Different World Pharmacy – Chapter 2 Episode 10

Episode 10 – Medicine God’s Staff, and Palle de Medicis’s Homecoming



「The day after tomorrow, Palle-sama will be returning. The Head Chef told me!」


While cleaning Falma’s room, Lotte said that very happily.


「Eh?! Elder Brother is returning?!」  


It means that his elder brother, the 17 years old Palle de Medicis, who was named Palle(pill) is coming home.  (TL: Pilule in the previous translations)


「It has been almost a year. Since he was busy studying and training」

「That is why, the day after tomorrow will be a huge feast! It seems that there would be a lot of desserts」


“Ehe, I heard from the Head Chef.” , Lotte said while making a full smile. “I should empty my stomach tomorrow”, she got excited. “The Head Chef, will make me eat a lot of bread before the feast, but I’m going to empty my stomach this time”, Lotte got cautious.


「Good for you, Lotte. You’re a growing child after all」


When Falma was thinking of that pleasantly, Lotte said something back.


「Falma-sama is also a growing child! Do you remember about Palle-sama?」

「I wonder」


Falma, he can remember the parts of memories of the Boy Falma before, but he didn’t have memories of his elder brother at all. If they meet personally, he might remember things up until now though.


「Palle-sama is an excellent Water Divine Arts user that is coming from His Lordship, and Falma-sama was often put through hard work. Blanche-sama also」


“How frightening, how frightening”, Lotte shivered.

“He beat you to a pulp without holding back, and got scolded by His Lordship「You did it too much」, right〜”, she told him those frightening things.


「We were put into hard work huh, both Blanche and I. Not mentioning me, but Blanche also」

「Palle-sama had said that it was the whip of love. But, both Falma-sama and Blanche-sama, you both have improved your Divine Arts very well thanks to Palle-sama」


She said that every time he returned from the Norbatz University of Medicine, we had a contest of strength called putting them in hard work every year as if it was a yearly event.

For Falma, he would prefer to beg off doing that but “It is useless to run away, he will chase after you to the ends of the world”, that was the information from Lotte. Speaking of that, she said that at the worst time, Falma had a broken bone.


「By the way, was I not being taught of Divine Arts from Ellen」

「The two of them, they were teaching you. Ah, but Palle-sama and Eleonore-sama are childhood friends but they are rivals forever. In front of them together, please be careful to not make it a topic」


Palle and Ellen are the same age. Both of them have high pride, and it seems that they are competing against each other thinking that their self is better as a pharmacist and as a divine art user.


「Thank you for the valuable information, Lotte」


It would be dreadful if he would step a landmine.


「Thinking about it, my body has gone dull」


“It would be frustrating losing one-sidedly, maybe I should train myself after a long time”, and, when he went to the garden and test shot divine techniques using the silver staff for a few times.

Very unfortunately, the staff was split into two.




「Ehhh?! You want a new divine staff? Didn’t you have one」


The next day, Ellen who had listen to what happened in the pharmacy let out a loud voice.


「Yesterday, it broke when I was training by myself. I, only had that one, so」


“You will be half-killed by your elder brother if you do not have a staff”, Lotte threatened him, so Falma, he was in a hurry needing to find one within today.


「If it is not the divine staff for combat of a high-ranked divine art user, it might get broken again」


If it would include for combat purpose in addition to for diagnosis, one that is made slim would not be able to receive Falma’s divine powers. Ellen who had judged that, reached the conclusion that the divine staff that is suitable for him in the imperial capital.


「Falma-kun, why do you want a staff after all this time? Can’t you use high-level divine arts and divine techniques even without a staff. Divine staffs for battle are heavy and it’s an hindrance to hold while walking around you know?」


It’s true that Ellen had always had a huge staff for high-level divine arts user that can be both used for combat and diagnosis. It’s devised that it can be folded making it easier to carry.


「Didn’t you say that nobles should be not walking around without divine staffs?」


“Divine staff, they help the transmission of the divine powers when divine arts are used and when divine techniques are activated, it’s something that you don’t need if you can use divine arts as you desired”, Ellen explained.


