Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Defense Specialized and Event Start


For the last status check, she releases the blue colored panel.




HP 40/40

MP 12/12


【STR 0】

【VIT 160〈+66〉】

【AGI 0】

【AGI 0】

【INT 0】




Body【Armor of Black Roses (Kurobara no Yoroi)】

Right hand【Shingetsu】

Left Hand【Mirror of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Utsushi)】

Legs【Armor of Black Roses (Kurobara no Yoroi)】

Shoes【Armor of Black Roses (Kurobara no Yoroi)】

Accessories【Ring of the Forest Queen Bee】





【Absolute Defense】【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】【Hydra Eater (DokuruuKurai)】【Bomb Eater (BakudanKurai)】【Meditation】【Provoke】【Abominable (Gokuaku Hidō】【Knowledge of Large Shield IV】【Body Manipulation】【Attack Diversion】 【Shield Attack】


「Yosh! Everything’s prepared. I hope I don’t receive damage〜…」


The times that she received damage was so few, she still not used to the feeling of receiving damage.

And, it would be her first pvp. She’s not to be blamed being nervous.

After waiting for a while on the first plaza, participants continuously gathered.

In addition, a gigantic screen appeared in the sky. With that, they should be showing interesting players. That will be watched by non-combat users and players that had not participated.


「Well then, the first event! Battle Royale will be started!」


From here and there, the noise like Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! echoed. Kaede also raised her fist up although she was shy, and shouted.

There flows an announce with loud volume.


「Well then, the rules will be explained once more! The time limit is three hours. The stage will be a newly created event map!

The number of players defeated and the times being defeated, damage dealt and damage received. Using this criteria points will be computed, and will be ranked! Furthermore, event items will be sent to the top ten players! Please do your best!!」


After saying that, the countdown before the teleportation was shown on the screen, and when it became zero, Kaede was enveloped by light and teleported.


「n…where is this?」


Kaede noticed that the blinding light had disappeared and opened her eyes slowly.

It looks like she was in the center of the plaza of a crumbling ruins.

There was no one around when she looked with a glimpse.


「Even if I move, I’ll be caught by someone…let’s just wait here!」


Kaede sat on a decently large brick stone, and waited for other players to attack.

After waiting while she was drawing on the ground with a stick, sounds were heard from here and there.


「You’ve come!」


She thought and raised her head, it was too late and the sword that was swung was already in attacking distance.


「I got you!」


If it was the Kaede before, she couldn’t block that, but the Kaede right now has 【Knowledge of Large Shield IV】 with her. Her body moved more smoothly than before, and received the sword with her large shield.


Devoured, and erased it.


「Ha? U-uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」


The man who had attack, because his sword wasn’t bounced by the shield, just like that, starting from his arm that held the sword, he plunged and when half of his body was devoured, he became light particles and disappeared. Now that he lost his main weapon, he couldn’t return to the battlefield anymore, and can only be an observer.

And, with his life, a beautiful red crystal emerged in the shield as decor.


「Let’s continue drawing!」


Just like that, Kaede showed her defenseless look and drew in the ground.

Right, Kaede who was having fun drawing was really defenseless. It’s not like she was doing that on purpose, but the result was, she caught a party of three this time.

Making a party is not against the rules. It is probably the result of wanting to make one of the party members on the top ten.

The male swordsman ran. It was a straightforward dash. But still, to Kaede who was 【AGI 0】 it was quite quick.

But, the speed of emptying the distance of 10 meters is too different to the speed of Kaede making sheathing sound with Shingetsu.


「『Paralyze Shout』」


*Kin* with a very good sound, the three players collapsed suddenly.

*Parin* with that sound, the red crystal on the large shield shattered. Kaede took the large shield and stood up.


「Mufu〜…It’s my victory!」


This time, she pushed her large shield to their head to not destroy their main weapon. The next instance, the swordsman player became light particles and disappeared.

The other two who was collapsed was defeated the same way.

Three new crystals emerges from the large shield.


「Large shield is…stronger than I thought!」


There’s no way you can call this as a bad equip, Kaede nodded with that once, and went back to her place again.



That kind of monster large shield user is only you.

A person who could have said that, did not exist on that place.








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