granting ranks to minors are not permitted」

Berenice, the beautiful female Minister of Justice who have been just inaugurated this year dissuades the Empress in a hurry. With the intention, “We will be troubled if the Empire’s laws are changed so easily”. By the way, Berenice favors using MEDIQUE’s medicated soap.

「Umu, it is still really too early huh」

It looks like the Empress reflected that it was too rash.


「The reputation from the citizen of the imperial city is also excellent」

Secretary of National Affairs Philipp, he hears its popularity to the mass. Patients treated by the different world pharmacy, other than those seriously ill and were on the verge of death, there are almost no deceased. Also, Philipp himself has a sickness of goat, and it has become his family pharmacy. In the position of a patient going to take medicine every week, there is no way that he could criticize the main doctor.


There is an inhuman thing that possesses the boy apothecary Falma.

Elizabeth was gradually gaining the conviction for that. Elizabeth, she has known Falma who had frequented in the palace following his father Bruno to train since he was 8 years old. However, she could only look at him as if the personality he had at that time itself was a different one.

“The thing that possesses him should not be made clear”, that was Elizabeth’s view. There is a guarantee that the out of standard divine powers that is hidden within him is not evil, and if the thing that possesses him is a God or a sacred spirit, they would dislike it if their identity was exposed by humans. And just because their identity was found out, it might leave the human world.

So there, Elizabeth, she made all preparations so that Falma was able to easily move in the imperial city. And when his will was followed, this quick results also did.


「Well then, is the preparation for the San Flueve Market organized」

「Ha! No change over last year. The guild in the imperial city and the merchants, they are busily preparing their goods. Foreign merchants has also started to gather」

Minister of Finance Sir Elman, while adjusting his black-framed glasses, he reported the situation of the preparations to the Empress together with his market inspector subordinations. The Empress, she suddenly remembered and asserted.

「Keep in mind to not allow any mess of public morals in the imperial city. Additionally, the ones who would cause problems, beat them out of the imperial city regardless of their status」

「Ha, we will strictly regulate them. There is one thing, that bothers me」

Elman has seen through the foreboding that did not exist last year beforehand.

「Looking at the peddler registry that we have, it seems that there are many foreign medicinal wholesale dealers and advanced apothecaries this year」

「Is it not for purchasing the medicinal goods of the Different World Pharmacy and the pharmacies affiliated with them.」

It could be seen that their aim is to bring back the medicinal goods to their country, and sell them at a high price to royalty and titled nobility. However, the Different World Pharmacy where Falma is the shopkeeper is a prescriptive pharmacy, so he would look at the patients, then prescribe medicine. If the patient is not present, he would not treat them, and would not sell.

On the other hand, on the dispensing pharmaceutical guild, even though they are not selling medicine that is not as high as the Different World Pharmacy’s head store, they ones that they handle are drugs that have good effects, so the merchants probably aim to buy those and return.

「While the market is opened, the medicine from the Different World Pharmacy should be targeted by apothecaries coming from other countries. That pharmacy is our Empire’s treasure, and wealth. Pharmacist Falma and the ones affiliated with him, we shall not let them go. Send the best guards to Falma as an individual, and secure each and every one of the pharmacy’s staff」

The Empress’s aim is to bring Falma on her side, let him freely create medicinal goods, and maintain the Empire’s external competitiveness and national interest. The Different World Pharmacy, and the medicinal products of the related pharmacies, they shall bring the Empire enormous wealth.


「As you command」

The aides completely agreed to the Empress.






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