「No, but, I want it」

「If you want it that much, you want to go to the divine staff store that makes Her Imperial Majesty’s staff? I think that it would be expensive though」

「I’ll go during lunch break」

「You’re really in a hurry huh, divine staffs are not chosen in a hurry. It’s something that you decide after thinking about it for a long time and looking around many stores」


It looks like Ellen wondered why it became like that. “Elder brother is coming back so it’s needed”, he couldn’t say that to Ellen. Because it seems like they were rivals, so it would be bothering if it became troublesome.


「Excuse me, Medicine God-sama. Are you searching for a divine staff」


The one who interrupted, was the Head Priest of the Guardian Temple. He is coming to the pharmacy just like this every day during the breaks of the temple activities. And, for some reason (probably to Falma) he prays, and returns after buying medicine and drinking water. “He’s a real customer who buys medicine, but I can’t help feeling that the daily prayers are the main reason”, is what both Ellen and Falma is thinking.


「Ah, yes. But please stop calling me that」


He didn’t listen even though Falma told him that. Of course, he does not say that out in a loud voice in front of customers. Every time the Head Priest call him that, Lotte makes a clueless expression.


「Our temple has the hidden treasure that is fitting for Medicine God-sama. I shall bring it at once」


He said that it’s the hidden treasure called「Medicine God’s Staff」that can be used for combat, diagnosis, healing, and it can endure the use of the four elemental divine arts. He said that there is the custom of exchanging the hidden treasures between each temples of the Guardian Temple, and the Head Priest had done great efforts to obtain that in exchange of a few hidden treasures.


「Will you lend it to me? It’s scary that I might break it again. Also, it looks expensive so theft too」

「There is no worry for theft, the true divine staff cannot be touched by humans」

「That, I can’t use it then」


Falma became worried. In front of his elder brother, he needs a divine staff that he can use until tomorrow. Nothing would be solved receiving a staff that humans cannot use. He would be only half-killed.


「Hahaha, please, please. Leave us with your jokes. If it would be used by you, the divine staff would be delightful too」


And within that day, the Head Priest took even 20 security priests with him, and went to the pharmacy with a carriage. It is the Head Priest who is quick with his feet. As likely as a hidden treasure, the security personnel and the strictness are very tight. The patients, they got rowdy thinking of what was happening.

The Head Priest entered the shop through the back entrance, and offered something that was the like of a treasure box to Falma with deep reverence. Geometrical figures were drawn without leaving an empty space inside the treasure box, and the staff were constrained by many chains, and it was as if it sealed the divine staff. He said that a human cannot touch inside.

The Medicine God’s Staff was as long as the height of an adult male, made with bluish crystal materials, it has beautiful decorations, a few transparent jewels were placed in its grip, and it has the Medicine God’s sacred crest.


「A beautiful staff that is mesmerizing. There’re even five transparent crystal stones」


Ellen lets out a sigh looking at the lavish jewels.


「What is a crystal stone?」


The answer to Falma’s question, she said that crystal stones can stock divine powers and very convenient for boosting, that it’s something like a divine power battery. The more it is huge and the more that the transparent crystal stones are stuck into it, the stronger the divine arts can be used. Being said that, he looked at it, the stone were completely transparent.


「How nice〜〜, Falma-kun can get this? For free? It’s nice your staff before broke」


Ellen who was a staff maniac childishly god jealous. She is very engrossed on collecting rare staffs, so she was jealous. Right now, the one that she is usually using, it was a long staff that had two blue crystal stones, but the size of the stones were very small.

Falma reached out his hand inside the treasure box, removed the chains that were strictly entangled, and took it out with both hands. He got surprised that the staff was light. The instant Falma held it, the staff shined vibrantly like a blue neon light.


「Ohh, as expected it is. That is yours from now on」


The Head Priest got moved to tears. There is some religious meaning that the user of the staff had appeared, but it is something that Falma does not know.


「Does Ellen want to touch it too?」

「Eh, is it okay?! Wa〜! Let me touch it just a bit〜!」


Ellen delightfully reached out her hands so Falma gave it to her slowly, but when he did that, the staff lost its light, and passed through Ellen’s hand falling down to the floor.




Falma and Ellen raised a voice at the same time. Ellen staggers in surprise, and her glasses fell to the floor.


「As I have said before, it is a staff that humans cannot touch」


The Head Priest interestingly smiled. “This is not something of the material world”, he said. It is expansible and it can become the size of the height of a person to tens of centimeters.


