Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Defense Specialized and First Damage


「Ha〜…why did you die by yourself…although, I didn’t want to defeat you anymore…」


Kaede was mourning with the death of the White Rabbit, but after a while, she regained herself, and started to check about the level up.


「Ah! The point that can changed into status had increased by 5!」


If she changed these points, she can say goodbye to the zero status safely.


「U〜n…but, even if I increased any other than VIT right now…」


It looks like it cannot be turned back after changing it, so Kaede thought about it very carefully.


「Yo〜sh…I decided! I’ll change it into VIT!」


After Kaede placed all five points into VIT, and once again, she moved deeper to the forest to find a monster.


「Ueee…so disgusting…」


Right now, a Huge Caterpillar is clinging to Kaede’s heel. Surely, there is no person that wouldn’t think of that as disgusting.

Kaede took out the short sword from her waist, *ZakuZaku* and stabbed its body. This caterpillar has poison, and it pours its poison after biting its opponent, but even if it had bitten Kaede’s body, it couldn’t make a scratch so there’s no way of inflicting poison.

In addition, it didn’t have loveliness like the White Rabbit.

It means, she wouldn’t think of anything, even if she defeats it.

She could only defeat it after stabbing it ten, few times because her STR was so low.


「Level, it didn’t go up huh…」


Kaede was at this point, thinking twice if she should go back.

But, deeper and deeper she goes, and after a while, she wandered into the place where the strongest monster was in these surrounding area.

And, that monster’s misfortune, right now, it appeared in front of Kaede.

It was a bee that flies with noisy feather sounds.

That, was going towards Kaede.


「No way…this is the worst…」


Kaede became frightened to that unbelievable large sting on its back and made a stance with her large shield.

But, Kaede who was【AGI 0】couldn’t keep up with its movements.

It went to her back in an instant, and stinged…


she was not.


The Giant Bee also seemed it was confused, and tried to sting her neck many times.


「Ahaha…it’s tickling you know〜」


Kaede who regained her composure, returned to her usual self.

Even so, the Giant Bee still tried to sting her a few times, but it seems it knew that it had no effect, and started to spray venom.




Kaede felt like her skin was being burned, a little, but she really felt the pain. It was the same level of pain when entering the bath after having a sunburn.

When she checked her status, her HP was reduced by 1. It means, Kaede would die if she receives the venom only after 39 times.


「………Strategical retreat!」


Kaede showed her back to the Giant Bee, and ran away. But the big gap on AGI wouldn’t let her do that.

The Giant Bee sprays venom to her continuously.




At the time when Kaede’s HP was cut in half.


『Skill【Poison Resistance (Small)】had been acquired』


After hearing that system sound, Kaede stopped receiving damages. If this was the usual Kaede, she would’ve had joy with it, but it was different this time. She received damage for the first time from the Giant Bee, so she was a little angry.


「I can’t, no more…」


*Batari* Kaede collapses on the ground, pretends like she wanted to go away from this place even a little, she crawled.

Right, it was an act.

When she did that, the Giant Bee showers her with venom as if it is only a little before it ends. When Kaede gradually slows her movements, it also increased the amount of venom as if it was putting an end to her.


『Skill 【Poison Resistance (Small)】 had evolved to 【Poison Resistance (Medium)】 』


*Niyari* Kaede smiled. Right, this was her aim. Countermeasures are perfect with this, since poison was her only concern right now.

And, Kaede stopped moving completely, she feigned death. The Giant Bee, wanting to snibble that Kaede, approaches with its head.


「Fufu, you fell for it! Giant Beee!!」


She turned her body around, and stabbed the short sword she had on her hand into its mouth that was widely opened. From the mouth that didn’t have armor, the blade that was stabbed made a sound like *GoriGori* and pierced its head.

*GuiGui* Kaede moved that further and moves it sideways. The HP Gauge that was shown in the top of the Giant Bee’s head was surely being shaved.

The Giant Bee became mad with anger, and stings her with its sting, but damage couldn’t get through.

And finally, after the Giant Bee convulsed, it turned into light and disappears.


*Poto* and it dropped a silver ring on the ground.


「Fufufu…it’s my victory!」


『Skill 【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】 had been acquired. Your level had risen to 8』

After Kaede picked up the ring, she checked the skill and ring she gained this time.


Ring of the Forest Queen Bee【Rare】

【VIT +6】

Auto Recovery: Recovers 10% of maximum health every 10 minutes.


「Ohhhh! This is amazing. HP Recovery! It says rare, it means I was lucky huh?」


To Kaede who had only basic stats on MP, and haven’t learned magic, HP Recovery is very valuable. And the 【VIT +6】 that was with is was plainly large. Because Kaede who have 【Absolute Defense】 it would mean that it would become VIT +12.

She wore that after removing the glove that she was wearing in the first place. The glove wasn’t an accessory, it was just only a fashion item, so she wore it again above the ring.


「It was written in the memo that valuable items or skills shouldn’t be said or shown to other people right」


Risa wrote about the countermeasures for PKs. Even so, there wouldn’t be many PKers appearing, that could kill the Kaede right now.


「Lastly, skill huh…」


【Poison Resistance (Medium) 】

Nullifies strong poison.


Skill Requirement

Receive strong poison 40 times.


「It doesn’t felt that strong though〜…maybe VIT also reduces the damage for poison huh…」


In fact, that was correct. The damage that she should’ve received was being reduced.

Even so, because she didn’t have resistance against poison attack, she received 1 damage.


「Then, next!」


【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai) 】

During times when you have more than four stats, other than HP/MP, lower than the battle opponent, stats other than HP/MP will be doubled.


Skill Requirement

If a player, who have more than four stats, other than HP/MP, lower than half of the battle opponent’s stats, should subjugate the targeted monster alone.


「It’s because four of my stats are at zero…a-re? Then, most of the battles, my status will always be doubled? That means…VIT is four times totally!」


As Kaede had said, most of her stats were zero, so the effect would be VIT times two.

In addition, she gained status points after raising her level.


「A-re? I only gained 15 status points……maybe I can only get it in multiples of two」


Kaede, this time, placed all of it into VIT without hesitation.

Even if she thought about the 【Giant Killing (OomonoKurai)】 , this was for best.

Right now, Kaede’s VIT stat is 616.


「n〜…I somehow got tired. I should stop it here and call it a day huh. I got more into it than I thought」


Kaede went out of the forest, and when she returned to town, she logged out, and returned to the real world.









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