Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Defense Specialized and Squid Subjugation



Thirty minutes have passed since the battle started.


「Well… what should we do……」

「Sally〜! Have you thought of something〜?」

「n〜… not yet〜」


Sally thought while standing still.

The reason she can do that is because the attacks have concentrated on Maple who attacked the tentacles first.

Maple is being tickled by the giant squid’s tentacle attacks.


「As usual… what an absurd defense……」


The attacks that would push normal players to either death or heavy injuries was the same as a rabbit’s tackle for Maple.

Even now, Maple is being hit by the tentacle attacks and was being thrown around like a ball.


「Maple〜! I’ll go and swim to take a look at the squid nearby〜!」

「Un, be careful〜!」


She tried things like Wind Magic, but it was blocked by a thick layer of water and did not reach the squid’s main body.


There was also the idea of killing it with poison by Maple shooting【Hydra(Poison Dragon)】 into the water, but if that fails, Sally would not be able to enter the water as well, so they left that as the last resort if they cannot do anything anymore.


Sally quickly entered the water wall. She got on her guard because it might be the same water as her【Ocean】but it was normal water.

Sally swam towards the squid.

Of course, it was not like all of the tentacles was attacking Maple.

There were tentacles remaining that would attack those who approach.

Of course, it attacked Sally.


「Ohh〜… as expected of Sally〜…」


What Maple who was being thrown around by the tentacles saw when she looked up was Sally’s appearance of approaching the squid’s main body while evading the tentacles as if it was easy.


「Oh! It’s HP Bar decreased!」


It was just that time when Sally’s dagger slashes the giant squid’s body while releasing effects.

Maple was being attacked by the tentacles while that happened, but Maple also started to get leeway from being used to it.


「n〜? It’s HP is lower than I thought…」


After Sally released five consecutive skill attacks, its HP Bar has already decreased by 10%.




Maple fell to the ground because the tentacle attacks suddenly stopped.

The tentacles’ attack target changed to Sally from Maple because she inflicted damage on the main body.

Sally seemed to have noticed that as well and started to quickly swim back.


Even if Sally is great at evading, there are super wide ranged attacks that cannot be dodged.

There would be nothing left of her if all of the wide tentacles attacked her at once.



「【Cover Move】!【Cover】!」


Maple did not use【Akushoku】here. She received the tentacle attacks that aimed towards Sally and her armor pounded.




The eight tentacles that were about to attack them were devoured by the poison dragon.

There was no need to make a plan for the poison dragon to hit the giant squid that lacks speed compared to the monster bird.

It did not have the speed to dodge it.


「Well, it would regenerate though」


There was no effect on its HP Bar, and its tentacles would regenerate no matter it was destroyed.

However, it was not like that action was completely useless.

By destroying all of those eight tentacles, its target changed to Maple.

She was thrown around like a ball again.


「Sally, I’ll leave it to you!」

「Thanks! I’ll count on you!」


Sally entered the waters again.

Sally attacks and Maple would receive the enemy’s attacks.

Each time the attack target shifts to Sally, she would return to Maple and make it so that the attack target would return to Maple.

They decided to repeat that, at least until the pattern changes.


It looks very simple, but it is impossible to endure the eight tentacles’ concentrated attacks if it was not Maple.

If it is not someone like Sally who have【Diving】and【Swimming】, it would be difficult to approach the squid, and it would be hard to deal damage.

It is because the two girl’s abilities were good against the giant squid that they could be at an advantage.


However, they were unable to continue that until the end.

When Sally damaged it until there was 70% left, its movement pattern changed.

Magic circles appeared around the squid and fishes came out of there one next to the other.

They were monsters without a doubt.

The fishes approached the directions that each of the two girls was in.

The tentacles that attacked Maple changed its target again and returned to the waters.


「……they’re swimming in air」


The place where Maple was in was not underwater, but the fishes plunged out of the water without care, and swam in the air with blue effects.

It was a fantastic scene, but the fishes are monsters. There was no time to be moved.

The fishes tackled from each direction.


「n〜…【Paralyze Shaft】!」


*Kin*, a clear sound echoed and the fishes lost their abilities to move their bodies and fell to the ground.

The giant squid and the fishes in the water were outside of range so they were not paralyzed.


「As I’ve thought, this is convenient!」

「Haa〜……! I finally got away」


*BashaBashaBasha*, Sally went out of the water while making sounds.

Of course, the remaining fishes and tentacles followed after Sally.

But even so, the reason why Sally could declare that she had got away is because Maple is there.

Maple is near, that means it is an absolute safe area.





Maple drew out Shingetsu that she just sheathed earlier.

A purple magic circle came out of its blade.

It is Maple’s strongest attack that she had activated many times, as well as her favorite.




That melted all of the fishes that went towards them, devoured even the tentacles that followed, and.


It plunged into the water.




The poison dragon that jumped into the water gradually melted its body into the water.

It should be not their imagination that the water became slightly purple colored.

It is unknown what would happen if Sally entered there.


「H-H-H-Hey, what will we do?!」

「W-W-W-What will we do?」

「T-That’s right! The squid! The squid’s HP Bar!」


They stared intently, but its HP Bar did not seem to decrease.

The melted tentacles started to get revived as well.

The paralyzed fishes also started to float up with blue effects.

New fishes were added as well.


「F-For the meantime, run around, Sally!」

「I’ll defeat the fishes while I’m at it too!」

「I’m really sorry!」


The overflowing fishes.

The eight tentacles that attacked.

It looks like the fishes did not only have tackles as attacks, they started to scatter water with the same color of the blue effects.


「Maple! It might have the same effects of my【Ocean】!」

「I-I already got wet! …my movements gets slow……or not?」

「I-I see, you have【AGI 0】so there’s nothing left to decrease huh! No, if so, there’s also the possibility that it’s just water… I-I don’t know anymore!」


Because of Maple’s simple miss, their stable cycle collapsed without a trace, and there were poison liquid and unknown fluids on the ground. The fishes flying around and the tentacles that swayed around.

Maple who was being thrown around.

Within that situation, the two girls panicked screaming “wa〜, wa〜!” while they thought of their next plan.




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