「I see now〜. As I’ve thought, Falma-kun, you were like that huh〜」


While looking at Falma who picked up the staff very uncomfortably, Ellen nodded suggestively. The Head Priest, it looks like he wanted to test if Falma could touch the staff.

Lotte alone couldn’t understand its meaning,「I wonder why can Falma-sama touch the staff that cannot be touched by a human」, she tilted her head. And, she couldn’t find an answer even if she thought of it, so she went to the kitchen on the third floor to prepare the tea for the Head Priest.


「Head Priest-san. This staff, does it perhaps, have buoyancy?」


Falma immediately noticed. When he held it in his hand, he had felt a buoyancy that almost made his body float.


「Yes, you should be able to fly if you pass through strong divine powers. That is written in the old documents, none have been able to test it though」


“Just like a witch flying to the skies with her broomstick, can I fly riding the staff”. Falma passed through divine powers, and sat on the staff. And doing that, Falma’s body floated in the air. The people in that place got surprised, and raised a loud voice near a scream.




「Flying to the sky using a staff, I had never heard that before」


Ellen staggered and stepped back a few steps.


「It is not powers that a human can take out after all, there is also probably no precedent」

「Rather than that, Eleonore-sama, you stepped on your glasses」


When Cedrick pointed that out pitifully, *Kya〜*, Ellen raised a scream as usual. Ellen, it seems like she immediately drops her glasses when her concentration falls. “Don’t she need glasses that wouldn’t fall, ones that have proper temple tips that can rest properly in her ears”, Falma thought. But even so,


「I might be able to save traveling time when going to a house call, or going to Marseille Province」


It takes time traveling using horses.


「If an apothecary goes to a house call flying from the sky, I wonder if the patient-san wouldn’t die of surprise」


Ellen seriously got worried of that.


「Thank you for the nice thing, Head Priest-san」

「It is my utmost honor that you are delighted. In the Great Temple, there are valuable hidden treasures. I know, if it is the Medicine God-sama, he might be able to read the sacred letters of the great hidden treasure. Of what that is, we were not able to find out even after gathering many scholars」


The Head Priest spoke with excitement.


「Great hidden treasure……?」


“He〜”, both Ellen and Cedric got impressed. Both of them, it looks like they didn’t even know its existence.


「Once, if you can look at the Great Temple’s great hidden treasure. It is a hidden treasure that has a half-transparent rectangular shape, it has a bluish tint, it is carved with an elaborate drawing of a black-haired person, sacred emblem, and sacred letters」

「He〜, that sounds like a card」


Falma got interested in it. “Thinking about it, I have yet to meet a black-haired human in this world. The one who is drawn there, I wonder if it’s one of the Asian race”.


「But, if I went to the Temple’s headquarters, I’ll be killed right」


“I’m fed up with inquisitions. It’s tiring fighting while being careful not to injure the enemy, and the commotion with threatening someone.” The Head Priest, “There would not be an inquisition of I explain”, he said that and,


「If they would understand that it is the living Medicine God, it is possible for you to be deified by the Great Temple」



Falma couldn’t help but raise that voice.

“Leaving on the side the things about the Medicine God, it’s better to not get near the Great Temple”, Falma carved in his heart.


「I will have my subordinate who is a technologist of the Great Temple make an exquisite imitation of it, please look at it for once, and decipher the sacred letters」


It would take a few months to receive the replica, is what he said.




「Palle de Medicis. I have returned」


The next day. Together with his three attendants, Falma’s elder brother Palle had returned in horseback from his long journey cheerfully. It was a blue-eyed boy who had long silver hair and a fearless atmosphere with a tight body, whose facial features were not that similar to Falma.  

He immediately went to greet his parents.

Bruno, he was saying that he would make it a secret to Palle that Falma had become independent receiving forgiveness of the Empress herself to become a Royal Court Apothecary, and founded an imperial-sanctioned pharmacy, until he graduated from the Norbatz University of Medicine and gain his license as a Royal Court Apothecary.   

“There is a week for Palle’s homecoming, leaving behind Palle who was the eldest son, if he found out that he became a Royal Court Apothecary without graduating from the university, Palle might lose the will for his studies and drop out from the university”, Bruno said. Falma also thought that that might be the case, so he agreed.

Palle who didn’t know about anything, came to Falma’s room and lets out a big brother attitude.


