Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Defense Specialized and Ancient Heart



Maple immediately called Sally using the message function.

Sally rushed up to the huge fountain without a minute passing.


「Oh〜… it’s shining〜」

「Un, I thought that there’s something」


Sally entered the basin and activated【Ocean】.


「The light got stronger, but… it looks like there’s no use」


All of the【Ocean】got sucked in.

Sally drops her shoulder because there was no advancement again, but Maple seemed to have thought of something and started talking.


「What about… the same time? Look! There are four fountains drawn in the picture too!」

「That’s true… but, it would be impossible to catch up making water. It’s impossible even if【Super Acceleration】was used」

「Since nothing’s gonna change like this… would you like to try?」

「Eh? What?」

「It’s not only Sally who can make【Liquids】」


Maple said and told Sally about the plan she thought of.


「Eh!……I, see. Un… that’s right. Let’s just try」


Sally activated【Ocean】in the basin once again.

But a moment before that, Maple shouted.




That is right, poison is also liquid.

And this Poison Dragon has three heads.

Each of them shot towards the small fountains that the basin itself was sunk.

On top of not knowing whether it should be at the same time, the two girls do not know whether it must absolutely be water as well.

However, even so, they still had to test it.


The reason for that has something to do with the time that this event occurs.

The time is almost 12 midnight.

Since they do not know when the lights shining would end, the next one will be the sixth day’s night.

They could not afford to wait that long.


Maple’s plan was full of holes, but it would seem that God was their ally this time.



「So bright…!!」


A flashing light reached out from the three fountains to the huge fountain.

The huge fountain’s light became stronger and stronger, and its red crystal flew up to the sky.

That crystal gathered moonlight, and when its light increased, it showered a red light and broke.



「W-What happens?」


The two girls carefully looked around but suddenly, a huge explosive sound echoed behind them.

The two turned around while getting surprised at the sound that echoed throughout the silent ruins.


「W-What is it?!」



The former main street that extended from the square with the huge fountain.

That continued to the cliff.

In there, there are a shrine and stone pierced to it.

However, what could be seen from far away was a white, shining something.

The sound from earlier included the sound that the shrine and stone getting destroyed.


The two girls approached to check that white shine, and found a magic circle that they so for many times in this event.

The two girls checked the place where the stone was pierced before, carefully not to step on the magic circle, but noticed something.



「T-This is……」


It is true that the sound of the stone getting destroyed was included in the explosive sound from before.

However, it was only included.

The explosive sound’s identity was.






It was the sound when an abysmal hole that tore the sea to connect to the dark deep sea had opened.




「There’s something down there, right……」

「Well, that should be the case. Maple, you want to jump down?」

「N-No way! That’s scary!」


It is currently midnight.

The courage to jump into the night sea that was eerie from the start and became a more frightening place was something that Maple did not have although she might withstand the damage.


「If so… we should step inside the magic circle… I think that it’s connected down under that hole too」

「It’s connected to an unexplored somewhere right?」



The two girls counted one to two and entered the magic circle at the same time.

Just like up until now, the two girls’ appearance became light particles and disappeared.








「This place is?」

「Sally? It’s too dark I can’t see…」

「Wait a bit okay?」


Sally took out a torch from her inventory and lit up their surroundings.


「Inside the sea… I think?」

「…ah!! Look up!」


Sally followed Maple’s voice and looked up. There is a small starry sky that could be seen there.


「There’s no doubt that we’re inside that hole」

「The path continues」


A beautifully made semi-circular passage continues.

The walls are all sea water.

Some kind of power had torn the sea and made a path.


「Let’s hurry up and pass through? It’s the end if it returns to normal after all」

「Un! That’s true」


They advanced through the undersea tunnel in the darkness with a fast pace.

It might have been a beautiful scenery in the morning, but there was nothing that could be done because the event was during the night.

The two seemed to get worried being in the darkness with only a torch is their light, they instinctively held each other’s hand.


「Ah!! There’s a light!」

「I-It’s true!」


The two accelerates their steps towards the light. The light gradually became bigger, and it had exceeded the two girls’ height when they reached it.



The source of the light was the sea.

It was a bright morning sea, as if the time had advanced for only that place.

The fishes merrily swam and bubbling sounds could be heard.

The sea that spread out like it repelled the deep dark sea changed the two girls’ mood after being worried within the darkness.

And, stairs made of corals were extending from there as if to penetrate through that sea.

And up ahead, there is a huge door decorated with corals. There was no doubt that it is the boss room that they have seen many times.


「【Cast out that evil】huh……are your battle preparations finished?」

「Un! I’m ready anytime!」


Maple made a stance with her large shield and appealed that she is all ready.

Sally took a deep breath and opened the door.

First, she checked what is inside the room with a glance.

Combat will start the instant they entered the room, so they won’t be able to leave if it does start.


Being able to check the terrain inside first might enable them to fight in an advantage.

The room’s condition is a very important thing especially to Sally who is focused on evading.


「Maple, it’s a half circular dome inside, and it’s bright. I mean, it’s similar to the place we are right now」

「Hou, hou」

「Also… it’s very wide. It has about……50-meter diameter. Even the ceiling is high」

「If so… maybe the boss is big?」


It is normal to think that the boss is big because the room is big.


「The ground is a dry stone floor for now… and it doesn’t seem that there are traps」

「Okay〜… well then, let’s go」

「Let’s enter!」



The two girls rushed inside the room.

Maple did not raise her large shield so that she would not waste any【Akujiki】.

Just like Sally said, there were no traps, and there were no scattered attacks that would consume【Akujiki】as well.


「………! It’s coming!」



*Bashan*, a huge sound was made and several tentacles extended from the ceiling.





The two girls saw those tentacles like that of a squid.

No, it was really like that.

A giant squid swimming in the ceiling reached out only its tentacles and attacked.


「That dungeon’s?!」

「But, we’re not under water you know?!」


The two girls were surprised but the giant squid attacked.

The tentacles longer that the two girls’ height was swung towards Maple.



「It doesn’t… work!」


The large shield devoured the squid’s tentacle, but the squid’s HP Bar that could be seen from afar did not decrease.

It did not mean that it has a lot of stamina.

It completely did not work.


「We might need to attack the main body!」


「This is……difficult…」


Sally muttered while taking a glance at the squid swimming on top of them.

The squid did not mind them, and continued to attack from a safe area.





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