Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Defense Specialized and Outside the Game



This is the real world that is slightly back in time.

About this room where the ones who managing the game controls each game so that there would be no trouble.


「AAAaAAAaaAAHHH!!!【Silver Wing】was done in!!」


One man shouted.

Everyone in the room reacted to that voice.


「Ha? 【Silver Wing】? That guy wasn’t set to be defeated by players right?」

「Yeah, we even packed it skills with high killing abilities, it has high HP, high MP, and high status. It’s the lump of our malice」

「Who is it? Who had defeated it?」

「I’ll show the video now……」


When the man operated the machine, the video plays on one monitor.

Monster bird with white shining wings.

Against it, a duo of a girl wearing black armor, and a girl wearing a blue garment.


「Maple?! Are you serious?! Oi, oi, 【Silver Wing】is impossible for her right?!」

「She should be lacking mobility! I’d understand if she’s against【Earth Dragon】though……」


“Impossible, impossible”, with those words flying back and forth, the battle started.


「The shards… well, that’d happen huh」

「Such a crazy defense as usual」


Everyone in the room, they were taking glances at that screen while managing the events.

After a while, the scene in question played.


「She’s the problem! This blue coat had become Maple’s mobility!」


It was being shown in the screen Maple moving at high-speed using【Cover Move】.

It looks like that was out of their expectations.

Everyone looked at the screen intently.


「……that girl is【Sally】, places importance on AGI, and her skill composition is very wide and shallow. The strong abilities she have are only【Mirage】and【Ocean】」


One man checked Sally’s information and provides it.


「Well, it’s normal huh. No, if compared to Maple, everyone would be normal」

「That’s true」


In front of everyone who was having a wry laugh.

Sally’s abnormality shows itself.


「……I’ll take that back. This one’s also awful. Maybe, she’s even worse than Maple」

「She has no prediction type skill right?!!」

「Y-Yeah. She don’t」


Sally who was being shown in the video was dodging Silver Wings’ attacks with inhuman evasion ability.

With those movements that were as if she had really predicted them, voices of surprise were raised from here and there.


「How is she dodging that?」

「Even if the if the shards are on a stop, it’s difficult to get through there, oi」


And, everyone in the room watched that fight finish in a daze.

And there, finally, one of them raised a voice.


「This is bad!! Doesn’t this mean they would be able to take【Mythical Beast’s Egg】?!」

「What’s inside?!」

「It’s fox and tortoise. Well… it’s still better」

「What about the bird and wolf?」

「It’s in the【Sea Emperor】’s place. It’s set that that guy wouldn’t leave from there… well, that should be alright…」


After saying that, he leaned his back against the chair as if he was exhausted.


「Ah〜…… impossible〜, it’s impossible that that’s even like that after being nerfed〜」

「Oi, one’s who are free, re-check the medal skills! Re-check if there are skills that can be used strangely!」


「………they should be good enough to be the last boss instead……」

「Ahh… that might be true」


Fatigue could be heavily felt from that voice.

Maple and Sally never knew about this happening.








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