「Were you doing well, my younger brother!」

「It has been a while, Elder Brother」


Falma, he wanted to ask specifically the stories about things like how was the dormitory lifestyle in the Norbatz Univerity, and what was being taught in the university, but first, it looks like pushing his weak younger brother and younger sister through hard words is the rite of passing as the elder brother.


「Yo〜sh, well then, your elder brother will play with you immediately until dinner! Had you gotten stronger a little?!」

「It’s raining so, wouldn’t it be better if it’s sunny?」


It was raining heavily with thunder roaring outside. Falma wouldn’t get a cold, but his elder brother will get a serious cold. Because his elder brother sounded a little nasal.


「Did you think that you would be let off with only rain? Water attribute divine arts users will get wet after fighting anyways. Getting taught by someone like Eleonore, your guts are even weak. I’ll retrain that guts of yours!」


And his elder brother, he was someone who is terrifyingly a muscle brain, or a hot-blooded man.

Within the heavy rains, Falma was forcefully brought by his elder brother to a very wide field-like place within their province. It looks like Blanche had successfully escaped. As expected of her who was usually playing hide and seek endurance fight with Lotte.


(Can you please let me off doing it within the heavy rains)


Falma made the heavy rains stop completely with the negative ability of his right hand.


「What, the rain had cleared huh. This is ideal. Take out your staff, we’ll do it thoroughly」


Palle took out a seemingly expensive long black staff for combat that had two red crystal stones, and Falma, he held the Medicine God’s Staff that he just gained yesterday from his waist, extending it while stealing his elder brother’s eyes. And Palle who didn’t know the value of that,


「To think that you would buy a crystal staff that has only extravagant decorations. You’re someone who would make it with appearances first huh. I will crush your guts together with that staff」


He was very angry. The Medicine God’s Staff, he was able to hide the 5 transparent crystal stones by holding its handle part with both hands. It looks like Palle could only see it as a long glass stick.


「Let’s do it, Falma. Show me your strength!」


When Palla raised his black staff high, he turned it for a spin.


「”Jeux d’eau (Playing Water)”」


His elder brother, he hit the activation spell while swinging his staff very clearly and smoothly. According to Lotte, it looks like Palle’s skill in divine arts competes for the best in the university.

The numerous water bullets attacked Falma while creating exceeding the sound shockwaves. It seems like he holds back, but Falma jumped and dodged, hit it back with his staff, and got through the attack. Passing divine powers to the Medicine God’s Staff, he could see his opponent’s attacks very slow, and his physical strength heightens.


「Aren’t you tough. We’re just starting」


Palle who saw that, it looks like his battle instincts was stimulated by it.




The high-level divine technique that even Ellen had a hard time too, he shot it without difficulties. The water that was shot from the staff became a water giant, and attacks Falma as if to crush him.


「”Tornade de l’eau(Water Tornado)”」


Falma also hit chanted an activation spell, and the giant’s attack was absorbed by the tornado. He approached his hand just like that to the water that was rolling up,


「”Sanctuaire de l’eau(Water Sanctuary)”」


Falma encircled his elder brother with a water barrier.  He thought that his movements were stopped by that, but his elder brother, he was also good, making water cannons from the inside and destroying the encirclement with quantity.


「Palle-sama, Falma-sama. It is time for dinner」


When the sun has completely set and Simon the house steward came to call them on horseback, the brothers were still shooting at each other drenched with water. They continued to fight for a full hour. His elder brother was full of wounds, but Falma had none.


「You’re pretty……good……huh」


While pointing at Falma, his elder brother collapsed to the grassland with his limbs stretched out.

His face was completely red, and he had a high fever. It looks like he had a serious cold because of the drenched training. Falma, he treated his injuries there, but he didn’t cure his elder brother’s cold thinking it would be better to let the heat out properly.


「Hohho, it is Falma-sama’s win this time it is」


The steward played with his beard, and made a sweet smile.


「I think that he’d say that it isn’t settled yet」


There were strong divine powers that had gathered in that grassland, but there was no priest there so no one had seen it.


「Haa〜, I was done by the Head Chef again〜」


At that day, Lotte ate a freshly baked bread as the Head Chef had planned, and just as had she wanted to, she was not able to eat the「Huge Feast」that she was saying.












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