Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Defense Specialized and Imitation Battle





Hydra was shot from Shingetsu.

However, that is not something aimed towards Fake Sally.

The poison dragon that flew out from the blade pointing towards the ground splashes, and scatters around Maple.

If she step on even one of those, the original Sally should die with one hit.

To approach Maple who was currently standing on the middle of the sea of poison, it would need give her a huge opportunity.


Fake Sally who took distance to evade the poison dragon runs.

Maple observed that intently.

And she noticed.

That in fact, it was approaching while avoiding the poison.


「You don’t have【Poison Nullification】huh」


When Fake Sally used【Leap】to jump, she collides using her large shield.

That, it clearly hit her body, however, there was no feeling from it.



「【Defense Break】」


Fake Sally slashes through Maple’s torso that was full of openings, kicked Maple’s body while using【Leap】, and went out of the range of the sea of poison.


「【Venom Cutter】!!」


Fake Sally easily dodged Maple’s attack. However, from how it dodges, Maple felt something strange.


「I see… it’s not like it is like Sally herself」


Most probably, Fake Sally is faster that Sally.

Her ability to dodge is also high.

However, that is only because it is fast.

The dodging with skin’s length then counter attack like Sally does, doesn’t exist.

If it’s Sally, she should’ve been able to approach while dodging all attacks.


Fake Sally, it is only dodging by relying on its speed, but doesn’t have the combination of attacking and defending while dodging.


「Even so, it wouldn’t hit in the end〜……【Meditation】」


As if it didn’t care about Maple who whispered that, the ground surrounding Maple raises.

A few pillars of earth raises making her vision bad.

And that became Fake Sally’s stepping stone.


「U〜n, its magic is better than Sally huh」

「【Defense Break】」


She turns her large shield from where the voice came from.

She didn’t care even if it was a【Mirage】.

She still have a lot of HP.

As she expected, that was an illusion made by【Mirage】. Maple’s back was slashed.

She swings her large shield while turning around but she only hits air.


「It can’t be helped……let’s go with an attrition war」


A magic circle comes out from Shingetsu.

Fake Sally saw that and took distance.

If it takes distance, it wouldn’t receive any attacks.


「It’s okay. Let’s test our endurance」

Maple whispers silently.


「【Venom Capsule】」


A purple-colored sphere that has a diameter of two meters. Maple soaks into there.




The HP Fake Sally took off started to regenerate.

However, Fake Sally’s weapon are daggers.

If it attacks Maple, slashing through the poisonous sphere, it would be also poisoned.

On top of that, a sea of poison is spreading on the ground.

Maple’s surrounding is a top-class dangerous place.

It’s an area of hell that poisons all of those who approach.


Even if Fake Sally has【Poison Resistance(Large)】, it doesn’t have【Poison Nullification】

It can’t completely nullify the poison of【Poison Dragon】.


「【Cyclone Cuter】」


【Wind Magic】that has a higher level than what Sally has.

Swirling winds appeared around Maple and tries to break that poison barrier.

However, the level of【Poison Dragon】and【Wind Magic】is too different.

Some of it falls and splashes to the ground, but it couldn’t reach Maple.


「【Venom Capsule】」


Answering to that voice, the capsule that envelopes Maple increased to a diameter of four meters.

The thickness of the poison wall increases.

For Sally who has a lot of tricks but has low power, it’s a poisonous wall of despair.


「I’ll patiently wait until Fake-san’s MP is completely lost」


If Fake Sally loses all of her MP, her proud tricks would also decrease.

With that, it would be more difficult to get through the poison barrier.

The MP cost of【Venom Capsule】is 20.

She has nothing to change into MP from【Akujiki】.

Because of that, she doesn’t have stocks for MP.

There is also no more five times zero MP activation per day.


Maple silently waits for the automatic regeneration of her MP.

Fake Sally shots magic to the poison barrier.

That scene continuous for a long time.


「【Venom Capsule】」


Maple strengthens the barrier without mercy.

The capsule increases its thickness to six meters.


Maple has only one aim.


「If I can’t hit it normally……I will sink this whole room with the capsule, and defeat it」


It was an attrition war.

To grab victory, Maple pushes off Fake Sally to the corner of the roo.

If there’s no place she could run to, the speed it was proud of does not have any meaning.


On the other hand, Sally was taking a hard time attacking.

After all, it was an overwhelming defense.

On top of that, attack powers that any careless movements would lead to death.


「The only silver lining, is that it’s more stupid than the original Maple huh……」


Fake Maple’s attacks is completely ‘defeat using【Poison Dragon】’.

On top of that, it doesn’t choose not to use the large shield with weak attacks unlike Maple.

Because of that, Fake Maple had already lost all of its【Akujiki】.

The problem is, that【Poison Dragon】.

Fake Maple has skills that Maple doesn’t have.

If it activates that skill, all of the remaining poison after shooting out【Poison Dragon】would gather to where Fake Maple is, and would be able to immediately shoot【Poison Dragon】again.

It can continuously attack without cooldowns.

For Sally to win against Fake Maple, she thought she needed to make it use all of the skill it has that have limitations, so it was outside of her expectations that it wouldn’t not be able to use【Poison Dragon】.


「Well, it wouldn’t use something like【Paralyze Shout】, so it might be for the better」


Right now, Sally is thinking of a way to defeat Fake Maple while dodging the three-headed poison dragon.


「Ah〜……what should I do. I don’t have a decisive blow……」


For Sally, dodging【Poison Dragon】is very easy so there’s no problem thinking about it.

Sally tried using【Defense Break】to attack, but her attacks were regenerated by the skill that was probably【Meditation】.


「It has a troublesome skill that’s left〜…」


And while she is saying that, the poison dragon attacks again.

While dodging nimbly, she thought about Maple.


「I wonder if Maple is also fighting against my imitation? Has she already won?」


Sally thought that if it’s Maple, she should be able to do something about it.

Right now, Sally herself doesn’t have an attack that can be a decisive blow against Fake Maple, so there’s no way that her fake would be able to defeat the original Maple.

Because it’s Sally who had been saved a lot of times by Maple’s ability, she strongly believed that.


「Well then… let’s try a lot of things.  I might be able to at least find one right」


Sally got resolute, and makes a plan while remembering her skills.


Right now, Sally can’t win.

But, what if she grows.

What if she gains a new skill.

Since Sally can’t bring down Fake Maple’s HP, Fake Maple’s movement pattern doesn’t change.

As stupid as it is, it’s an easy enemy that is just continuously shooting【Poison Dragon】.


Fake Maple that does not have any change, and.

Sally who have the possibility to change.


Sally decided to bet on that possibility.


「Losing to Fake Maple, I’d hate it ’cause it would be frustrating! Let’s go with this skill first」


While wearing shining effects, Sally attacks Fake Maple.

On this side too, a very long attrition war starts.









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