Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Defense Specialized and Squid Subjugation 2



「I know already, it’s that! If it comes to this, let’s attack the water with more poison!」

「Then… I’ll,【Akushoku】the tentacles〜!」

「Do it!」


Maple’s【Akushoku】devoured the tentacles.

And every time, red crystals appeared.

This is her last MP charge.

And for Sally, she had already regained her composure, and started to think of the fishes that appeared infinitely as just experience points after she got used to them.

They only give small experience points, but they only have a small HP so it was easy for Sally to hunt them.

On top of that, it connects to not letting the fishes get on Maple’s way.


「I should leave it to Maple and do what I can」


Sally ran around as usual and fought against the fishes with hit and away.


Sally left all of it to Maple.

And that Maple.


「Well〜… I hope it goes well〜…」


Maple approached the wall of water.

The tentacles have just been erased earlier, so there is an absolute time of peace for a moment.

The fishes did not care and continued to attack Maple.


「Oh〜… they look cute when closer!」


Maple reached out her hand towards the fish and that fish tackled towards that hand repeatedly.

Because of Maple’s smile, the scene of her being attacked by a monster changed to a scene of her playing with a fish.


「It’s better if you get away you know〜?」


Maple stabbed Shingetsu towards the wall of water.




The poison dragon that was not aimed at anything jumped into the water.

Of course, it melted in the water and was unable to deal direct damage to the squid.


「The beautiful sea〜, to a poisonous sea〜!」


The area of the sea is quite vast and she still needs to shoot a lot of them.

However, the water is gradually turning purple. The color is darker than before.


「I should get away from the wall so that it can’t shoot me tentacles」


Even the water that the fishes scattered, it surpassed the poison that Maple herself created and return to the middle.

She needs a little more time to use【Hydra】.

And before that, the tentacles would regenerate as well.

Sally has not attacked the squid at all since earlier, so of course, all of it would go towards Maple.


「Whatever… do what you want!」


Maple laid down on the ground.

She thought that it is useless to resist since she is not able to run away and would be played like a ball again.




After she had laid down, the tentacles slapped her from above.

Unlike when she was standing, she was not being bounced around.


「This is good! So good!」

「Uwwa… she’s doing something again…」


Sally is also pulling the fishes behind her to a marathon, so it was something similar.




After a while, Maple stood up and shot into the water. And, she laid down once again.

She found out that she would not be thrown around by the tentacles while lying down, so she laid down on a place where she only needs to reach out Shingetsu to the water wall.

And just like that, Maple planned on waiting until the next time.

But a certain change happened.

That was the same with Sally




They saw the squid’s HP decreasing for a bit.

It was a small change might have been a misjudgment, but they were able to see the instant when the HP Bar decreased.


「It decreased a little!」

「Un, it looks like so. But…」


The time until it decreased again after it decreased once was very long.

It was five minutes. On top of that, its HP only decreased by 1mm.

Waiting for it to lose all of its HP like this would be very difficult.


It means, the poison is still too weak.

However, just knowing that it works is a good harvest.


「Do your best!」

「Un! I’ll do my best!」


After that, the reduction of its HP bar accelerated after a few【Hydra】s were shot.

They succeeded in removing 10% of its HP after an hour has passed.

The squid has still 60% remaining on its HP Bar.

If this goes on, it will take them 6 hours.


「【Poison Lance】!」


Maple has no bullets left for【Hydra】, so she shot a different skill thinking it might add to it even a little.


「Running for six hours is a little…」

「What should we do…」


They thought and thought of it, but there were no means that could change the current situation instantly.

And just like that, one hour has passed again. The squid’s HP decreased to 50%.




Maple was laying down beside the wall of water, so she understood instantly.

She found out that the area of the water has spread.

The walls and ceiling are approaching.

And when it stopped expanding, there are only half remaining of the space where the two are currently in.


Additionally, the squid started to spit out squid ink.

Because of that, they cannot see the squid’s appearance.

It will have been a very troublesome attack if they have tried to clear it straightforwardly.

After all, it was already difficult to move in the water, and the vision would be stolen on top of that.

However, it had nothing to do to the two who were doing something far away from a straightforward way.


「Maple! How many【Akushoku】do you still have?」

「Only one!」

「……reserve it!」

「Got it!」


Maple did not understand what Sally is planning, but she decided to reserve it, and continued to receive the attacks.

Because the water has approached, the speed that the fishes entered accelerated.

It means that it would be more difficult for Sally to run away.




It was a good plan for Maple to receive them because it was difficult for Sally to run away.

She would lose everything if she dies just for experience points.



「It’s nothing much!」


It seems that the squid ink was not being released continuously, and just like Maple’s poison, it spread and started to dilute.

It looks like there was no second squid ink attack, it only returned to swimming elegantly.


「There huh… I think it barely reaches…? Yosh! Maple!」


Sally called Maple.

Of course, Maple stood up and approached her.


「What will we do?!」

「Follow me! 【Leap】!」


Although she leaped towards the squid that became nearer, she lacked 15 meters.


「【Cover Move】!」


Maple followed her just as she was told.


「Let’s go!【Shoulder Throw】!」


Sally grabbed Maple and threw her towards the water’s surface.



「【Impact Fist】!」


A bullet of air was released from Sally’s fist and broke the water surface while pushing Maple.

Maple who was thrown straight towards the squid swung her shield.

Its HP Bar decreased suddenly.


「This is Maple Cannon!」

「H-Hey, what about my landing?!」

「……I didn’t think of it」


It was just a little ahead in the future when



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