Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Defense Specialized and The Sixth Day of the Event



The two girls stood up after a while.

They stepped into the magic circle and teleported to the top of the cliff.

They saw the ruins when they turned around.

The deep hole that seemed to pierce through the sea already disappeared.


「With this, the capture’s finished right?」

「Probably… we don’t have enough medals though」

「Ah〜, I see… two more」


The two girls have slept for quite long, and it is currently 9 am of the sixth day.


「Dungeons that have not yet been captured… it would be either it has very high difficulty… or haven’t found yet」

「I see… then, we should start walking right away」


Maple was about to walk forward.



「Un. About that? Maple doesn’t have【skills for today】right?」

「Eh?!……ah! That’s right!」


They have fought the squid after midnight.

Both【Akushoku】and【Hydra】cannot be used anymore on the sixth day.

One of Maple’s weaknesses is that she has a lot of cooldowns.

Fights soon after the day have passed would greatly limit Maple’s movement in that day.


「Well, I’ll do something about players too, so… we should just think about it when we find a dungeon」


The battle against the squid might have resulted in a different way without Maple fighting with all of her strength.

It was something done so there was nothing that they could do.


「For the mean time, let’s trace the coastline. It still continues after all」


The two girls left the ruins and advanced.


「After we get two medals, would you like to raise Oboro and Syrup?」

「Oh, that sounds good!」


Maple and Sally had fought only strong enemies, so they were unable to raise their two pets.

Because of that, their level is still low.


「Dungeons… we can’t enter it again after it’s captured once right?」

「Kanade was saying something like that」


The two girls believe that there was no more sea dungeon.

It has not changed that the sea is to the left, and the forest only continues to the right.


「This, maybe we should start seriously targeting other players」

「Mu〜… it can’t be helped huh」


Maple was not very assertive towards PK, but she decided to reason it out, that it cannot be helped in a hunt or be hunted environment.

The two girls have met many players who tried to defeat them.

Because of that, she guessed that it was a common way of thinking.


「If so… let’s enter the forest. Maple? Can you see that mountain?」

「n〜? I can see it」

「Let’s go there. I think that players would gather in a place that stands out like that」


What Sally pointed at was a different mountain from the mountain terrain that they climbed on the second day.

It looked like there might be a dungeon there, but it also looks like it would be easily captured since it is a terrain that stands out.


「Well then… let’s go」


The two girls walked towards the mountain.


After three hours since the girls decided their objective.

They were inside a cave that can be found half way of the mountain.

Although they were able to see several players from far away, they ran away from the girls at maximum speed.

“If I would need to leave Maple whose fighting power had decreased to the lowest extreme, then……”, Sally thought and gave up chasing those players.


「And so… can Maple stay here and hide?」

「Understood! Sorry?」

「It’s okay, it’s okay! You did great during the squid battle too」


Sally operated the blue panel and hands the ring that she equipped to Maple.

It was the ring that connects her with Oboro.


「Your HP would go down but… I’ll leave Oboro as your bodyguard too okay?」


Maple removed her Toughness Ring and called out Syrup and Oboro after wearing the ring.


「Well then… I’ll go now!」

「Do your best!」


Sally left the cave.

Both Syrup and Oboro has abilities equal to normal players.

Abilities that should be enough for a certain level of guarding.

If Maple gets defeated, the medal that they gathered up to now will disappear.


「The responsibility is huge…… I know!」


Although there was no boss room, was this a dungeon before? The cave was very wide.

It was a cave that was similar to an ant’s nest.

Maple is in the deepest part of that cave.


「【Venom Capsule】!」


She unsummoned Oboro and Syrup to prevent self-destruction and spread the poisonous capsule.

It was an ability that Maple can use even in a normal state.


「Until Sally returns… I must live」


Maple’s poison fills the narrow path of the cave at a regular interval.

The dungeon was started to get covered by a poisonous swamp gimmick.

That scene was as if Maple turned to the new boss of this dungeon.


「Don’t come〜! Don’t come anybody〜!」


Maple expands the capsule.


While Maple was releasing poison, Sally was outside the cave.


「If it’s only me… there should be lots of players that would think they could defeat me」


Many players know of Maple’s appearance.

The players who ran away saw Maple’s unique equipments and ran away.

They all understood Maple’s danger.


However, it is different for Sally.

Sally was completely unknown.


Sally has the same level of abnormal ability as Maple, and more aggressive than Maple.

There was almost no one who knows that.


And, right now, Sally does not have anything to lose.

Maple is keeping all of the medals.


「It looks like…… I can go on a rampage after a long time?」


For Sally, fighting with Maple is fun, but there is a different charm with fighting alone.


Sally runs down the mountain.

The time is still in the afternoon and visibility is also good.


「Oh! There they are」


Sally found a two female pair walking in the forest. They were being vigilant of the surroundings and noticed Sally’s approach.


「Let’s go!」



They were equipped with a one-handed sword and a spear.

The one-handed sword was also equipped with a shield.


「【Gale Thrust】!」


The player equipped with a one-handed sword had entered her next movement while calculating Sally’s reaction towards the spear that thrust forward.

She seemed to be dagger-equipped so hitting her after she lost her balance should be good.

She probably planned it that way.


If it were a normal player, they would have pulled back or dodged to the sides.

The one-handed sword woman expected that her opponent this time would fall back and zeroed the distance dashing.

By doing that, she would also be able to react if the opponent dodges to the side.


That is, if Sally was normal.




Sally’s evasion is different.

She twisted her body and advanced while barely avoiding the spear. Her dagger draws near to the spearwoman that was completely caught off guard.


「【Double Slash】!」


Red effects scattered but the woman somehow survives.

She instinctively pulled back her spear then swung it horizontally.


「No way?!」


Sally dodged that spear by bending backwards. The woman’s thought process stopped after seeing that inhuman reaction speed.


「Okay, it’s the end」


Sally’s dagger zeroed that woman’s HP Bar this time for sure.


「【Power Blade】!」


A quick vertical cut approaches from behind Sally.


“I got her.”

The woman thought.




It was as if she had eyes on her back.

Sally turns her body sideways.

Just because of that, the sword that aimed towards Sally passed through as if it was the one that dodged Sally.




Sally crosses with the woman while cutting her flank.

The woman felt it was very eerie.

She would get more disadvantaged the more she attacked.



「【Wind Cutter】!」


Sally’s magic attack caught the woman who was trying to think of ways of how to land an attack on Sally off guard.

She was just that panicking against an abnormal opponent.




The woman dodged to the side.

And then, the woman noticed while she loses her balance that it was as if her plan earlier was happening only to her.




It is very difficult for a normal player to win a head-on battle against a player defies common sense.

This time, a miracle did not happen.


「Well then, there’s… no medal huh」


Sally started to walk, searching for her next prey.

Coincidentally, there were many players around here on the sixth day.

And those players started rumors after the event ended.


They said, 【she disappears like a phantom】.

They said, 【the sword dodges on its own】.

They said, 【it’s a ghost】


The massacre that will be called 【the nightmare in the sixth-day】 later on has just started.




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