Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Defense Specialized and Secret Training


Clad in jet-black equipment, sitting on the edge of the fountain, Kaede was troubled.

Her level won’t go up that easy.

Right now, Kaede’s level is 18, and the top-level right now is 48 they said. Kaede had no interest in this game in the first place so she had been late to start. If it continues like this, the level gap will only open.

Well then, the reason for Kaede not having an easy way to level up was her AGI was so low, that she couldn’t go to the places where strong monsters are in a short time.




She was staring at the information bulletin board thinking if there was a skill that would be useful.

The reason why she is thinking about it seriously right now was because of the announcement the game staff about an event.

Right, after one week, an event will start. The event’s contents is point valued battle royale. Every participants will fight for the number of defeated players and death count.

Also, points will be received with dealt damage, and damage not received.

And to the top ten, limited event items will be sent.


「Limited, only called by that I want it already……!」


Kaede was the type of person that buys merchandize, even if it was useless, if there was a limited edition written on it.

That’s why, she is thinking of ways to deal with the level gap.


「Uu〜……for the mean time, let’s go!」


Kaede stopped staring at the bulletin boards, and walked towards the north.


Right, Kaede didn’t knew.


How abnormal her defense powers was.


「Tomorrow is rest day too…I’ll sleep outdoors and get a skill!」


In Kaede’s inventory, a sleeping back was in. With the money she finally earned by selling loots she was able to buy it.

Her equipments were grand, but she had no money.

And, she arrived at the north forest.

Staying here for the night, one of the prey that she targeted is Explosion Ladybug, a ladybug that self-destructs as attack.

And, another is a monster that is familiar in many games, it’s goblin.




From Kaede’s body a circular light was released, and monsters were coming. Kaede only took within those, goblins as the opponent. The number of goblins are five. Other monsters than that, she didn’t care because even if she was attacked it was no damage.

The goblin slashes at Kaede using its rusty sword. But, even if Kaede is 【AGI 0】, it’s not like she cannot use the shield that was larger than her to attacks that were done head on.

*Gacchiri* she stopped it, and blocked it away. It was plain, but she repeated that. Five Goblins. The efficiency was five times.


『Skill 【Knowledge of Large Shield I】 had been acquired』


Because that was a basic skill that was written in the information bulletin boards, Kaede also acquired it.

It reduces the damage received from the enemy by 1 when a large shield is equipped. Instead of increasing her VIT, she plans to take every damage reduction skill to increase her defence power.




With adding goblins to a total of ten and make them hit her, the efficiency was raised further.

The 【Knowledge of Large Shield I】 grew to 【Knowledge of Large Shield IV】 in only few hours, and reduces damage by 4 right now.

In addition, she also got the skill 【Body Manipulation】 and 【Attack Diversion】 Their effects were both reduction of damage received by 1.


「This much is good huh」


And using 【Shield Attack】 she crushed the goblin that was doing it’s best right now.


『Skill 【Abominable (Gokuaku Hidō】 had been acquired』


At this time, Kaede gained a skill that she wasn’t expecting.

Kaede’s play style was completely different to other players, she endured and endured with long periods of time, so she gains skills that are not easily obtained by other players.


【Abominable (Gokuaku Hidō】

Every time an attack was received from an opponent intentionally, 【VIT +1】

But skill effects will only be available one day starting from the activation of the skill.

Limit is 【VIT +25】


Skill Requirement

Intentionally receive attacks from opponent that can be defeated continuously and exceed an amount of time.

And, not receive death penalty until skill requirement is met.


「What a happy miscalculation!」

She endured that she almost danced, and went deeper to the forest.

Right, in the first time since Kaede started this game.


She is going to find for unconfirmed skills.


The Explosion Ladybug, as its name says, is a ladybug that explodes, and its size is around double of a normal ladybug. Experience gained is very bad, takes a lot time to encounter since it’s deep in the forest, and it is hard to dodge it since its body is small and the damage is also huge. That’s why, Kaede could monopolize the hunting grounds that are unused by herself.

When Kaede reached their spawning place, she used 【Provoke】 to call the ladybugs. Because they are not hunted at all, there were a huge amount of ladybugs that flew, but to that, Kaede only took out the blade of Shingetsu a little from its sheath.


「【Paralyze Shout】」


Although it was called shout, a silent, but a clear sound, *Kin* echoed.

The skill that in infused to Shingetsu is originally the Poison Dragon’s, and the names were almost the same with the dragon.

It means, its sound just needed to echo, that’s why Kaede used the sound *Kin* that comes out when sheathing it as a trigger.

The reason is, it’s very cool.

Kaede looked at the ladybugs that fell to the ground randomly very content.

And, Kaede squatted, closed her eyes.


And started eating the ladybugs one by one.


「Ah!…it’s like the candy that was cracking and popping! Its nothing when I close my eyes huh. I mean, I already eat the Poison Dragon, being intimidated with just this……」


It’s not like Kaede had not thought about anything since she’s doing this.

It was proven that Kaede’s idea was right at the time after she ate 50 ladybugs.


『Skill 【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki) 】 had been acquired』


『Skill 【Bomb Eater (BakudanKurai)】 had been acquired』


「Then…it’s okay if I stopped eating right」


Kaede checked the skills that she gained.


【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】

A skill that changes everything that was devoured as power.

Will devour even magic, and can change it to the user’s MP. When the magic powers overflows, will be stored inside the body as magic crystal.


Skill Requirement

Oral ingestion of a certain amount of lethal substances.


【Bomb Eater (BakudanKurai)】

Reduces explosive-type damage by 50.


Skill Requirement

Defeat Explosion Ladybug with HP Drain.


「It’s a good skill!! Ha〜 There was a good reason I did my best eating〜」


Kaede infused 【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】 to 『Mirror of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Utsushi)』.

【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】 is a passive skill so the use limit had nothing to do with it. In addition, with eating the magic attack and the direct attack dealt with weapons, it can completely nullify it.


「And it would change to magic crystals and I can release a big magic with 『New Moon (Shingetsu)』!  Fuhehe…so cool…」


*Ba*, she drew out Shingetsu, thrust it forward and made a pose. Her image training was perfectly perfect.


「I was searching for explosion magic coming here but…Kekka Alright huh!」


After that, she only needs to raise her level until the limit.


Who knows what will become of Kaede’s first event.









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