Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Defense Specialized and What’s Inside the Egg




「It got born〜!」


The two smiled happily.

The one that came out from the deep green egg was a tortoise just a little larger than the egg.

Its body has the same deep green color as the egg and its movements are calm.

The one that came out from the purple egg was a fox that has snow-like white fur.

After stretching for a few times as if to check its body, the fox started to watch its own magic that was purple flames flying around it.


「Ohh〜…fox from an egg huh〜……that’s surprising」

「It’s a monster so that probably doesn’t concern it」


When the two was talking to their selves, the tortoise approached Maple, and the fox approached Sally.

The two cautiously patted their monsters, and the two monsters closed their eyes as if they felt good about it.


And at the same time, the egg started to faintly shine.

Its brightness gradually got stronger, and the eggs changed to a purple ring and a green ring.

The two reached out their hands to pick that up.


「The item name is……【Bridge of Bonds】. It says……equipping this makes it possible to fight together with monsters!… I can’t leave this away anymore〜」


Sally’s explanation is the most important ability of the ring. Maple used her own eyes to check that ability.


【Bridge of Bonds】

While equipped, possible to fight along with monsters.

Possible monsters to fight with is one with each ring.

After the monster dies, it would return inside the ring and enter sleep, it cannot be called out for a day.


Seeing that they won’t disappear immediately after dying made the two relieved.

If the settings were like that, they can’t bring them to battle without caution.


「Mu〜… a ring huh〜. My equipment slots are full, so I should probably take off【Forest Queen Bee’s Ring】. I can also regenerate Hp with【Meditation】after all」


When the two equipped their rings, the two monsters happily rubbed themselves to them.


「Ahaha, it’s ticklish〜!」



And just like that, the two played around, but then, Sally noticed something.


「I’m able to see this child’s status」


It’s probably the effect of the ring, under their own status, there’s another status.

The two checked that.


No Name



HP 250/250

MP 30/30


【STR 30】

【VIT 150】

【VIT 150】

【DEX 10】

【DEX 10】





No Name


HP 80/80

MP 120/120


【STR 10】

【VIT 15】

【AGI 70】

【DEX 75】

【DEX 75】



【Fox Fire】


The top one’s the tortoise’s, and the lower is the fox’s status.

Just like a monster’s offspring, their status was quite decent even though they were just born.


「No name, that means… we should give them names!」

「I see, well, I guess so」


The two carefully thought of names.

While they were thinking for a while, the monsters played with themselves.

It looks like the monsters get along.


「Yo〜sh, I decided」

「Un, I also did!」


The two thought of the names, and approached their own monsters.

The two kneeled down, matching their eyes with the monsters.


「tortoise-san’s name is Syrup! Mufufu… combined with me, it’s Maple Syrup!」


Maple felt very good for no particular reasons.

Did the tortoise like its name, it rubbed its body against her.

One girl and one monster were happily playing around.


「Then… how about Oboro? You don’t like it?」


Sally said to the fox as if to ask.

It looks like the fox was satisfied, *Pyon* it jumped and hugged Sally as if to roll around her neck.

Sally’s neck was very warm with her muffler and fox.

While the time was passing with a peaceful atmosphere.

Maple suddenly shouted.

There’s a blue panel that shows the status in front of her.


「A-A-re?! M-Maybe…」

「n? What happened?」


Sally thought about it strange and approached, and took a peek at the panel.


「Eh?! Ah! D-Don’t look!」

「n〜… ahh, I see……」


It was only about five seconds that Sally was able to look at the panel, but she understood what Maple was thinking about.

The thing that Maple opened was Syrup’s status, and because she was focused on one part of it, Sally who was very good at her perception knew what Maple didn’t want her to see.


「Maple… to think that your status is lower than a tortoise」



Syrup has【AGI 15】and Maple has【AGI 0】


「Tortoise and Maple huh〜…」

「Don’t say it like the hare and the tortoise!! I can win if we did a race! The length of our feet is different!」

「Then… you want to try?」

「Eh!…………I-I think I’ll hold back from it〜. Ahahaha……」


She might not regain herself if she lost.

If that happens, she might throw away her full defense build and put【AGI】to her status.

Maple felt like that.

She thought that there’s no need to go on her ways to do that.

But if you say that she ran away from it, then that’s all about i.


「Their status, I wonder if it’s affected by their parents somehow? Both Maple and Syrup is defense specialized, and Oboro has a high speed too」

「It might be so」


The two continued to look at the two monsters’ status.


「They can’t equip equipments, but… their levels can be raised huh?」

「I wonder if they would get status points when their level goes up? Or is it that, their status raises on its own?」


Information about those isn’t available in the ring’s explanation so they didn’t know.


「For the meantime, you want to raise their levels?」

「U〜n…… it would feel bad if they got killed……」


Sally said while touching the fox that moved from her neck to her head.


「Then, how about I go catch some monsters?」

「Good idea… is it? For the meantime, let’s raise their levels like that」


Maple said to Syrup “Wait a minute okay”, patted it and went to go catch some monsters outside the rift.


And after ten minutes.

Maple returned with bats in both of her hands.

It was probably paralyzed, the bats couldn’t move at all.

Maple placed those on the ground.


「Uhmm…… Syrup! 【Bite】!」

「Oboro!【Fox Fire】!」


Syrup bit off the body of the bat.

Oboro burned the bat with purple flames.

The red effects lit the rift, and the bat became light and disappeared.


「Ah〜… their level didn’t go up」

「My side too」

「Probably… their children of quite strong monsters. That’s why, the experience points they need is probably high?」


If they defeat bats, level 1 players will surely raise their levels.


「Probably need some more?」

「Can I ask you for it? I don’t have skills that can catch them……」

「Un! It’s what they say the right place for the right people! But, while I’m not around, I’m counting on you to take care of Syrup okay?」

「I’ll protect them very well!」


Hearing Sally’s reply, Maple went outside once again.

It was twenty minutes later when Maple returned.

She returned hugging a total of eight bats.


「How can I say this, the feeling of a parent bird」

「The things that we’re doing is the same with bird parents after all」


*DosaDosa*, she dropped the bats to the ground.

Syrup and Oboro defeated four each, and the two monsters’ level raised up to 2.





HP 300/300

MP 30/30


【STR 35】

【VIT 180】

【AGI 15】

【DEX 10】

【INT 20】



【Bite】【Shell Protect】


Oboro (朧 – vague)


HP 85/85

MP 130/130


【STR 15】

【VIT 15】

【AGI 85】

【DEX 80】

【INT 95】



【Fox Fire】【Fire Pillar】


「It looks like their status goes up by themselves」

「It seems so. I mean, they rose quite well」


For the two monsters that seem to have a bright future, Maple went out to hunt after that for a few times.

However, because there were only a few monsters nearby, their levels did not go up.










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