Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Defense Specialized and The Fifth Day of the Event



「Let’s go too」

「I guess so」


A while after Kasumi left, the two stood up.

Their goal is to find a place to sleep tonight.


「We must leave the desert first…」


It is very dangerous to sleep in the desert where they do not have anything to protect themselves.

The two started to walk.






「It’s so vast〜……」

「I agree……」


Although they went over and over sand dunes, the same scenery only continues.

There are huge sand dunes here and there making it hard to see far away so they do not know where to go to leave the desert.

Also, it was not like there were no monsters.

Honestly, the two of them were wishing to avoid battles.


「You like to rest for a while after going over this sand dune?」

「Un, let’s do that」


They used their hands to climb the steep slope.

And after that, the scenery there was a little different to that up until now.


「There’s no sand dunes?」

「It’s so flat!」


It is a desert that has no undulations that have spread ahead of them.

There is not even one sand dune, and if it was during the night, they must have been able to see far away.


「You want to go this side?」

「Let’s do that! This one looks easier to walk on」


With their opinions agreeing, the two of them slid down the dune and started to walk again.


「If it was during the day, we might have seen something」

「That’s true. How many days are left in the event again?」

「Three days. And our goal is to collect 9 more medals within that」

「U〜n… isn’t it a little difficult?」

「It might be so, if we don’t PK or something」

「U〜n…… I see」


There was no other way if she insisted, but the difficulty would be the same as finding dungeons because they do not know whether the opponent has a medal or not.


「Well, let’s think about that when we meet players. If they are planning on fighting, we only need to defeat them instead」

「Un, I guess so」


The two continued to walk on the very vast desert.

It is dark so they cannot see well ahead, but because they started to hear the sounds of shaking leaves, they were able to guess that the end of the desert has come.


「We don’t know what kind of monsters are there, so be careful」



About 30 minutes advancing inside the dark forest.

The two found a cave.


「Let’s go inside. And if it is shallow, let’s us it as a base」

「I’ll go first」


The two thought that it might be a deep cave, but it was only a simple cave extending 5 meters deep.

The two laid down, finally able to take their rest.


「Ah〜… I’m so tired today」

「Me too……」


The two of them called their own partners.

There is the reason for removing stress, but it is also because they felt sorry for them, neglecting them because there were no opportunities to call them out.


「I’m sorry for not letting you go out」

「I’ll let you level up seriously after the event ends okay」


The two said that, and patted their two familiars, making it happy.


「How about stopping for today, with the forest exploration as the start tomorrow?」

「I’m fine with that」


They decided to take turns on sleeping, and slept early. They wanted to rest as much as they could in this day.

Each of them hugged Syrup and Oboro and fell asleep.








6 o’clock in the next day.

They are somewhat relieved from their fatigue, and the two’s motivation for exploring returned.

After finishing a light breakfast, they left the cave and started to explore the forest.



「Turn over a new leaf! Let’s go with fighting spirits!」



They have explored forests many times up until now, but this forest was an ordinary forest.

And the reason for that is, searching for about two hours, they were not able to find anything.


「We don’t know the special condition it needs too……」

「Would you like to, leave this forest now?」


Sally thought for a while with Maple’s suggestion, and nodded to show affirmation.


「Where should we go?」

「It’s not like we can turn back so, let’s just move ahead. There might be places that have yet to be explored too」


The two’s way of exploration is to explore the deep parts, so they do not know whether or not there is something in near the entrance of the forest.


However, it could be said that that would be wishful.

Whether it be dungeon or a normal field, important things are hidden in the deep, and with strong monsters protecting them.

There is no reason to place medals in treasure box near the entrance.

And when they approached the entrance of the forest, the two felt something.


「The sound of waves?」

「Un, I can also hear it」


They saw the end of the forest, and up ahead, the two saw completely white sand and a magnificent sea. Various kinds of fishes joyfully swam deep under the clear sea, and there were beautiful corals as if they were flowers blooming, coloring the sea.

A small island could be seen far away.

The light of the sun reflects on the sea surface, it was shining.


「Oh〜… it’s the sea this time huh〜… this field is really wide〜」

「There’s so many things so it’s fun!」


Within this 5 days, the two explored many places like grassland, forest, snow mountain, and caves.

But even so, they were able to meet new landscapes so it is very worth exploring.


The reason why the two were able to meet so many sceneries was mostly because the two of them are eager to explore.

Every day, the continued to explore for many hours, and as a result, they are able to meet new dungeons and landscapes.

And it was because the two of them were lucky that the dungeon was yet to be captured.



「But… I can’t explore in the sea〜」

「For the meantime, I’ll go explore underwater okay」

「Un, do your best」


*BashaBasha*, Sally entered the sea and after taking a deep breath, she dives.

Sally can dive for a maximum of 40 minutes.

She would not be coming out for a while.


「What should I do while waiting… I can’t fish properly too〜… we explored the forest as well… u〜n, should I search around whether there is something buried in the sand?」


Saying that, Maple started to digging sand.



Changing places, under the sea, Sally was fascinated by the jewel-like fishes.

It was such a beautiful sight.

And because all that she could look at the day before were sticky snails, the more that they looked beautiful.

However, she cannot be just looking at them. She investigates the spaces between the corals and under the sand in the bottom of the sea.

It’s a work that will take a considerable amount of time without skills, but with Sally’s skill build, it is possible to do it quickly.


「Puha…! Yossh, 1 medal get! Are there only a few people who have【Diving】and【Swimming】? It looks like it would be hard to explore in the deep parts」


There was no need to dive to her limits, so she came up once to take a breath.

There are several places in between the corals that continue deep, and the medal from earlier was fount there.

Sally searched those places intensively.

Because it is that kind of places that has medals or equipments.

The shallow parts seem to have been already explored, so she searched in the deep parts.

As a result, she was able to find another medal.


「Fuu〜…… after that is… that island, I think?」


Sally swam towards the island.

That island in the distance where it is impossible for Maple to come to is small, and other than the stairs that continue underground in the middle, there was only one coconut tree.


「For the meantime… let’s go and check」


Sally carefully went down the stairs.

Going down for about a hundred steps, there was an ordinary wooden door.

It does not look as if it is sealed nor has a lock. There is also no magic circles.

Sally carefully opened that.

And, she was surprised to the scenery inside.




There is a beautiful semicircular dome inside.

And in the middle.







There is a familiar old shrine standing silently together with a magic circle.








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