Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Defense Specialized and Sea and Sandy Beach



「Uwwa… there’s still something like that……」


Sally whispered as she checked the magic circle and the shrine.

What she points with “that” is of course, the monster bird. Honestly, she wanted to avoid fighting at that level of enemy if possible.


「For the meantime, I should return and… ask Maple’s opinion」


Sally walked back to the stairs, and went above the ground.

Sally have been very focused on her diving exploration that she had never turned around, so here for the first time, she noticed the beach’s situation.




「Maple… what are you doing……」


She could tell even from the small island.

There was a huge sand castle that easily exceeds Sally’s height created there.


「I should… return first…」


*Bashan*, Sally who dove into the sea returned to the beach in a hurry.







「Uwa…… looking closely, it’s big〜」


It is twice Sally’s height.

And from inside, she could hear sounds of people having fun.

When she reached its entrance and peeked from there, there was another person besides Maple.

Red curly hair and spade-shaped earrings, white fair skin and red eyes the same with the hair color. Height is only a little taller than Maple.

Other than the earring equipments, all of the other equipments look as basic gear in a glance.

The characteristic is that, it seem that there is no weapon equipped.

There is no large shield nor sword or staff.

From how it looks, there was weapon equipped.

And that person that Sally have never seen is playing Othello with Maple.


「Ah〜! No!」

「Here, perfect〜」


The board is full of white.

The color Maple chose is the same color with the equipments that she is proud of.

In short, black. She completely lost.

Maple who was frustrated about it noticed Sally and stood up.


「Welcome back, Sally〜!」

「Eh, ahh, un. That’s good but……who?」

「I’m Kanade. I played with Maple from earlier making a castle of sand」

「It was really fun right〜」



Sally felt somehow that the two of them are similar.

Their thought patterns must be similar and the two got along with each other instantly.


「Is it okay?」

「I think it’s fine. Right, Kanade?」

「After all, I’m level 5 you know? I’m not bragging but, I’m weak you know?」


Saying that, Kanade showed the status to Sally.

Being level 5 was true.


「I-Is it okay? Letting me see so easily?」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re Sally-san, Maple’s party member right? Then it’s alright!」


Sally did not know what happened while she was exploring, but it seems that Maple has earned significant trust.

And it was also the same otherwise.

Sally also registered as friends with Kanade being pushed by Maple.

Saying that Maple and Kanade are already registered as friends.


「n〜…… you can just call me Sally. Well, if Maple says that it’s okay, fine then. Also……」


「If you attack us, it seems that I can defeat you easily」


Saying that, Sally showed her dagger.


「I-I’ll swear I won’t do such a thing, un」


There is also Kanade around, but Sally told Maple about the dungeon from earlier.


「Eh〜…… I don’t wanna go……」

「I feel the same. But, no one knows what’s inside so… it’s worth entering」

「U〜n…… I see」


The two thought deeply on what to do, but the one who broke the silence was no other than Kanade.


「If so, I’ll take a look for you! The start point only has a distance of 100 meters from here too」


It was a suggestion with dying as a prerequisite.

The other two said that it was all right without doing that, but Kanade went quickly.

*BashaBasha*, swimming until his appearance became small.


「There’s the【Swimming I】too… so I think that it’s enough to reach there though…」

「W-Will it be okay?」

「I don’t know〜…」


The two, seeing the appearance of reaching the small island, thought of something.


「What do you think?」

「I think that there should be a terrible monster〜…」

「Just like that monster bird from before?」

「That’s right!」


However, those were only prediction. Maybe, the destination after teleporting is a room with overflowing treasures.


「If they’re treasures, then Kanade would take it huh?」

「Well, that’s true」


There is no choice of not taking it back if one is in front of a treasure.

And the next teleport destination after that cannot be predicted so they cannot chase.



「Ah〜, I died, I died」


At that time, Kanade came out of the forest.

Without hearing the report, the two understood the abilities of the monster inside.

It was because the situation is very similar to the time with the monster bird.


「I shall start my report, Maple-dono」

「Hohou, I’m listening?」


It was a weird flow, but Sally also does it sometimes so she could not say anything.


「The destination after teleporting is underwater. Adding to that, my movements became dull when I was in that water, so I was crushed by a giant squid without being able to do anything」

「I see……then it’s impossible!」


First, if it is underwater, on top of Maple being unable to participate, if the stage is filled with water just like Sally’s【Ocean】, then Sally’s evasion skills would not be of use.

They did not need to force themselves to challenge.

Courage and recklessness are different things.


「Let’s give up this time」

「I also think so」

「Let’s end it here after exploring the sea for a while」


Sally looked at the sea while stretching.

There should be some places that she has yet to explore too.


「Want me to help you? I can give you the medals if I find some?」


It was a no-risk high-return suggestion, but normally, such a good suggestion does not exist.


「Kanade, are you serious?」

「Well, I’m fine as long as I have this」


Saying that, Kanade took out a Rubik’s cube.


「That is?」

「This is, my reward from an event you know. There was a magic circle connected to a flying island flying around the forest behind…… though it already disappeared since I cleared it. Anyways, it’s a staff that I got from there」

「That rubik’s cube is a staff?!」

「That’s right. The teleport destination was an ancient library and… there was a jigsaw puzzle in certain room there. This came out when I finished it. It took me 4 days though」


The Rubik’s cube floats on top of Kanade’s palm while releasing a faint light.


「This adds a skill」

「He〜… it’s the same with out equipments huh」

「It’s skill name is【Akashic Records】, it’s an interesting skill」

「What does it do?」


Kanade was about to answer Maple’s question, but thought twice.


「If there’s a time where we could become party members, I’ll tell you」


To that mischievous smile, Maple understood that asking furthermore was useless.


「n〜… party right now is, impossible I think〜…」

「I see〜, that’s too bad」


Kanade smiled joyfully.

Did not look down at all.

Kanade is a different kind of player compared to those that they have met up until now, Kanade is a player that has an ungraspable unique air.


「I want to meet after the event ends too〜」

「It’s fine though? At that time, let’s play Othello again!」

「Un, let’s do that」

「The discussion is finished too, so, I’ll go explore okay」

「I’ll go too, I think that I would be some help?」


Sally and Kanade walked towards the sea.

This time for sure, Maple seriously explored the beach.








The result, there was nothing.

The exploration both to the sea and the beach has ended, but they did not find a significant thing.

If so, it could be said that the two has finished all their tasks in this area.

They parted ways with Kanade, and searched for a new place to explore.


「Do your best〜!」

「See you later〜!」


They said goodbyes and left.




「What an interesting but mysterious person〜」

「Is that so? I’m used to looking at Maple after all〜…」

「W-What do you mean by that?!!!」


For the meantime, the two decided to advance as the coastline goes.

It was because it is the best judgment where they would not have any place to get lost into.








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