Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Defense Specialized and Poison Dragon Battle


「Uu……it’s not that tasty」


Kaede frowned her face.

After observing it for a while, she found out that the part she chomped off would not grow back. But, the principle is unknown but if it was only stripped off, the meat that fell returns to its place like a video played backwards.


「I have to eat it after all huh〜…」


The meat of the Poison Dragon had a small bitter taste, and Kaede recalled green pepper with it, which she didn’t like.

Even so, she cannot get out of this room, so she pinched her nose, and while swelling tears on her ears, she ate it. The only ally for Kaede was that in this game, satiety doesn’t exist. Even if she can taste it, her tummy would not be full.


*MoguMogu*…Ah! Poison Dragon-san…thank you for throwing a breath out. *MoguMogu*…the bitter taste that was green pepper-like disappeared, so it helps〜…」


Just like that, she moved forward to eating the torso part. And there result of eating like that for five hours. The torso part became only its bones. Next is the tail, Kaede thought, but when she was sliding down to its tail, *PoroPoro* the Poison Dragon’s bones collapsed and shattered, and the Poison Dragon had stopped its movement.

At the same time, behind the Poison Dragon, a magic circle shining with light and a large treasure box appeared.


『Skill 【Hydra Eater (DokuryuuKurai)】had been acquired. Together with this 【Poison Nullification】 had evolved to 【Hydra (Dokuryuu】』


『Your level had risen to 18』


Kaede first placed her 20 status points to VIT as usual.

With this, the basic stats of VIT had become 150.


「Yosh…my defense had hardened again!」


Continuing, she checked her skill. Even Kaede didn’t think that there would be a skill like 【Hydra Eater (DokuruuKurai)】.


【Hydra Eater (DokuruuKurai)】

Nullifies poison, paralyze.


Skill Requirement

Defeat the Poison Dragon with HP Drain.


It looks like eating is treated as HP drain. Although it’s doubtful that a player other than Kaede would do that.

It is true that her HP had recovered for a small amount.

It was clear that it was not the normal way to get it. The difficulty taking it using the normal way is lower compared to that. Who would want to purposely eat the rotting meat of the Poison Dragon.


【Hydra (Dokuryuu)】

Be able to use the powers of the Poison Dragon as you will.

By consuming MP, Poison Magic can be used.


Skill Requirement

Defeat the Poison Dragon with HP Drain with Poison Nullification acquired.


Seeing this, Kaede trembled.


「I-It’s my first proper way to attack! Plus, it’s poison so it has perfect compatibility!」


After hitting it, she only need to endure after that, it can make use of Kaede’s VIT to the fullest.


「But, the problem is MP huh〜…but I want to increase VIT〜…」


*UnUn* Kaede was groaning like that, she remembered the existence of the treasure box, and paused her thinking.

It was quite large. It was a rectangular with 3 meters in width, 1 meter in length, and 2 meters en height.

To her first treasure box, *Gokuri* Kaede swallowed her saliva. With nervous and excitement, her heart beats get loud.

Slowly raised the cover, and checked what’s inside.




To Kaede’s excitement, she shouted with a loud voice.

What inside was a large shield with black as a base and decorated with a vivid red decor.

Reflecting a dull shine, an armor that has roses carved on it that doesn’t stand out too much but properly shows its presence, it was clear that it matched the large shield earlier.

And, a jet-black short sword that has a calm feeling with it and a sheath that has beautiful shining garnet laid in it.


「Mou!…this is the best! So cool!」


Taking that, one by one she looked at the explanation.


【Unique Series】

Sent to the person who broke through the dungeon by defeating the boss alone and the first time as a one of a kind equipment only for the dungeon capturer.

ーーLimited to one per dungeon.

The person who acquired this equipment will not be able to trade it.


『Mirror of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Utsushi)』

【VIT +20】

【Destruction Growth】

Skill slot ー


『Armor of Black Roses (Kurobara no Yoroi)』

【VIT +25】

【Destruction Growth】  

Skill slot ー


『New Moon (Shingetsu)』

【VIT +15】

【Destruction Growth】   

Skill slot ー  


It was exactly Kaede’s exclusive equipment. Even the short sword has VIT boost, it was equipment that will not display full potential if other players use it.


「Let’s look at skill slot and 【Destruction Growth】 after I go back〜!」


After Kaede carefully placed the three equipments to her inventory, she was enveloped by the light from the magic circle, and from the dungeon, she was teleported to the town.


When Kaede returned, she swiftly moved away, and using her remaining money, with only one day, she borrowed a room in an inn.

In this game, sleep can also be taken so there are facilities like the inn, but Kaede’s aim this time was not to stay in it.


「First is checking huh」


【Destruction Growth】

As this equipment is destroyed, it will become more powerful after being destroyed and return to its former shape. Repair is done instantly so there is no effect in stats during breakage.


Skill slot

In exchange of the player’s skill, it can be infused to the weapon. Skills that are infused by this cannot be acquired again.

The skill that is infused can be used five times a day without MP consumption.

Subsequent use will consume MP that is required normally.

Slots will be released every 15 levels.


「Fufu!…very cool! and strong!」


Kaede who had checked that slots were added infused 【Hydra (Dokuryuu)】 to the short sword 『New Moon (Shingetsu)』 without hesitation. With this, her problem with MP consumption was resolved.


「And then, what everyone has been waiting for〜Equip!」


Kaede equipped all of the equipments and confirmed how it looked in a mirror.


「Ohhhhhhhhh!! I’m so cool!」


Just like that, with also the reason to be used to that equipment, she posed in front of the mirror for about an hour.


「Fufufu…and then, outside, here I come!」


It was just like wearing her best clothes to go outside, Kaede was quite nervous.

As expected, that equipment that emits an overwhelming presence gathered the attention of many people.

It had become late in the night, but she wanted to go for a hunt once more, so she places her foot towards outside of the town.








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