Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Defense Specialized and Event Finished






The players transformed into light and disappeared.

Sally sheathed her dagger then sat on the ground.

There were many invaders that came, but none of them were able to injure Sally.

The sixth day has almost ended.


「Only 30 minutes left huh…」


Since the last attack, there was no one who came for a while, so it is currently 11:30 pm right now.

As long as Maple regains her abilities, they would be able to freely roam around.

It is also alright to stay in this dungeon just like now, or go out as well.


「Today’s… last opponent…?」


Sally stood up and drew her dagger.

She heard someone coming.





Sally and the intruder faced each other.

There was only one intruder.

Her equipments were beautiful Japanese clothes and katana.


「We… met again!」

「Haa〜… what have you come here for, Kasumi?」


That’s right. The intruder was Kasumi.

Kasumi has not even placed her hand on her katana.

It just shows that she does not plan on fighting.


Sally does not have the eagerness to fight her as well.

She would retaliate if Kasumi were to attack her, but they opponent was someone she cooperated with to clear a dungeon.

Sally was not thinking of attacking from her side at all.


「I’m also someone who possesses medals after all. I just thought of hiding myself」

「It’s the same with us huh」

「As I’ve thought; Maple’s around right? I don’t see her though…」

「Maple is staying deep inside」

「Is it alright to go and see her?」

「You’ll die in an instant if you can’t walk on poison you know?」


Hearing Sally say that, Kasumi seems to have guessed the situation inside, so she did not look like she was going.


「Well, I think she’ll come out sooner or later. I asked Maple to keep my medals, so… it’s like, I’m defeating the players that target the medals here」


Hearing that, Kasumi suggested one thing.


「If so, can I stay here as well? It’s full of battles when I’m walking outside, so…」


Many players can recognize Kasumi, so there should be a lot of instances when she needs to fight when walking outside.


「Okay. Kill them if anyone comes」

「Understood. I also want to take back my gold medals with me」


The mid-bosses became two.

However, there should be fewer players who would think that Sally’s a monster, since Kasumi joined her.

However, instead, the allure of getting medals was added, so probably, the possibility of a fight was not less.

When the two girls have guarded the passage ahead while talking, Maple came from the back passage.


「Sally! They leveled up〜! Look, look〜! ……a-re?」


Syrup and Oboro were following Maple by her side.

Maple and Kasumi’s eyes met then.


「Kasumi?! Why are you here?!」


「n〜… that’s, well, it’s to protect my medals……but, what’s up with those two?」


Kasumi is the first person other than Maple and Sally who have seen Syrup and Oboro.


「They are our partners〜!」


They hadn’t talked about the monster bird when they had met before, so Maple told her.

Kasumi was surprised by the unbelievable strength of the monster bird, and the fact that they had defeated it.


「The rewards are eggs huh… right now, only the two of you should have them. I had also met a lot of players, but they did not have one」


Kasumi had guessed right.

Currently, only Maple and Sally have pet beasts.

It is unknown what will happen in the events from now on, but probably, clearing a high difficulty dungeon should be a requirement.


「Oh, right, I’ll return Oboro okay?」

「n, thanks」


The two girls returned their equipments.


「What do you want to do? You wanna leave this cave?」


Since Maple has resurrected, they should be able to survive even if they do not hide in this cave.

However, it seems like Maple was not eager to go out.

Maple thinks that it is more important to protect their medals carefully.

Maple told her thoughts to Sally.


「If so… it would be great if you block the passage」

「n, I got it!」


Maple walked towards the entrance of the hall and drew out Shingetsu.

A huge violet magic circle was created.




The poison dragon messed up the passage while advancing towards the entrance.

Maple was clueless about the fact that along the way, it devoured one party, and crashed into the players in the entrance.

Maple then walked through that passage, and after walking for a while, she used【Venom Capsule】and returned.


「With this, we should be safe!」

「Kasumi and I, won’t be able to get out anymore though〜」

「Ahh, I see. That’s true…… I believe you okay?」


Kasumi is unable to escape in this situation.

It means, it is possible to steal her medals.

Without needing to be asked, the other two girls did not plan to do that.


「With this, we only need to spend one day」


The time, it had already passed midnight.

It should be better to sleep here once.

There is no need to intentionally wait for the 7th day to end while tired.

To be sure, the three of them took turns to guard while sleeping.

In the end, there was not even one intruder who appeared, and they were able to wake up well.

Occasionally, there were also players who have poison resistance who entered but still died.


「Good morning」

「Good morning!」

「Good morning. It’s the last day huh」


The long was finally about to end.

Maple and Sally were able to clear their goal, and it was a fascinating event.


「Ah, that’s right! We don’t know when the medals would be needed, so I’ll give Sally her share okay?」


Maple took out Sally’s share of medals from her inventory and gave it to Sally.




Sally carefully received that and kept it.

Kasumi did not spend all of her efforts to search for silver medals, and was fine as long as she had her gold medal, so she does not have silver medals as much as Maple and Sally.


「But, it’s somewhat, right? We don’t have anything to do today right?」

「That’s true」

「Then, you want to play with Maple’s toys? You have a lot right?」


Maple agreed with Sally’s suggestion and took out the things that she had one by one.

Within them, there was also Othello.


「Kanade was really strong〜」


Maple remembered when she played with Kanade. They promised to play again when they meet each other again.


「Kanade? Who is that?」


Kasumi did not know Kanade, so Maple told her.

And because of the flow of the conversation, she also told Kasumi about the fight against the giant squid, so she was very surprised.

Players like the two who have continuously fought against strong enemies should be rare.


「Isn’t Maple just weak?」

「Mumumu… you’ve said it〜? Then play with me okay?」



The game started with Maple choosing black and Sally with white.


The result.

The board was almost covered with black color.


「Eh…? Maple, aren’t you too strong?」

「I’m quite good at it you know? I lose to Kanade though…」

「Then, let’s do a different game! Something that we can play with the three of us」


Sally could not bear to lose as well, so they decided to play a different game.

She understood that she did not have any chance of winning with Othello.


And just like that, while the three girls were playing, not even one player had disturbed their time.

And, finally.


The end of the event has come.

An announcement echoed throughout the field, and the players would be teleported to the place they were before after five minutes.

With this, the two girls must part with Kasumi again.


「Then, when we return」

「Yeah, let’s meet again」


A new encounter and new powers obtained.

The second event ended with the two girls full of satisfaction.




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