Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Defense Specialized and Imitation Subjugation



Four hours had already passed from the start of the battle, and it is also noontime on the fourth day.

Maple’s attempt had succeeded, and the【Venom Capsule】had already reached the ceiling.

Also, the wide room, only one quarter of the room was not yet eroded by the capsule.


「【Venom Capsule】」


Together with Maple’s voice, the capsule’s size increases.


「Fuu〜…… just a little bit more…」


Fake Sally is still unscathed.

However, that doesn’t matter.

If the capsule fills the room, she would be defeated without being able to recover.

The biggest problem was that attacks couldn’t hit it.


The result is already decided.

Fake Sally doesn’t have the means to break through this situation.


And, after another hour.


「【Venom Capsule】!」


That was the end of a long fight.

Fake Sally was engulfed, and disappeared while scattering flashy red effects.

To be sure, Maple got careful about【Mirage】, but Fake Sally didn’t have a place to go to in this room that is filled with poison.

And most of all, the medal that fell in the place where Fake Sally disappeared tells the story.

Maple released the capsule.

The capsule broke and a poisonous rain falls and splashes to the ground.


「Haa〜……I’m spent」


To the different type of fatigue from the battle against the monster bird, Maple sat on the ground.


「Thank goodness it’s inside a room……I couldn’t have won if it was outside……」


She couldn’t use this tactic if there weren’t a limit on the space of the room.

If the environment wasn’t her ally, she couldn’t have won.


「I should collect the medal and step on the magic circle……I wonder what happened to Sally. Is she fighting with my imitation after all?」


Maple picked up the one medal that fell on the floor.


「I wonder if she could win〜… if it’s Sally, it would be easy for her to dodge my attacks though……」


While worrying about Sally, Maple stepped onto the magic circle.

The light fades, and what appeared in front of her was spiral stairs.

When she looks up, there was light.

It looks like it is connected to somewhere.


「Sally is… she shouldn’t have gone first right」


Maple stayed there for a while.

The two had decided to contact each other when they have died.

Since a message had not come from Sally, she knew that she hadn’t lost and returned to their starting place.

If that is so, there is only either Sally is still fighting and would teleport anytime soon, or they were completely separated.

Separated, meaning, in the case when Sally didn’t fight an imitation.

Sally might’ve been left behind in the fog and only Maple had fought.

However, Maple felt that Sally was still fighting.


「Sally should’ve been fighting too…… I know! Syrup,【Awakening】!」


The ring shined and Syrup appeared.


「Let’s wait while cheering for Sally」


An hour of staying with Syrup to cheer after Sally while staying in her place.

That place was enveloped by a shining light.

To be sure, Maple readied her shield and looked what would happen.


「Haa〜… I won……」


The light fades, and Sally was there.


「…………you’re the real one……right?」


Sally also noticed Maple with her voice and made a stance.


「………let me confirm if you’re the real one」



Maple looked at Sally doubting, and figured out that Sally fought against Fake Maple.

If that is so, it is normal for her to confirm so she agreed.


「Are you Maple who I saw crying out loud during our sixth year of elementary after getting vaccinated?」

「Wha-W-W-W-W-W-Why do you remember that?!! Forget it!!」


A way to confirm that Maple didn’t expect.

Saying something that only the person itself knows.

It’s logical, but with those embarrassing contents, Maple hides herself behind her large shield with embarrassment.

Sally knew that this Maple was the real one, but she thought of teasing her just a little bit.

She fooled around because she was tired.


「Fufufu… you’re the real one! Well, I knew it though」

「………wait. Let me confirm it too」


Maple looked at Sally with serious eyes.




Maple started to talk without letting Sally say anything.


「……are you not Sally who couldn’t stand up from fear inside the haunted house during middle school that was taken out through the emergency door by the clerk while crying?」

「Y-You don’t need to remember that!」

「Are you Sally who had played games too much that wrote killing moves in your notebook?」

「Wait, I’m sorry! Forgive me!!」

「I retaliated just a little bit」

「……haa〜… it was a hornet’s nest huh〜」


Anyways, the two was able to safely reunite.


「How was it with you, Maple? I fought against Fake Maple」

「I was against Fake Sally. I won probably an hour ago.」

It looks like Sally also got a medal and gave it to Maple

With this, they have ten of them.

「How did you win against Fake Maple?」


Sally was about to answer that, but she stops midways.


「If……if there’s a tournament-like event, I don’t want to lose easily against Maple, so can I make it a secret?」

「It’s okay! n〜……then, it’s also a secret how I defeated Fake Sally! I also don’t want to lose after all!」


Sally says that it was a secret, but she shows her her status.


「You can guess with the skills though〜!」

「I will thankfully look then」


Maple slowly looked at Sally’s status.




HP 32/32

MP 25/25〈+35〉


【STR 30〈+20〉】

【VIT 0】

【AGI 85〈+68〉】

【DEX 25〈+20〉】

【INT 25〈+20〉】



Head【Muffler of the Surface Water (Minamo no Mafura) : Mirage(Shinkirō)】

Body【Coat of the Ocean (Taikai no Kōto) : Ocean(Taikai)】

Right Hand【Dagger of the Deep Sea (Shinkai no Dagā)】

Left Hand【Dagger of the Bottom of the Water (Minasoko no Dagā)】

Legs【Leggings of the Ocean】

Shoes【Black Boots】

Accessories【Bridge of Bonds】





【Status Debuff Attack III】【Consecutive Sword Attacks I】

【Gale Slash】【Muscle Strengthening (Small)】

【Consecutive Attack Strengthening (Small)】【Double Attack】

【Powered Attack】

【Switch Attack】【Body Arts V】

【Knowledge of Short Swords II】【Jack of All Trades】【Defense Break】【Super Acceleration】

【Fire Magic I】【Water Magic II】【Wind Magic III】

【Earth Magic I】【Dark Magic I】【Light Magic II】

【Fire Ball】【Water Ball】

【Water Wall】

【Wind Cutter】【Wind Wall】【Cyclone Cutter】

【Sand Cutter】

【Dark Ball】


【MP Strengthening (Small)】【MP Cut (Small)】

【MP Recovery Speed Strengthening (Small)】【Knowledge of Magic II】

【Fishing】【Swimming X】【Diving X】【Cooking I】

【Mining Speed Strengthening (Small)】【Sensory Blocking II】

【Sensory Awareness II】【Stealth Move I】【Leap I】

【Poison Resistance (Small)】


「Some of them have changed」

「I might use them in the remaining time」

「You’ve become quite reliable after this short time!」

「From now on, we can fight together again」


Sally smiled happily.

Maple also returns a smile.


「Then, let’s go up stairs」

「Alright. I still want medals」


The two climbed up the spiral stairs towards the light.


The place they went up to was the other side of the valley.

The two were tired after a long fight, but there isn’t a lot of time left, that they could rest for.

It’s already afternoon of the fourth day.

The one who gets the medal first is the winner.


「We should explore the forest」


Maple said while looking at the forest that spread in front of them. It is unknown how deep this forest it. It is also unknown if there are dungeon within it.


「Let’s cheer up and go!」



The two entered the forest searching for a new dungeon.









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