Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Defense Specialized and Valley Exploration



「Well then, first is the egg huh?」


Sitting on the edge of the rock wall, Sally said while taking out the egg from her inventory.


「Doesn’t this, disappear or something if it wasn’t put away?」


Maple asked Sally.

Items like equipments or potion, they disappear after two hours of being left alone after taking out of the inventory.


「I wonder?… to be sure, let’s put it inside once before two hours passes」


There was no way they could lose the eggs that they might never obtain again.


「Un, let’s do that」

「This, how will we warm it?」

「n〜…with our skin after all?」


Maple removed her armor and large shield, and hugged the dark green egg gently.


「I wonder what will come out?」


She stroked the egg’s surface with a smile, as if she couldn’t wait for it to get born.

Sally also warms the egg like Maple.


「What’s important is love! It is love!」

「Well, that’s true」


The two made their plan for exploration while stroking their own eggs.


「First, let’s go by the river to explore. If there, we can return to our base after all」


Within the terribly thick fog where they cannot see ahead properly, they would get lost if they didn’t have something like a landmark.

It was already a field that has a lot of surprise attacks, so if they were to lose the place where they can take their breaks, they would gradually lose their concentration, and receive attacks directly.


Attacks that doesn’t mean much to Maple, but it wasn’t like that for Sally.

Sally who only had a few HP might get defeated with one attack.

Dodging uses a lot of concentration.

The fatigue from it is immeasurable.


「Okay〜! Along the river it is」


They warmed the egg for an hour after that, but in the end, it didn’t hatch this time.

The two returned the eggs to their inventory, and went out to explore.


「Yo〜sh! Let’s go find medals!」



The two who had started exploring cheerfully walked towards the upper stream of the river.

Sally says.


「I think that there’s a lot of times where there are things in the places where the flows of these kinds of places start」


Maple also thought that that might be true. Because she thought that if she would place something, she would put it in a place that has a meaning.

It would be great if there were starting points and ends.


「I’m looking forward what’s there〜」

「It’s not like there would be absolutely something there so mind that okay?」

「Un! I got it」


Because they were advancing to the upper stream, the rocks started to gradually increase, and it changes to an area that is hard to walk on.


「Maple〜, climb up using【Cover Move】〜!」

「Understood! 【Cover Move】!」


In places where it was difficult to climb, they got through it by Sally going first, and Maple followed using【Cover Move】.


Advancing just like that for an hour.

Because their base was placed near the upper streams, the two were able to reach there faster than expected.

The thing that was there was a clear spring that has a diameter of three meters.

That which had a beautiful circular shape, gave the two mystical, as their first impression.

The thick fog also was an element that gave off a mystical atmosphere.


「It seems…very deep」


Sally whispered while taking a peak in the spring.

The size of the spring wasn’t that much, but it looks like it was decently deep.


「You want to try and dive?」

「I think that it’s worth trying I think that there are only a few players who have 【Diving】and【Swimming】…they might’ve let it pass after going here」


Unfortunately, Maple isn’t able to dive, so she decided to wait for Sally’s return.


「Be careful〜!」

「Un, I’m going〜!」


Sally entered the spring, and dove at once.

She advanced deeper and deeper into the waters where light didn’t reach.


And after ten minutes of swimming. She found a tattered treasure box that sank on the bottom of the spring.

While being cautious of traps, Sally carefully opened the treasure box.

What’s inside was a silver colored wand. There were red and blue jewels engraved on its tip.

After she had the last check that there were no medals, Sally floated towards the water surface.



「Ha〜! Yo! Tto!」


*PashaPasha*, while making water sounds, Sally went up from the spring.


「How was it?」

「A miss. Only a wand was inside」

「Uu〜…I see〜……the abilities are?」

「Wait a minute………it only has【Water Magic Strengthening】and【Fire Magic Strengthening】」

「For the meantime, we don’t need it huh」

「Well, yeah. What do you think? You want to go explore somewhere else?」

「U〜n…then, let’s do it like checking the nearby while returning to the base」

「Let’s go with that then. It’s a valley this big, it isn’t strange that there’s at least one more」


The two carefully checked while going to the path to their base.

Along the way, they had explored on both sides of the river to the distance that they wouldn’t lose sight of the river, but in the end, they weren’t able to find something.


And, while this and that happened, they had returned to the rift that was their base.


「What do you think? I think that going to the lower streams are good too, but…it’s a little hard」

「Let’s see〜……then what about concentrating on warming the eggs for today?」


Sally seems to be exhausted after being cautious inside the thick fog, and exploring with【Diving】, so she accepted Maple’s suggestion.


「Egg, egg…there it is」

「Yo, tto」


The two took out their eggs from their inventory, and stroked it while hugging it.


「Ah〜…it’s smooth and feels good to touch〜…」


Sally whispered while leaning against the rocks.

Maple thought that she wanted to stroke it as long as she could because of its texture that was like a well-made porcelain.


「It wouldn’t hatch〜」

「Well, it isn’t something that would hatch that quickly right」


Three hours of repeatedly placing the eggs to their inventory from time to time, and warming it.

The two stroked their own eggs while chatting.


「What do you think would be born?」

「Mine is violet and Maple’s is green right〜…n〜……wouldn’t something like a herbivore animal get born from Maple’s? Something like a deer」

「Deer…from an egg?」

「Isn’t it possible since its a monster? I really don’t know what’s going to be born〜」


It was as Sally had said, anything could be born from an egg as long as it had been set since it was a game world.


「I hope that it’s a cute one〜…」


Maple thought of several animals, she thought a lot of cute creatures. She also thought as much of the uncute creatures though.

In particular, she wanted to refrain from some insects.


「I wonder what would be born with mine?」


The color of Sally’s egg was purple.

Maple imagined creatures that might be born from that egg.


「Violet, violet……n〜…? ………poison dragon?」

「Ah〜…that is, I want to refrain from that〜」


In the case where a poison dragon was born, if they were to fight together, Sally’s surroundings would be sunk into a poison sea for sure.

If that happens, it will become a situation where Sally wouldn’t be able to move around.


「Poison dragon…poison dragon huh〜…if possible, I want something more peaceful〜」


The two imagined what was inside the egg.

This is good, I don’t want this, while chatting with each other cheerfully, they warmed the egg with love.

Even though they were saying this and that, the two thought that they would treat the monster that would be born kindly whatever it was.





Did those feelings reach it.



*Bishi*, the egg the two have cracked.




「W-W-W-W-What should we do?!」

「F-F-F-For the meantime, leave it on the floor!!」


After the two had placed the egg to a steady ground, they stared at the eggs as if to lay down.


And at last, the egg broke.


The appearance of two monsters emerged from inside.












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